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Top 12 Leadership Tips to Advance Your Career

There is always competition in the work place.  Most people are looking to better themselves, earn more money and advance their career. They are looking for the next opportunity that will help them climb up the corporate ladder in their company and industry.  But how do you ...


But how do you get noticed?

How do you stand out from the rest of your colleagues?

What do you need to do in the work place that differentiates yourself from your competitors?

After working for several years for small & medium size companies and businesses in the hotel, computer, security, oil and gas, photography, green energy and home services industries there were certain qualities I noticed that all of these companies were looking for in people they decided to promote into management.  

The bottom line is that companies promote people who have leadership qualities and strong potential.  The smartest thing that you can do is to show that you are a leader.  The stronger leader that you are and the greater the potential you have, the better your chances are that you will be promoted, be given the next opportunity and will move up the corporate ladder.

Leaders have several important qualities that separate themselves from the rest of the pack.  Below you will discover the top 12 leadership tips that will help advance your career.

1. Treat Your Job Like it’s Your Dream Job 

Develop a proper mind-set.  Always show a high level of interest and have energy and enthusiasm for your job.  Accept every job as your dream job, even if it’s not. People can tell if you really want to be there.

Grow the job you already have.  When you take on added responsibilities and do more than what is asked of you, people will notice your initiative and commitment. Position yourself to stand out and be rewarded and promoted.

By increasing your responsibility and doing more than you're asked of, you increase your chances of moving up within your organization and advancing your career.

2. Have a Positive, Can Do Attitude

You are in complete control of your attitude, how you think, feel and how you react. Being positive in the work place enables you to take full advantage of opportunities when they arise.  Eliminate all forms of negativity from your mind and feelings.

It’s easier to be positive when we surround ourselves with positive influences and positive energy.  Spend time with like minded, positive, upbeat, inspiring co-workers. Adopt an attitude that motivates the people around you to be better and to take action.

Reign in and eliminate any negative, toxic emotions and emotional outbursts.  Use humor when necessary to diffuse negative situations, create camaraderie and to generate support.  When everyone’s spirits are up, you will be motivated to achieve more together.

So always have a Win Win attitude because it will help you reach your goals and your organizations goals much faster.  An additional benefit of this is that it will also help you to nurture your social network.

3. Be a Role Model

Be a person that others look up to in high regard, who want to model their principles and behavior after you and who seek to emulate you.   This can be achieved by the examples and standards you set, your own actions, your behavior and how you conduct yourself in the work place and in life in general.

Ways to achieve this are revealed by your principles, good strong character, respectfulness, humility, confidence level, calculated risk taking, positivity, being a team player, passion, commitment, loyalty and the fact that you’re not afraid to take on new roles, projects and challenges  within your organization.

So be the CEO of your job.  Set a good, high standard.  Start modeling the behavior you want everyone else at your company to show.  Overcome challenges and become a part of the solution while inspiring others to become better.

4. Maintain a High Level of Integrity

A high level of integrity defines a leader’s genuine character.  Integrity is built on honesty, a strong value system, trust and a code of conduct.  Without integrity you have nothing.  Your integrity will allow you to build and establish an honest, sincere and genuine connection with others.

Others will be drawn to you because of your integrity.  They will trust you, believe in you, be loyal to you and follow you all because of your integrity. They will be comfortable in approaching you with new information and ideas.  Strong long term relationships result from a high level of integrity.

5. Practice Humility

Humility is an attractive quality found in true leaders.  It’s found not only in their words but more so in their actions, how they treat others and how they carry themselves.  Humility and modesty makes you open, approachable and accessible to anyone regardless of their position in the work place.

Treat others the way you want to be treated and the way they expect to be treated. Work to support the overall efforts of your co-workers.  When they perceive you to be humble and having humility, not only will they have more respect for you but will also be more comfortable with you and at ease with you in the work place.

6. Be a Team Player

The ability to work well with others, collaborating, motivating them, appreciating the input from various team members, recognizing the efforts of others and making people feel appreciated, truly valued and important are all essential to being a team player.

The essence of true leadership is making those around you better.
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A strong team player in the work place builds, develops and invests in mutually beneficial relationships.  They give of themselves, their time, their knowledge, their experience, their skills and their ideas.  They help, teach and mentor others to make them better, thus becoming leaders in the work place.

