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Top 10 “Best of the Web” Evergreen Roundup Post

This is my first Top 10 "Best of the Web" Evergreen Roundup Post.   There will be more coming with time.  The reason I have started this is to obviously generate and drive traffic, which will not only benefit me but also for all of the bloggers who made this roundup.  

"But lets also not forget, most importantly our readers ...


But lets also not forget, most importantly our readers.  Without them, none of us would have a blog.  So, here's a Big Thank You! to all of our readers out there.  

We couldn't do it without your support by visiting, reading, sharing, commenting, subscribing and connecting on our blogs.

Mine is a relatively fresh, young and new blog and I need more readers and a bigger audience.  A blog with a few or much smaller number of readers is basically a DEAD BLOG.  I don't want a dead blog.  

My blog was created earlier this year on a part-time basis over a period of 7 months.  But due to numerous personal, family challenges arising along the way, I have only been able to actively promote it about 3 weeks ago, since early December 2017. 

This first edition of my roundup features some of the best posts of all of the bloggers that I've either met online, have followed, have inspired me, befriended and/or have helped me out and have developed relationships with.  

So this, my first, is considered to be my most special and meaningful round up post, at least to me.  I didn't want to throw something together half-assed up against the wall hoping it would stick, like some bloggers do.  I wanted it to be of equal or higher quality than all of my other posts.   

So I put in way more time, work, effort ... and most importantly love than anyone would expect, for this to be done just right.

In fact, it's turning into more of a "paying tribute" post but is still a roundup post none the less.  You'll see what I mean as you keep reading on, as it's fairly lengthy, consisting of over 6,100 words which is not normal for a roundup post. 

Unfortunately, due to Top 10 limitations, I had to leave out some bloggers that I would have liked to have included in this roundup. Sorry guys 'n gals. But you will definitely make it in my next roundup.

That being said, let the Top 10 "Best of the Web" Evergreen Roundup Post begin.  To help you out, the post links are at the end of each review, highlighted in bright, neon yellow.

1.  One Happiness Trick That Will Change Your Life

Vidya Sury Pic
Did you smile today Logo
Vidya Sury

By:  Vidya Sury                                                                                                      Blog:                                                                                         Category:  Personal Development.                                                             Published:  August 21, 2017

I initially came across this site, shortly after Wisdom Times published their, Top 100 Personal Development Blogs 2016 review.  

Due to my own stupid, closed minded ignorance and biases, I bypassed this true gem of a site numerous times, narrow-mindedly thinking it was not worth investigating.  

I apologize Vidya.  Boy was I ever wrong!  

I've since made a new friend, become a big fan of Vidya's and reeeally like her writing.  She's a really classy lady with a generous heart.  

In this post Vidya provides a simple yet powerful Happiness Trick that is guaranteed to work for anyone.  She uses her personal, family life experience to illustrate her point. 

Her story starts off with the story about her son, Vidur who was experiencing change in his life.  When starting college, Vidur was stressed and overwhelmed with life, it’s demands and responsibilities. 

Vidya the ever loving, devoted and concerned mother, desperate to help and make her son feel better, came up with a brilliant Happiness Trick she learnt from her very own mother.  But I'll let you read her story at the link below.  She tells it way better than I ever could.

There is an unexpected twist and turn in her story which threw a curve at her ... and me also, which makes it all the more wonderful because now you know it’s a true story because in life, everything doesn’t always go as we expect it to.

Vidya also effectively explains in detail with a vivid example of her son receiving an award on stage at his school, how anyone can use the AEIOU personal development method to not only be happy in life but also to create a life that you love.

Finally, this is also a story about a proud mother’s love for her son. She does an amazingly effective job, drawing on her own personal life experience, to make her post truly come alive.   She teaches others how to use the AEIOU method, so you too can be happy in life. 

Vidya's blog has been nominated for the IBAwards2017 (Indian Blogger Awards) and is well worth checking out.

She has been featured in several top 50/100 Personal Development blogger lists. Vidya has a remarkable six blogs in all.  Discover them all on her About page.

Vidya currently works as a Writer, Editor and Business Blogger.  She's a smart lady and has an MBA in Human Resources and Marketing, a Diploma in Training and Development and a B.Sc. in Zoology, Chemistry and Botany.

