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Will My Daughter Be Safe In the “Douchebag’s” White House?

This letter was submitted by one of our loyal, southern readers requesting it to be published.  Given the power of the writing and the message I just couldn't ignore it.  I have added the accompanying images and videos to freshen up and support her argument.  

She requested anonymity for fear of possible negative repercussions from el Loco, Gringo, el Presidente Donaldo Trumpo and his evil, extremist, ultra-Conservative, alt-right minions.  


I'm not sure if she's being serious in her letter or is just using satire to make her point.  Perhaps it's a combination of both.  I'll let you our readers decide for yourselves.

To President Trump,

I am writing you in regards to my daughter.  She recently informed me that she has applied for the White House Internship program.

She is a very well rounded A student and has a history of volunteering and helping others in her community and at school.   I believe she is an excellent candidate and has a very good chance of being accepted into the program.

From the information on The White House website, the program sounds like a really amazing opportunity for her to hone her leadership skills and get some real world, hands-on, professional experience at the highest levels of government in the public service sector.

I believe this opportunity would be an incredible experience and invaluable to her building and developing her business networking relationships and contacts. Thus, undoubtedly boosting her long term career prospects and ultimately benefiting her in the future.

Despite the aforementioned benefits, I am still extremely reluctant and adamantly opposed to her accepting a White House internship position, if she was offered one. Because, I repeatedly keep asking myself, will my daughter be safe in a Trump White House?

My main concern, as any normal mother would have, is in regards to her personal safety in The White House.  You see my daughter is quite the looker.  She’s of Eastern European decent, a tall, blonde, sultry, well endowed and long legged beauty.  Just the way you like them Mr. President.

Eastern European decent, tall, blonde, sultry, well endowed, long legged beauty Ivanka Trump

Eastern European decent, tall, blonde, sultry, well endowed, long legged beauty Ivanka Trump, April 21, 2009, 20:46.  Image Credit: Rubenstein, photographer Martyna Borkowski via Wikimedia Commons

Now, while I do have a reasonable amount of confidence in The White House security staff, I unfortunately, do not have the same level of confidence in you.

Basically, I do not trust you.

You’re a self-described, proud Alpha male, serial sexual predator.  In fact, you have even laughed and joked about it in an upbeat, positive manner with your very own daughter, Ivanka on the Howard Stern Show in 2006.

Stern provided you with the opportunity but you didn’t even attempt to refute or deny it.  You just laughed, shrugged and nodded in approval, all proud of yourself, as it was a matter of fact, nothing out of the ordinary and completely normal.

You see, given your history of making graphic, predatory sexual comments and your lewd and disgusting behaviour, I have a fear for my daughter’s safety in The White House.

My fears are very real and are based on numerous other women’s horrific experiences with you over the past thirty years, as publicly expressed by no less than ten of them, which you found out first hand during the election campaign.

Given your infamous, explicit Access Hollywood/Billy Bush video, my primary fear as any normal mother would have is that during one of your so called uncontrollable, weak moments where you’re “automatically attracted to beautiful women”, where you’re “like a magnet”, where you just cannot help yourself, where you stalk and move on vulnerable women “very heavily”, you will then decide to take my daughter furniture shopping and then, force yourself upon her.

I’m afraid, like you’ve said in that video that you can’t control yourself and won’t even wait because when you’re a star or in this case The President, “you can do anything.”

Believe it or not but I’ve actually had a horrific nightmare that on one abnormally quiet day in the White House, the lowly degenerate with uncontrollable, irresistible impulses hiding in you came out, again.

You impulsively raided your emergency stash of depleted Tic Tacs, just “moved on her like a bitch”, started grabbing, kissing and slobbering all over my daughter, sexually forcing yourself upon her, repeatedly over and over and over again on the soft, plush Oval Office carpet.

I can’t help but fear for my daughter’s personal safety because of your deeply ingrained vile, sleazy, lecherous attitude towards women.

I repeatedly envision the old news story from Christmas 1992 where you were caught on tape, at age 46, telling everyone within earshot that you would be dating an innocent, underage, 10 year old girl about to ride an escalator, in 10 years time.  

You actually said it right in front of the little girl.  This depraved scene constantly loops and repeats in my mind, like an NFL football game winning touchdown instant replay.

At about the same time it was reported by the Chicago Tribune that you actually told two 14 year old Christmas carolers that you would be dating them in 2 years time, at age 16.

