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Why Men Should Be Barefoot, Pregnant and in the Kitchen … and Why Women Should Rule the World

Discover why men are grossly inferior to women in most ways.  Find out why their roles should be reversed with women.  Learn why men should be nothing more than baby machines and taking care of the home by doing the cooking, cleaning, laundry and menial household chores.  Learn why women deserve to rule the world ... Learn ...    


Wow!  What a headline, hahaha.  Considering it’s being written by a man, I’m sure to get a whole lot of flack for it.  Oh well, so be it. Here goes …

A Brief History of Paternalism

Ever since time immemorial we have always lived to some degree in a paternalistic society.  Men have mostly ruled to the point where most consider it normal and find it difficult to imagine a world ruled by women.

​200,000 years ago, in Caveman days, the reason was simple.  Men were bigger and stronger than women and thus, were the hunters and providers.


Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Caveman.

​This value men brought to the table tipped the scales in favor of more paternalistic societies, granting them more polygamous rights and power over women while increasing women’s dependency on men.

Fast forward to 5000 BC, the Age of Agriculture and the ability to accumulate surpluses of food, resources and wealth.  We now witness women slowly being marginalized in society.  

Once again, men due to their size and strength are the farmers and economic providers in society.  Women’s societal contribution of procreation, childbearing and taking care of the home is valued to a much lesser degree.  

Their economic contribution plummets and as a result they become subservient to men and increasingly dependent on the men they’re with.

Furthermore, men’s innate competitive nature, their desire to accumulate wealth, resources & power and their need to pass their wealth on to their own bloodline makes marriage a perfect vehicle to accomplish this goal.  

Once again, due to this, female submissiveness and dependency on men is needed, required, found attractive and is even highly prized by men.

And for women to improve their lives socially and economically and also the lives and futures of their offspring, they need men and have little choice but to use marriage as a vehicle to successfully accomplish this.

Men being competitive, selfish, opportunistic, having big egos and thriving libido’s naturally take advantage of this.  The more successful and powerful men with social standing enter into polygomous relationships and build harems.  

Old World Oriental Harem

Image Credit: Via Wikimedia Commons. Old World Oriental Harem

This in turn decreases the value of being a woman as they are considered no more than material objects and child bearers while their lives are traded on the open market.

Women’s rights are close to non-existent, their subservience increases and they become increasingly more dependent on the men in their families for their needs.

The practice of this social-economic arrangement and understanding persists throughout human history.  It continues to exist to a lesser degree in the Western world still today.  In other parts of our world things haven’t changed much since ancient times.

Now lets not also forget the influence of religion and how it has contributed to our paternalistic society.  Despite all the major religions preaching love, compassion and kindness, they have been unable to stop warfare and violence.  

In fact, in a lot of cases religion has been used by patriarchal societies to wage war and use violence as a weapon to further their goals.

Not a single patriarchal religion in the history of the world has produced a truly loving, caring, compassionate and kind society.  Religious leaders are primarily composed of men and run by men.  Need I say more?  

A lot of their dictates are paternalistic in nature and they enjoy controlling and preaching to women.  The bottom line is that to this day our patriarchal world simply devalues and marginalizes women.

Evil Spawned from Paternalism

Ivan the Terrible

Image Credit: Via Wikimedia Commons. Ivan the Terrible

Now lets jump to see how paternalism influences the type and quality of people in leadership and governing positions throughout history.

We have not only accepted that male rule as normal but we also willingly accept all the man made chaos that exists in our world.  We have a common history of aggression, violence, warfare, killing, slavery, torture, rape and imprisonment.  We routinely settle our differences through extreme violence.

History reveals to us that over 99% of all violence is committed by men. Men fight wars, commit genocide, rape, pillage and the vast majority of atrocities in our society are committed by men.

Furthermore, if you take a close look at history you will discover that paternalistic societies have spawned many more evil male rulers then female rulers.