All of Vidya's income through blogging and a portion of her writing income are dedicated to supporting welfare homes, Schools for the Blind and Homes for the Aged.

If you are a new blogger don't forget to check out and participate in her monthly Gratitude Circle Blog Hop which opens on every last Thursday of the month.

Vidya Sury's Gratitude Circle Badge
Passport Blog logo

Please, feel free to check out Vidya's post here:                       One Happiness Trick That Will Change Your Life

2.  10 Irresistible Reasons To Move To Thrive Themes (And Never Go Back)

Thrive Architect Icons
Ashley Faulkes
images Architect Review

By:  Ashley Faulkes                                                                                             Blog:                                                                                Category:  Resources                                                                                     Published:  August 17, 2015                                                                 

I connected with Ashley online quite by chance after I subscribed to his blog,  I was in the start up stages prior to creating my blog, when his email newsletter about starting a blog just happened to come in my Inbox at that exact very same time. 

Was it coincidental or was he stalking me?   Just kiddin' Ashley! 🙂

Ashley was most helpful.  I had already researched Thrive Themes not only on Ashley's blog but also on a couple of other blogs and was almost sure I would be going with them.  He also took the time by email to explain to me all of the benefits of a Thrive Themes membership. 

Ashley just helped re-enforce my already made decision.  I knew then I could not go wrong with a Thrive Themes membership.  He also went the extra mile and provided me with additional suggestions and blogging advice.

When I was ready to pull the trigger, I cleared my cookies and bought a Thrive Themes yearly membership through one of the links on Ashley’s, Mad Lemmings website to ensure he would receive the affiliate, commission referral fees.

Despite recently experiencing some time wasting and incredibly frustrating hiccups (just being honest Thrive) due to their newly released, upgraded, bug filled website builder Architect software, I’ve had a good run with Thrive Themes.  I will continue to use them when my membership comes up for renewal this coming year.

Even with the time wasting, frustrations I am experiencing with Architect, I am still sticking with them.  Their tech support has really made the difference because I just end up dumping the problems back on to them. 

Mobile Ready
Red Grandma
Rank Higher in Google
Website speed slow
More customers

They have a really powerful product/service for an incredible price. The value for your money that you get with Thrive is simply mind boggling.  It will just take them some time to iron out all of the bugs in their software.

Thrive Themes is basically the best thing since sliced bread and the invention of the wheel, combined.  They provide you with all of the tools, support and video tutorial training you will need to build a conversion focused website, all for an unbelievably low and very affordable monthly price.  They literally save you time and money.  

Once I start generating a reasonable amount of traffic, I'll become an affiliate of theirs.

Ashley’s email to me and his review of Thrive Themes on his site basically sealed the deal for me.  It’s a detailed, solid, worthy review, covering basically everything and also super highly recommended by me, a loyal Thrive customer, despite all of the frustrating, time wasting stupidities I experienced with their new software.

Ashley studied Mechanical Engineering, is a transplanted Australian living in Switzerland, runs Mad Lemmings and helps small businesses succeed online.

He has been working on the web for over 14 years and uses his experience, knowledge and connections to help you succeed too!

If you check out his blog,, Ashley also has a great FREE resource page that covers just about EVERYTHING you would want to know about building your own site or blog.  

He also offers SEO and Website design services and courses

Please, feel free to check out Ashley's post here:                            10 Irresistible Reasons To Move To Thrive Themes (And Never Go Back) 

3.  8 Tips on How to Become a Positively Empowered Woman - Happy Women's Day!                                                      

Zeenat Merchant Syal pic
Zeenat Merchant Syal pic
Zeenat Merchant Syal pic
Positive Provocations Website logo

By:  Zeenat Merchant Syal                                                                                       Blog:                                                                            Category:  Readers Favorite                                                                                     Published:  March 8, 2013        

Once again, I discovered this site, shortly after Wisdom Times published their, Top 100 Personal Development Blogs 2016 review. The first thing that struck me was Wow! what a cool name she has.  It sort of has a melodic tone to it when you say it.  

