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Obama Biden he lost twice

Trump Lost, LOL! … The Douchebag’s a Loser, LMAO! … He Crashed and Burned, ROTFLMAO!

I've been wanting to write this Roll On The Floor Laugh My Fucking Ass Off (ROTFLMFAO) post for a while now but have been way too busy with personal, family stuff. So, here it is finally for your reading pleasure.

It's basically about a Shameless, Unconscionable, Greedy, Selfish, Lying, Totally Fucking Vengeful, Psychopath, Nut Job of a Loser, Conspiracy Spreading, Con Artist, Insurrectionist, Snake Oil Salesman, Former Ex-President Donald "Douchebag" Trump in Pictures ...


Here are some really powerful images of the "Douchebag" loser himself.

1. The look of a "Douchebag" LOSER who knows he lost by the same electoral vote landslide count, 306 to 232 that he beat Crooked Hillary by in 2016 and doesn't even have the balls to look you in the eye and admit it.

Loser Trump

2. A must take photograph, recording the biggest, sore LOSER in American history.

Loser Billboard

3. Rubbing some more salt in the Douchebag LOSER'S sore, gaping, infected, festering wounds ... hahaha. 

Trump Lost

4. The Douchebag is such a big LOSER, he even made Time magazine's Person of the Year "The Biggest Loser" front page cover.

Trump Time Cover

5. In case you hadn't heard who LOST by a yuge, bigly fuckin' landslide ...

Trump Lost sign

6. So guess who won and guess who just keeps on LOSING ...

Can't stop losing

7. Looks like someone had a really bad, LOSER of a day today ...

Trump Biden lost

8. Like Kool and the Gang would sing, "Celebrate good times, come on ... LOSER!"

Trump Truck

9. After President Douchebag LOSER lost 86 lawsuits contesting the 2020 US Presidential election, Judge Judy delivers the unanimous verdict ... 

Judge Judy Loser

10. Discussing if Douchebag Donald or Vice President Mike "The Pussy" Pence is the bigger LOSER for not standing up to the Douchebag for siccing his minions on him to be hanged at the gallows.  

Discussing Trump Lost

11. Now just how stupid can the President Douchebag LOSER be, whining about his own moronic stupidity?

Trump crying he lost twice

12. Now this really makes him the Biggest LOSER ever!

Red State Loser

13. This prima donna Douchebag knows what he really is ...

Trump Loser sucker

14.  This post wouldn't be complete without Crooked Hillary in it ... and Obama bent in half, laffing his fucking ass off at the pathetic, Douchebag LOSER.

Hillary and Obama Trump lost

15. Crooked Hillary and Obama are peeing in their pants laffing below ...

Hillary Obama

16. Here's LOSER #1 and LOSER #2 ... knowing they both lost but just can't accept it.  What a bunch of sorry, pathetic, lame ass LOSERS.

Loser 1 and 2

17. As the ol' expression goes, once a LOSER, always a LOSER ... hahahahaaaa ...

Trump Failures

18. To raise funds to pay back the billions in loans coming due, the Douchbag LOSER will be going on a MAGA red state book tour promoting his new book below.

Trump 1 Billion

19. And if the MAGA red state book tour doesn't work out, the Douchebag LOSER will resort to Plan B below, the sequel to Celebrity Apprentice ...

Trump Loser Apprentice

20. Well here it is folks, the sequel to Celebrity Apprentice.  The Biggest Loser - Presidents Edition.  

Since the Douchebag LOSER will be the only contestant on the show, he's virtually guaranteed to win! (unless of course he finds a way to fuck it up like he did handling Covid) ... so now there will be no need for him to accuse others of cheating.

Prez Edition

21. Some people are just born LOSERS.  They were simply born to lose ...


22. So once again, what is the Douchebag?  

Trump Loser

23. Jim Carrey makes it official, the Douche is not just a plain ol' LOSER, he is ONE PATHETIC LOSER. 

Jim Carey Loser

24. Yeah, the Fucking Loser had such a big fall, that all of the king's horses and all the king's men, just like with Humpty Dumpty, couldn't put back the lame ass, Douchebag LOSER together again ... hahahahaaaaaa.  

The Biggest Loser

25. The LOSER expression on your face when you have to face the White House press gallery knowing you should be conceding an election loss but are too much of a whiney, li'l LOSER cry baby to do so ... 

Trump is a Loser

26.  Here's a close up of the same ... the Douchebag's spoilt li'l brat, angry, embarrassed, disappointed LOSER rage face. He's not a very happy camper, hahahahaaaa ...

Trumps Rage Face

27. The time when Baby Douchebag LOSER Trump evaded the Secret Service and stealthily snuck back into the White House because he missed pressing his official, Presidential Diet Coke button.

Biden Obama Trump

28. So, is the Douchebag the smallest loser, a medium size loser or The Biggest LOSER of them all?

Loser Trump

29.  Time for an "Uninstall" and complete reboot of the system ...

Uninstalling trump Corrupted 1

30. Uninstall in progress, over 90% complete. Do not shut down your computer.  Running into some glitches.

Seems like the Douchebag doesn't want to uninstall, won't go quietly and will do anything to hold on to power to be the main operating system.

Uninstalling Trump GIF

31. Uninstall is stuck and blocked.  This is taking longer than expected due to LOSER Donald "Douchebag" Trump's big fat ass.  

Oh yeah, you think you can uninstall faster? ... you try uninstalling his big fat ass single-handedly!  

As you know, from the past 4 years, the Douche can be really stubborn and difficult to work with at times ...

Uninstalling Trump

32.  In the mean time, all Donald Douchebag LOSER Trump's mail is to be forwarded to his new home address below.  

New Trump Tower

33. Can't really miss him in the new Trump Tower.  Just look for the big, fat ass orange Douchebag LOSER in the matching orange overalls.

He's the only big, fat ass, orange blob there.

Trump Mugshot

34. This is ultimately what Donald Douchebag Trump is and always has been.  In honor of #Sharpiegate, it's official now with his very own personalized, new Presidential Seal of the LOSER.

Seal of the Loser

If you wanna have some fun, just print out the seal and mail it in directly to the Douchebag himself.

Can you imagine how enraged he would get if all 81 million people who voted for Biden mailed in the seal to him? 

He'd probably have one fucking, serious, massive, heart attack ... because we all know how much he likes being thought off and called a LOSER.

So, in that case, just do it.  Mail it in.  Spread the word, tell your friends and just mail it in. Would love to see the look on his face when he receives 81 million of these flooding his mailbox. 

And don't forget to let him know it was my idea because he loves idea guys.

Here's the address:

Office of the Former President                                           Donald “Douchebag” Loser Trump                                Mar-a-lago                                                                     1001 S Ocean Blvd                                                          Palm Beach, Florida                                                     33480                                                                                                                                                                              Kinda reminds you of the Douchebag's pet peeve conspiracy theory, Mail-in voting, eh?  


Now wouldn't you agree that Douchebag Donald is the biggest, fucking, pathetic, low life LOSER in all of America?  

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