Sure we have seen some evil female rulers throughout history, the likes of Elizabeth Bathroy, Queen Mary I, Zu Weita, Mae Zedong etc., but these are more the exceptions than the rule.

Throughout history there are way too many evil male rulers to count. Looking back through time here’s just a few examples:  Genghis Khan, Attila the Hun, Ivan the Terrible, Alexander the Great, Vlad the Impaler, Julius Caesar, Caligula, Napolean Bonaparte, Talat Pasha, Adolf Hitler, Jozef Stalin, Pol Pot, Leopold II, Augusto Pinochet, Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein, Slobodan Milosevic, Robert Mugabe, Osama Bin Laden and the list goes on and on and on ...

Combined, they’ve been responsible for everything from war to genocide, execution, gassing, lethal injections, terrorism, bombings, slavery, torture, rape, imprisonment, concentration camps, hard labor camps, impaling, dismemberment, etc.

Men have ruled our world for most of recorded history. The result has been a story of continuous wars, genocide, injustice, oppression and poverty.  

If you name anything horrific that’s ever been inflicted on humans you will see they’ve done it.  And all of this stems and is spawned from a paternalistic world-wide view we have had over time created by men.

Present Day Poor, Disgusting, Negligent, Lacklustre Leadership

Donald Trump

Image Credit: Via Wikimedia Commons. Donald Trump.

Now if you take a look at our present male leadership over the past say 30 years, in government and influential positions, you’ll find that in a good number of cases, all across the board that it’s pretty downright sad and pathetic.

A perfect example of this is the recent 2016 US Presidential elections. Donald Douchebag Trump has got to be the biggest joke that has ever lived. He is one of the sorriest excuses there is for a human being, except for Newt Gingrich of course.  

He is sad and pathetic.  I truly pity and feel sorry for the man.  But I feel even more sorry for the American people and all the carnage he’ll be inflicting on them over the next four years.

Instead of listing and singling out each individual, to make my point, it’s far more impactful to just review how much of a mess our world is in.  And all of this is rooted in our paternalistic world view imposed on all of us by men.

Everywhere You Look Our World is in Severe Distress and Trouble  

Here are a Few Examples:

  • There is terrorism, violence, wars and armed conflict that never ends.
  • Nuclear proliferation abounds and there’s a lack of gun control.
  • Millions of people are living in refugee camps.
  • Millions of people world-wide live in poverty and substandard conditions.
  • Sexual assault, sexual aggression, sex trafficking and violence against women flourishes throughout the world.
  • Drugs, street gangs and violence engulf our neighborhoods.
  • Sex scandals and financial corruption continue in politics.
  • There’s a lack of adequate world-wide health care.
  • Child labor proliferates and there’s a lack of educational opportunities for youth and women.
  • Social injustice, racism and inequality surround us.
  • Corruption and scandal is everywhere.
  • Due to climate change our planet is slowly dying.
  • Wildlife poaching continues and species are becoming extinct.

Men’s basic instincts of competitiveness, aggression and their use of violence are the root cause of our problems. If anything, history proves that men are more morally bankrupt than women.

It is also becoming clear to many people, that while men continue to rule our world, we will always have the aforementioned problems.  This is primarily because men are far more competitive, more aggressive and violent than women.

Clearly, without a doubt men are doing a simply horrible job of ruling our world.

Jakarta Slum

Image Credit: Via Wikimedia Commons. Jakarta Slum.

Dharavi Slum, India

Image Credit: Via Wikimedia Commons. Dharavi Slum, Mumbai, India

Kutupalong Refugee Camp, Bangladesh

Image Credit: Via Wikimedia Commons, Kutupalong Refugee Camp, Bangladesh

The only way to overcome and resolve these problems, is to allow women to rule instead, so they can use their powerful maternal, nurturing instincts to create a loving, caring and more compassionate world for us all.

With women at the helm we can expect to see significant improvement in the lives of children, women, the elderly and animals, in healthcare, education, our communities and the world in general.