Because of a lot of challenges and adversities I've been experiencing in my life, I've only recently connected with Zennat through Twitter and on her blog.

So you might be asking yourself what would a guy be doing reading an older, outdated post from March 2013 about tips on how to become a positively empowered woman, Right? ... hahaha ...

Well, there's a simple and logical answer to that.  My Mother.  I saw a lot of my mother in that post and couldn't help but thinking of her when reading that post.  

She is an incredibly strong and empowered woman who has sacrificed a lot for her family while living an incredibly balanced life as a wife, mother, daughter, sister, grandmother & aunt and also having worked full time and taking care of her family.  She is the epitome of grace, strength and confidence and a truly empowered woman.

Zennat's post should be read by every young woman out there.  Even though you may have already heard of these concepts and may know it all, it never hurts to periodically reinforce this message just as a reminder of how you can live a better, more inspired and truly fulfilling life.

Especially with the recent events in the news on how poorly women have been treated by powerful men literally every where you turn, it also needs to be read and re-read by every male to help educate them and support & reinforce these basic human concepts so women can truly empower themselves.

Zeenat is a practicing Counseling Psychologist, Spiritual Counselor, Naturopath and Holistic Healer by profession over the the past 16 years.

She holds degrees in Counseling and Motivational Psychology, Holistic and Naturopathic medicine, including a Doctorate in Spiritual Counseling.

If you are ever in need of Counselling and/or Spiritual Healing services from the comfort of your own home, Zeenat provides several convenient and affordable online packages to choose from.  

She also conducts personal and corporate motivational seminars in Mumbai, India.

Please, feel free to check out Zeenat's post here:                         8 Tips on How to Become a Positively Empowered Woman - Happy Women's Day!  

4.  Rich Habits Poor Habits Episode 51 | Rich Habits Part 3 (6 Essential Rich Habits!)

Tom Corley pic with sailboats
Tom Corley Pic
Tom Corley in  pink
Tom Corley Book Rich Habits
Tom Corley Book Rich Kids
Tom Corley Book Change Your Habits Change Your Life
Tom Corley with Michael Yardney Book

By:  Tom Corley                                                                                                           Blog:                                                                                        Category:  Featured Articles                                                                                   Published:  December 9, 2017      

I accidentally stumbled across Tom Corley and his Rich Habits website one day, while surfing the net, well over a year ago and I immediately loved the message he was spreading.

I loved the results, stats and the findings of his studies and truly believe they need to be promoted to inform, educate, motivate and inspire those individuals who are in need of it, which is quite a large chunk of the population.

I subscribed to his newsletter and it's one of the few personal development newsletters that I have always looked forward to receiving and reviewing mainly because of the interesting nuggets of information that Tom shares.  

As an example he only recently published a post in mid-November 2017 titled Here's Why Scouts are More Successful in Life which was a very interesting read.  In fact, I enjoyed it even more than this Top 10 post I chose of Tom's to include in my round up.    

In this post Tom is interviewed by best selling Australian author, Michael Yardney who bought his first property close to 40 years ago when he was in his early twenties - without a deposit and not understanding the rules of the real estate game.  Michael then went on to build a multi-million dollar property portfolio in his spare time. 

They discuss and explain 6 essential Rich Habits that everyone needs to implement in their life in order to prosper, generate wealth, be successful and be happy in life.  But I still do prefer, Here's Why Scouts are More Successful in Life

Tom Corley pic w Msg

Tom Corley is a CPA, CFP, holds a Master’s Degree in Taxation and heads a CPA firm in New Jersey.

Tom is an internationally recognized authority on habits and wealth creation.  In Tom’s five-year study of the rich and poor he identified over 300 daily habits that separated the “haves” from the “have not’s.”

Tom has appeared on or in CBS Evening News, The Dave Ramsey Show, CNN, MSN Money, USA Today, the Huffington Post, Marketplace Money, SUCCESS Magazine, Inc. Magazine, Money Magazine, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine, Fast Company Magazine, Epoca Magazine (Brazil’s largest weekly) and thousands of other media outlets in the U.S. and 25 other countries. Tom is a frequent contributor to Business Insider, CNBC and other national media outlets.

