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A lot of time, effort and hard work has been and will continue to be devoted to creating, building, promoting and maintaining this blog community.  Hundreds of hours have been and will continue to be devoted every month.

It also takes real hard dollars for web hosting (InMotion Hosting), blog creation and development tools (Thrive Themes Membership) and email Management software (Get Response) to build, administer and manage this site.

So we do appreciate your support.

This is a free and independent website without any annoying pop ups soliciting you for your email address or to purchase something and unrelated, irritating Google Adsense advertising.  

We don’t believe in selling anyone something they don’t want or need.  Any advertisements on this site are 100% controlled by us and are strictly affiliate links to help support our site.

We would like this blog to remain as independent as possible, so it would be great if it could be directly supported by our community.  It will help us to bring you even more high quality, helpful content and any monies generated from it will only help us to invest more into improving this site.

So it’s Win/Win for both our blog and you the reader, our community.

You can help support our site in the following ways:

1. If you genuinely like this blog, the best thing you can do is link to it from your blog. We would be more than happy to link to your blog and even possibly promote your blog in the form of a review or a roundup post like we did here and here and here, as long as you have an extremely high quality site providing real value and benefit to others.

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4. If you know of anyone who strongly believes in, supports and/or has been involved with organizations that promote Girls Education, Children's Welfare & Animal non-profits, as an example like We Charity (formerly Free The Children), She’s The First, BlinkNow, The Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation or Elephant Nature Park etc., please share this site with them.

Organic, word of mouth recommendations and warm referrals are still the best way to grow our community.

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6. ​This site will gradually be monetized with affiliate links on an ongoing basis.  We will only be recommending products that we are using ourselves, that are personally reviewed or that are used, reviewed and/or recommended by people we know and trust.

We will never recommend any product that we do not believe in 100%.  We only recommend products that we believe will benefit and add value to our community.

If you shop online, please consider doing your personal and gift shopping for birthdays, anniversaries etc., and for the major holidays like Christmas, Thanks Giving, Valentine’s Day etc on our affiliate partner website,

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It’s safe to assume that any link you click on that leads to an external product promotion has been either used by us or we believe will be of benefit and value to our readers and thus, is a recommended affiliate of our site. is a socially conscious site dedicated to improving the world around us.  Any products purchased from this site and its affiliate links will not only help support this site but at the end of each year, we give back a portion of our revenues to the Pay It Forward Challenge. 

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We are continually striving to provide a high quality site, adding real value where ever possible and a pleasant user experience.  We’d like to see Live Love Laugh Be Happy continue to blossom for many years to come, so we really can’t thank you enough if you’re able to support us in any way.

And if you are unable to support us in any way, we sincerely thank you anyway for being a valued, participating member of this community. You help us out enormously simply by joining in meaningful discussions and sharing our articles with your friends.

After all, what better way to advertise and spread the word than from an existing community member who enjoys and gets true value from our articles and believes in our site.

It’s really very simple, the more people we reach out to and help, the larger our community grows, the more thriving, flourishing and successful our site will become.

Thank You​