The Need for Change

The fact is the current state of the world is not working, neither for men, nor women. Given the state of the world today, we’re in desperate need for a change.  We need women to take charge and rule the world.

After all what have we got to lose?  Since men have screwed it up so bad … basically since forever … and just haven’t been able to get it right after all this time, women should be given a fair shot at it.

That’s why I chose the title of this post to be, Why Men Should be Barefoot, Pregnant and in the Kitchen … and Why Women Should Rule the World!

A more appropriate title would probably have been, Why Donald Douchebag Trump Should be Barefoot, Pregnant and in the Kitchen ... and Why Hillary Clinton Should Be in the White House! ... oh well, unfortunately that's not gonna happen.

I’m confident that a little role reversal, with women in full control would do us some good.  It certainly can’t cause any more harm.  

It will also provide women with a good opportunity for them to put their money where their mouth is and prove they can do better.  If you’re gonna talk the talk, then you gotta walk the walk.  I’m very confident they can.

Now the naysayers will bring up that women already had their chance and blew it by throwing in my face examples of Margaret Thatcher, Golda Meir and Indra Ghandi.

To them I say, it’s not a fair and just example because those three leaders were forced to be and think more like men because of the paternalistic political parties they were in, influenced by and had to work with.

I say let women be women and let them lead and govern from within, from who they are as women and not from a paternalistic influence that is completely foreign and contrary to who they are.

Qualities Women Have that Differentiate Them from Men

Women have innate abilities and special qualities that make them better than men at leading, ruling, taking charge and being more successful in a societal setting where the betterment of their community, society and the world is at stake.

Here are some of the inherent qualities that come easier and more naturally to most women.  Generally, these qualities are the predominantly differentiating factor which make them superior to men and that will count in the future:

1) Maternal and Nurturing Instincts

Women are born with maternal and nurturing instincts.  You see it every day around you.  They love, raise and take care of their children and their families.  They are naturally more loving and caring than men.  Their nurturing instincts enables them to be naturally compassionate.

2) Peace Loving and Less Aggressive

Women are pacifists by nature.  Less testosterone makes them less aggressive.  This reduces the chances of us having wars, violence, prostitution, drugs and rape in our society.

3) No Ego and Less Competitive in Nature

Women are less likely to have ego’s and are less competitive than men. They don’t need to beat their chests like men do to show who they are.  Women are more practical, look for real working solutions and believe more at solving problems, for the good of all, rather than just focus on winning all of the time, for the sake of winning.

4) More Inclusive and Collaborative

Women are generally across the board more inclusive, collaborative and are consensus builders.  They will reach out and seek others thoughts, opinions and feelings.  Women will include others and collaborate with them, while trying to reach a consensus.

5) Better Communicators and Empathetic

Women are better communicators and listeners.  They listen with their ears, their heart and their feelings.  Women aren’t afraid to show their feelings when they empathize with someone in an unfortunate situation.

6) Better Social Skills and Intuition

Women have better social skills and are more in tune with what’s happening than men.  Something inside of them speaks to them and tells them.  They read people better and can feel the energy within social situations.  Women listen to their inner voice, their intuition and are right about a lot of things, significantly more than men.

7) Better Networkers and Relationship Builders

Women read people better, extend themselves more, bond better & help and share more with others. They value connection and community, build stronger, long lasting relationships and develop more effective networks that give and reciprocate more.

8) More Strategic and Long Term Vision

Unlike most men, women are not short sighted.  They consider the future and take a long term view and are not short sighted for the moment. Women don’t just live in and for the moment, they are strategic, forward thinkers.

9) More Compassionate and Emotionally Intelligent

Women are way more compassionate and considerate than the male species.  They live and feel through their heart and feelings.  Being thoughtful and sensitive are generally a core part of who they are.  Asides from their immediate family and friends they look out for others more than men.

10) More Creative and Compromising

Women are more creative than men when dealing with social issues like health care and education.  They are better at working out compromises, keeping people honest and strengthening their communities than men.