He also is an International best selling author/co-author of 4 books and is a well known public speaker.   

Tom has a wealth of FREE resources available on his site that will help put anyone on the right track to wealth and success.  

Please, feel free to check out Tom's post here:                          Rich Habits Poor Habits Episode 51 | Rich Habits Part 3         (6 Essential Rich Habits)

5.  Are Blog Comments Really Required

Harleena Singh Pic
Aha Now Logo
Harleena Singh Quote

By:  Harleena Singh                                                                                                     Blog:                                                                                        Category:  Blogging                                                                                                 Published:  April 2, 2014    

Upon first visiting Aha!Now I could tell just by the design of the home page that there was a lot going on here.   It contained a staggering amount of content, not to mention the ABC Community, forums etc.

As I reviewed some of the posts, the comments and later on also the posts and comments on other personal development blogs, I couldn't help but notice this same Harleena chick popping up almost everywhere.  

She was unstoppable and writing these insanely, lengthy yet meaningful comments that most people would not have the time, make the time or even take the time to write.

This was my introduction to the blogosphere of Harleena Singh!

My first contact with Harleena was by email and then through Twitter and she responded to me by both.  But through my subsequent emails to her, Harleena taught me a couple of very valuable blogging lessons that I'll never forget, ever.

The first lesson I learned is that if you send a blogger an insanely lengthy, overly detailed email, which I was 100% guilty of with Harleena, well then just don't realistically expect to get back a response, hahaha.  

Touche!  Lesson learned.  

And you know what, I can't really blame her.  I certainly have better things to do with my time than getting bogged down reading ridiculously long emails.

As for the second lesson learned, I am not going to reveal it because it is even more embarrassing than the first one ...

As to her post, Are Blog Comments Really Required, I consider it to be a definitive, epic post.  Harleena has done a really amazing job of dissecting, analyzing, reasoning and then presenting her conclusions. 

It's only fitting and appropriate that the Queen of Commenting write a post on this subject matter.

This is sure to help any newbie blogger sitting on the fence, as I was, wondering if it's worth their time to include comments on their new blog or not.  

It's terribly unfortunate that I only read her post just a few days ago because it would have saved me a lot of time, stress and internal conflict debating the issue with myself a little less than a year ago when I was starting up my blog.

Harleena Singh is the Co-founder, CEO, Principal Writer and Chief Editor of Aha!NOW.  She is a Student and Teacher of life, as well as a Freelance Writer and a Blogger.  

Aha!Now is a highly recognized blog.  It has won awards every year, from 2014 to date as a Top 10 to Top 30 Best Personal Development blog.  Here is proud Harleena below enjoying her accomplishments.  

Awards 2014 2015
Harleena Singh
Award 2016
Award 2016
Award 2106

Harleena has been interviewed by and also mentioned by numerous bloggers on their blogs (including this one, hahaha) since her blogging journey started in 2010.   

Please, feel free to check out Harleena's post here:                 Are Blog Comments Really Required

6.  Wondering how to get rich? There are only 10 ways to a wealthy life

Blaz Kos portrait
Blaz Kos Logo
Blz Koz Products Promo
Blaz Kos Promo

By:  Blaz Kos                                                                                                            Blog:                                                                              Category:  Money & Wealth                                                                             Published:  ???    

Blaz is the only blogger in this roundup who actually contacted me first.  He saw my profile on Linkedin and not really knowing who I was due to my limited profile, he reached out to me to connect.  I intentionally decided to delay connecting with him until my blog was up and running and ready to be promoted.  

I had discovered his site a while back in about mid 2016, again, quite by accident while surfing the net and subscribed to his blog.  Upon reading his first post I immediately thought, "Oh my God!  How the hell can one person write such a painstakingly researched, detailed and super long post."  

I was literally in disbelief, stunned and amazed.  Even today, when I visit his site I feel the same way every time.   And this is for all of his posts.  I guess when he says his is data driven personal development, he takes it seriously and really means it.  

Blaz obviously takes great pride and thoroughly enjoys researching and writing painstakingly detailed, epic posts.   He researches and breaks it down into chunk size pieces to make it easier to read, absorb and reference.