Ewwwe, yuck!  That’s sick.  Just how low, lascivious and depraved can you get?  Both of these incidents about you are truly sickening and utterly disgusts me.  You really should be locked up and they should throw away the key.

If this isn’t the definition and intent of premeditated statutory rape, I really don’t know what is.  I’m assuming it’s the holy Christmas season that brings out this type of vile, sleazy, disgusting and deplorable behavior in you.

I can also just imagine how many more of these sleazy, skeletons are hiding in your White House closet ...

Equally appalling are your casual remarks and the joking and laughing in March 2006 on The View about dating your daughter Ivanka, inferring that incest is a normal part of your family social dynamics.

This does now make a lot of sense given the questionable, overly suggestive fashion that you’re intentionally posing and inappropriately holding your daughter, Ivanka, in all those creepy, awkward YouTube videos.

Since you’ve already publicly admitted to being a sleazebag by intentionally walking in on half naked women changing their clothes at your Miss Universe Pageant and underage 15 year old girls at your Miss Teen USA Pageants, it’s not too much of a stretch and difficult to believe that you have also made numerous inappropriate sexual remarks on your reality TV series, The Apprentice.

In fact, all mothers should be afraid for their daughter’s safety in the White House.  Be they volunteer interns or White House staff personnel.  You never know when something inside of you will trigger your sleazy, latent, degenerate Trump gene and that you will uncontrollably start kissing, groping and sexually assaulting innocent, defenseless young women in your White House.

Now this is only interns in the White House.  Can you imagine how uneasy, uncomfortable, concerned and even possibly scared female foreign leaders like Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany and the 12 other female Presidents/Prime Ministers around the world would be in your presence at any future meetings with you, President Trump?

EPP Women Leaders

Image Credit: Via Wikimedia Commons. European Peoples Party (EPP) Women Leaders

Imagine what will be running through their minds.  

"Will President Trump try to take me furniture shopping?"  

"Will he automatically start kissing me?"

"Will he start to move on me hard like a bitch?"  

"Will he start groping me?"  

"Will he try to grab my pussy?"  

"Will he sexually force himself upon me?"

"Will he ...

... will he ... will he try to fuck me?"

As you can see President Trump, I have a very real fear and concerns. The only way I will allow my daughter to accept an internship position in your White House, if she was offered one, is if I was guaranteed that you wouldn’t sexually assault her.  And given your uncontrollable, irresistible impulses, that’s an impossibility.

But there are a couple of other ways.  

Option #1 and the most practical way is for you not to reside, visit and stay clear off and not even try to sneak into The White House over the next four years.

Option #2 and a more extreme and much better way with numerous ancillary benefits would be, that because you always seem to have sex on the brain and you tend to think with your tiny, microscopic penis, if you would seriously consider a very small, tiny lobotomy ... due to the limited size of your brain ... complimented by chemical and surgical castration to keep your Willy in check.

This should definitely do the trick.  And if by chance it doesn’t work ... well, there’ll be no great loss.

There is a third option.  If you’d really like to experiment, be adventurous and truly Make America Great Again, you could always entertain a third option and swap out the two.  

Basically, detach and surgically transfer your brain to where your penis is and in turn chop off your Willy and re-install it where your so called excuse for a brain presently resides.

Either way, you’re guaranteed to make history as being the first US President of having a Pee Brain ... after George W. Bush of course. 

So, wad’ya say Mr. President?  I vote for option #2 and option #3 just for fun ...  You certainly have the money for the surgery, health insurance and can well afford it.  

Are you willing to give it a shot Mr. President to Make America Great Again?

Or you may even want to consider donating your brain to Ripley's Believe it or Not in exchange for getting Frankenstein’s brain implanted.  It would undeniably be a big improvement and help keep White House interns safe again from your predatory behavior.    

Or you can get your Willy chopped off.  You know, get Bobbittized! ... and have a dead, lifeless, lacklustre stump down there ... to match your limited intellect and low IQ.

So, if you are truly committed to making The White House Great Again, then why not start with Making America’s Daughters Safe Again ... in a Trump White House.

Given your history of making threats and seeking out vengeance & retribution against your critics, you leave me no choice but to remain anonymous.

Yes, unfortunately you are my President and I’m scared like shit of you ...

... and also scared for every American mother’s daughter’s safety in your White House!

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Is it right for this Mother to feel this way for her daughter's safety?

Is she serious or just using satire to take a shot at Trump?

Do you ever fear for your daughter's safety in a professional working environment?  

Do you feel that men will sexually force themselves upon her and take advantage of her?  

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