11) Better Problem Solvers and Team Oriented

Women possess critical problem-solving skills that break down barriers, build understanding, provide hope and create the best conditions for peace. They work better together as a team to further their cause and reach their goals.

12) More Honorable and Principled

Women are more honorable because they are more likely to do the right thing for the betterment of society and their community.  They are more principled, less selfish and less corrupt.  Women look out for the greater good so everyone can benefit.

13) More Sensibility and Common Sense

Women are way, way more practical and sensible than men.  They put aside their egos and use their sensibilities and common sense when assessing a situation or making a decision.

14) Stronger and More Resilient

Women have more inner strength and are more resilient.  Probably because they have had to struggle more and face more challenges in a paternalistic world they live in.  They are more grounded.  Women also can deal with and handle more pain than men.

15) More Loyal and Committed

Women are fiercely protective, committed and protective of their family. They will sacrifice themselves and their lives for their children and to keep their family intact. This also extends to the outside world which is why I’d rather have a woman in my corner any day over a man.

16) More Responsabile and Dedicated                        

Women are more responsible and dedicated than men.  They take their families, duties and responsibilities more seriously.  Women are more connected to their communities and in their relationships.  Their priorities and what’s important to them are different than with men.

17) Hard Working and Better Work Ethics

Women work harder and longer hours than men.  Balancing a career/home life work balance is not easy to do.  They somehow muster up the energy, focus, are persistent and use their superior multi-tasking abilities.   Men just don't have it in them to do all that women do.   

18) Better Educated and Informed

Women are increasingly becoming better educated than men.  They realize the importance of education, knowledge and skills in order to further themselves in order not to be dependent on immature, irresponsible men who they can’t count on anyways.

19) More Professional and Productive

Women are more professional and collegial in politics, business and in their communities.  This makes them more productive allowing them to achieve more and makes them natural, genuine agents for social change.

Change Taking Place, Slowly

A fundamental change of mindset has been taking place since the 1990’s.  A gradual shift has been taking place in society favoring women.

Women are better educated and can be found in positions of influence and power in politics, in the fields of medicine, law, engineering, in the boardrooms of corporations and in the media.  But their progress has been slow, has stalled and needs a jump start for their numbers to be equal to men.

EPP Women Leaders

Image Credit: Via Wikimedia Commons. European Peoples Party (EPP) Women Leaders

Female US Senators

Image Credit: Via Wikimedia Commons. Female US Senators

Female US Congress Women

Image Credit: Via Wikimedia Commons. Female US Congress Women

Numerous studies have shown the incredibly positive contributions women in developing countries like India and in Africa have made to their families and communities.  Unlike men, women are more willing to take risks on smaller or new organizations they believe have a strong vision for change.

Women of prestige, power and influence are also less susceptible to involving themselves in sex scandals, financial corruption and resorting to violence and war. They are more prone to conduct themselves in industry, business and their communities without engaging in these negative, destructive practices.

Studies have shown that women also volunteer more than men and since the 1960s have turned out in greater numbers to vote.  Thus, proving that women are the single most important way to bring about change in our world.  All they need is to be provided the resources, support and the opportunity.

We need to build on this momentum and bump this up to the next level because given they are better than men in almost every way.   We really do need women to rule the world.

Equality between the sexes is simply not enough.  We must move from a society and world that implicitly favors men to one that explicitly favors women.  Ultimately, women need to be more equal than men because of the qualities that are inherent to them which will set us on the right path and bring real lasting change to our world.

Qualities like love, caring, compassion, forgiveness, consensus, the common good and team work are hallmarks of women.  We need these “revolutionary ideas” and qualities that women naturally possess to transform our world for the better.

This will be a turning point in our socio-economic history.  We must put women in charge of the world because they have the qualities and abilities to lead us to a better place.  A worldwide transformation will take place as more females take the reins of power.

We Need More Men to Support Women​

Sacramento Women's March men wearing pussyhats

Image Credit: Via Wikimedia Commons. Sacremento Women's March.