On this post, Wondering how to get rich?  There are only 10 ways to a wealthy life ... well, just read it and find out for yourself first hand and you'll see what I mean.  

Then you can decide for yourself to choose which ever one or more of the 10 paths is/are meant for you to follow, if you want to also become filthy, stinking rich and enormously wealthy like almost everyone else ... and their mother does.  Just kiddin'! 🙂

Blaz Kos is a data-driven personal development blogger, author, life strategist, personal coach, startup enthusiast and online entrepreneur.   

His current life mission is to help people live the happy and successful life they want and deserve. ​​

*** Blaz's "About" page, titled Blaz Kos is an absolute must read.  You really don't want to miss this one. ***

Also check out his ​Linkedin profile for his extensive entrepreneurial experience and accomplishments.

Agile Lean Life has won several awards including being among one of the Top 75 Personal Development blogs on the web.  

Blaz provides incredible amounts of FREE invaluable, premium content and giveaways on his blog.  

He also offers Life and Executive Coaching and Business Consulting services if the need ever arises.

Blaz kos w Porsche

Please, feel free to check out Blaz's post here:                          Wondering how to get rich? There are only 10 ways to a wealthy life 

7.   How to Reclaim Your Calm When Life Seems Chaotic

Sandra Pawula pic
BernieSandra Pic
Sandra Pawula Profile image
Morning stress

By:  Sandra Pawula                                                                                                    Blog:                                                                          Category:  Healing Emotions                                                                           Published:  October 7, 2017    

Once again, I was fortunate enough to have discovered another real gem of a site, Sandra Pawula's, Always Well Within blog, shortly after Wisdom Times published their, Top 100 Personal Development Blogs 2016 review.

Since then Sandra has changed the beautiful, colorful images of flowers appearing at the top of her home page but it still nonetheless has the same really beautiful, fresh, clean, serene and soft look and feel to it, which is also found throughout her really elegant website.  

Sandra writes beautifully and eloquently and is a true wordsmith. The quality really shines through in her writing and style.  It's always a real pleasure and joy to read her posts.  

I wish I could only write half as well as she does but truth be told, I don't think I will ever reach that level because it's just not in me and not a part of who I am.

In How to Reclaim Your Calm When Life Seems Chaotic, Sandra starts off by sharing the emotional roller coaster ride that she's been going through in her life and looks to bring more calmness, greater inner peace and more centeredness to her life.  

She continues by suggesting and explaining 6 possible ways how this can be achieved which basically involves tweaking and making adjustments to your life. 

I found it a very informative read and it opened my mind to some new concepts that I was unfamiliar with.  Sandra covers the following methods and techniques:  Love, don't reject difficult people, "holding your fingers", "vase breathing", mindfulness meditation, finding calm through insight & following your own heart and listening to spiritual teachings.  

Sandra concludes, "take a moment now and consider what you would be willing to do to function with a greater evenness of mind. Look through the six practices I’ve shared and see which ones resonate for you.  You can’t necessarily do them all without overwhelming yourself, but you can begin or recommit with one step.  Which will you choose?"

So by the time you have finished reading her post you have 6 proven, practical and effective ways to choose from to bring "a more lasting equanimity" into your life.  And she explains them reeeally well.  Her really informative post is well worth the read.

Sandra has worked as an Executive Director for non-profit organizations, Fundraising Consultant and Freelance Copywriter.  

She has raised millions of dollars for good causes and managed Mega-events including public programs with the Dalai Lama.

Now, she writes about personal and spiritual development and instruct online courses on mindfulness, meditation, loving-kindness, stress reduction and the universal teachings of Buddhism.

Always Well Within has a treasure trove of a Library containing FREE self-discovery resources, which Sandra really should be charging for because these days who gives away something of this quality, depth and breadth for free?

Sandra also offers the Living With Ease course, The Mindful Way to Dissolve Stress.  It's a 30 lesson self-paced e-course to help you dispel stress and prevent it from overpowering you again.  

Living with Ease Beach Scene
Buddha guide

It's offered as an instant download for an incredibly affordable and ridiculously low price of only $19.99  Definitely worth looking into. 