7. Take Initiative

Being proactive and taking initiative are qualities that are highly valued in the work place.  This will separate you and make you stand out from the rest of the pack.  It will show that you are committed, disciplined, dependable and can be relied upon by others.

Taking responsibility for your actions, your work and admitting mistakes are the signs of a leader.  When things go wrong … and they will, how you react to and correct problems and overcome challenges are more important than anything else.

It reveals your character, mindset and your ability to bounce back from a negative situation and move forward towards making things better.  Being accountable, solution oriented and focusing your time and energies on resolving problems is what leaders do.

So, take initiative, be prepared, offer suggestions, pitch in, volunteer and offer to help out before being asked.  Remember the old saying, initiative is doing the right thing without being told.

8. Embrace Challenging Projects

A leader is a calculated risk taker who looks for opportunities and challenges in the work place where they can take charge and add value to the organization.  They prove their value through their focus and their proficient problem solving abilities.

Leaders venture out of their comfort zones, they try new things, they take calculated risks.  They push the envelope and are not afraid of doing what they believe.  They take on challenges and projects that others don’t want and shy away from.

Leaders see opportunities which others don’t see.  Opportunities are all around them.  They see opportunities everywhere.  When you think differently, are creative, unconventional and approach each situation from a completely different perspective, you gain a significant competitive advantage whenever you seek opportunities where others aren’t looking.

9. Seek Out a Mentor

A mentor can provide invaluable guidance and advice.   They can provide you with valuable insights and their hard-earned wisdom from their experiences.  A mentor can help you avoid career pitfalls and costly mistakes.  They can help speed up your personal and professional growth.  All of this is invaluable in helping you to reach your professional goals and advance your career. 

A mentor can also be an invaluable resource to connections and opportunities within and outside of your current organization.   So, seek out someone in your field with experience and significant accomplishments, that you respect, who preferably knows you, so they can mentor you.   Ensure that they see all that you have to offer, your potential and your value. They’re there to help you grow and succeed.

10. Build Your Network

Networking and more importantly connecting with people is absolutely critical for advancing your career.  You just never know who is connected to whom in your network and how you can help others or how others can help you.

Strategically build a strong network within your department, company and industry. Build the type of network where you can draw on for advice, help and even contacts when you need it.  Networking is the most effective way to bring yourself closer to where you want to be.

Expanding your database of contacts can help open up more doors for you and increases your possible opportunities while making it easier for you to secure resources and support.  Being well known, liked and respected within your company and industry increases the chances of securing one of these opportunities that come your way.  It makes moving up the corporate ladder so much faster and easier.

11. Become a Thought Leader

When you become a thought leader of your industry it strengthens your reputation, people look up to you and you gain respect.  Becoming a thought leader requires you to be up to date and knowledgeable about your industry.   It requires staying on the cutting edge, developing your own unique insights and sharing your thoughts and ideas with others around you and in your industry.

Take the initiative and reach out to people in your company and industry with your message through blog posts, social media and newsletters.  This wider exposure will establish and solidify your position as a thought leader within your industry.  You will be contributing real value to those around you and will help build your reputation as a thought leader in your industry.

The more you increase your own value, the easier it will be to advance your career because others will recognize this value in you as well, bringing you more respect in return.

12. Always Keep Learning

Knowledge and learning are crucial to career advancement.  They add value and increase your worth as an individual and benefit your organization. Some of the best ways to learn include from the people around you, self-study and by taking online courses.

Learning through higher education adds to your credentials and skill set. When you are learning, increasing your knowledge and expanding your skill set you are continuously growing and evolving as a person.  It's your responsibility to make this happen.

So always keep learning, improving, growing and evolving as a person.  Don’t settle for anything less.  Invest in self-education and yourself.  There’s always another skill you can master, technique to learn and knowledge to gain. Always be open to new learning opportunities, they will only help you to advance your career.

​Image Credit:  Top feature image:  Wikimedia,  Author: ERIC SANTILLAN  

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Have you incorporated and practiced these 12 leaderships throughout your career?

Do you feel that your colleagues are deficient in any of these leadership suggestions?

Are there any other leadership tips that have worked for you that are missing from this list?

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