If we simply handed the reins of power over to women I guarantee you they would create a safer, happier and more harmonious world for us all.  But the problem is that for this to truly work women need the help and support of men.  

We need socially aware and evolved men to step up, get behind, take a stand for and support women.  We need men who appreciate, truly value, support and love women.  Men who will support women and help them fight for equality.  Men that are not afraid to stand up, speak from the heart and also nurture, show compassion and express empathy for women.

We need men to help elevate women and place them squarely in the forefront, where they belong.  We need men need to truly engage women more, speaking directly to their values and encourage their active participation.  We need to empower women more.  With women on our side, we will build both a better society and help transform the change we need to see in the world.

I believe that there are enough men out there that will support women.  Just like most women, they are pretty much fed up with the world we live in and want to see true, lasting, positive change.  We all need to come together, stand up and support women more.

In​ Support of my Argument, Here are Some Notable Examples of Men Supporting Women:

Dalai Lama

The Buddhist spiritual leader, Dalai Lama has said in a panel discussion of Nobel prize winners that he believes that, “Western women will save the world.” The Dalai Lama energetically contributed to the debate on women leadership and was firmly in favor of women leading the way.

​"Western women can come to the rescue of the world" said Dalai Lama.  “Some people may call me a feminist ... But we need more effort to promote basic human values -- human compassion, human affection.  And in that respect, females have more sensitivity for others' pain and suffering.”

United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan

Former United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan has said, “If there is one lesson we in the United Nations have learned over the years, it is that investing in women is the most productive strategy a country can pursue”—to raise economic productivity, improve nutrition and health and educate the next generation.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Archbishop Desmond Tutu has been quoted as saying, “The world would be a peaceful place if it were ruled by women.  Women were by nature more inclined towards compassion, whereas men tend to feel they have to be “macho”."

​"You are basically life-giving, life-affirming.  That is what you are naturally when you are unspoilt … Women can actually make society civil.  Actually it is very straightforward: let women take over.”

Media Mogul Ted Turner

Here’s a quote from Billionaire Ted Turner, "I've said for years and I'm really serious about it, I think men should be barred from holding public office for a hundred years.  They have been running the world for the last thousands of years and they've mucked it up something awful.  I built my business surrounding myself with women.  I find women more superior to men in business."

Novelist & Author Martin Amis

​"World ruled by women would be a better place," says Welsh novelist and author Martin Amis, "I have a dream.  I see a day when politics is feminised, where female values move into the public sphere in a way they haven't quite done yet."

​"What they have to put up with is beyond belief.  Pathetic, bullying men who throw their weight about (and there's usually a lot of it) in a vain attempt to prove they're superior when, in truth, they know they're not."

Film Director Michael Winner

​Film director Michael Winner, once said "Men are ridiculous.  Women are far better people.  Much wiser (not difficult) and with a temperament to deal with life's complexities and men's abrasiveness ... So I think it's about time women took over.”

Economist & Nobel Peace Prize Winner ​Muhammad Yunus

​Economist Muhammad Yunus who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006 for his ground breaking work in microcredit lending, made it a point to state that it was women who make up the bulk of the poor but ambitious small business owners who are eliminating poverty in their communities through their entrepreneurialism.

Women also have a much better view of life.  It isn't motivated by the pathetic, self-aggrandizing desire to prove that they are the providers, the brains, the real force behind everything.

Women are also way more nicer than men.  They are more humble and grounded, they have heart, they have depth, they have balance, they are peaceful, they are kinder and they have serenity.  

What many people don’t realize is that women all over the world, in every community are behind many of the primary drivers of social change.

​The bottom line is that we all would be far better off if our world was ruled by caring and nurturing people rather than, as now, competitive and aggressive ones.


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Do you believe that women should be given an opportunity to rule the world? 

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Do you believe the 19 intrinsic qualities (listed above) that women have can make them better rulers?  

Do you believe that our world would be a better place if women were in charge?  

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