Please, feel free to check out Sandra's post here:                   How to Reclaim Your Calm When Life Seems Chaotic  

8.  279 Days to Overnight Success

Chris Guillebeau Profile pic
279 Days to Overnight Success
The $100 Start Up
Side Hustle Book
Side Hustle book
The Pursuit of Happiness
The Art of Non-Conformity

By:  Chris Guillebeau                                                                                                  Blog:                                                                          Category:  Work / Top Articles                                                                           Published:  April 15, 2009   

I honestly can't remember how I came across Chris Guillebeau and The Art of Non-Conformity.  I probably stumbled across his site while surfing the net.  Anyway, it doesn't really matter now.

The first piece that I read of Chris's was his 279 Days to Overnight Success. It basically is a blue print of how to start a successful online business.  It's a truly incredible and very informative piece of writing packed full of invaluable information obtained from his own personal blogging experience.    

You see, I knew I wanted to start a blog.  And I was searching online for something exactly like this.  His write up provided me with just what I needed.  

Chris talks about the ins and outs of what to do and what not to do.  What works, what doesn't work and what to stay away from.  He explains and breaks things down really well.  

It had a huge influence over me, inspired me, motivated me and provided me the much needed confidence to know that I too can also build a successful, self-sustaining blog.  

It really is incredible that Chris has given all this valuable information away for free.  But I'm glad he did.  Thank You Chris!

I also thoroughly enjoyed his, A Brief Guide to World Domination especially because of the social conscious nature of my blog. 

And then just late last year, quite, unknowingly and by chance my sister-in-law not really knowing anything about Chris or what he was all about, blindly picked out a book at Chapters and gave me Chris's, The $100 Dollar Start Up as a Christmas present, last Christmas.  That was a really nice welcome surprise!

Anyway, as a small Thank You and to give back to Chris, to show my gratitude and appreciation to him for providing 279 Days to Overnight Success to me for free, I have listed/promoted all of his books in the heading above.  

Hopefully, he will get a lot of free mileage out of it, when readers visit this post and see this write up from now till eternity ... and will hopefully buy a gazillion more copies of his books. 

Chris Guillebeau has always been self-employed including a four-year commitment as a volunteer executive in West Africa.  He has visited every country in the world (193 in total) before his 35th birthday.

To date Chris has authored 5 books and is a best selling author.  You can always download and listen to his daily podcast, Side Hustle School which is downloaded more than 2 million times a month.

Every summer in Portland, Oregon, Chris hosts the World Domination Summit, a gathering of creative, remarkable people with thousands in attendance.  

Chris is also the founder of Pioneer Nation, Unconventional Guides, the Travel Hacking Cartel, and numerous other projects.

Please, feel free to check out Chris's post here:                         279 Days to Overnight Success  

Luminita Saviuc Pic
15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy
Connecting to Your Soul

By:  Luminita Saviuc                                                                                                  Blog:                                                                          Category:  Happiness / Most Popular                                                                   Published:  April 7, 2012   

Purpose Fairy is essentially a human consciousness, personal development life blog, that contains life's truths and infinite nuggets of wisdom on the human condition and life itself.  

It explores life's lessons and shares them with us, so each one of us can grow as human beings and attain more happiness and fulfillment by applying these concepts and principles in our own lives.

It provides us with the essential tools we need to help us live a more meaningful, purposeful, fulfilling and satisfying life.

Luminita shares her learning and knowledge both through her own writings and also through her high quality, curated content, with some simply outstanding guest posts.  

With a wide variety of subjects to choose from, there's literally something for everyone to peruse through her free library of blog posts.  

Purpose Fairy is noted for being the home of the most viral personal development article on the Internet, 15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy, shared more than 1.3 million times on Facebook and beyond and now the subject of Luminita's brand new book.

So instead of you having to give up things to be happy, I have intentionally focused on and have chosen a post of hers of the many powerful things that happy people do, albeit differently.  

She covers the gamut of good, positive, wholesome qualities which unfortunately, not all of us practice in our daily lives. 

It's a good, solid post to reinforce basic concepts that most of us are or should be aware off.   But unfortunately, due to falling in to the trap of negative thinking and some of us having negative mind sets, we don't always necessarily practice these principles and concepts on a daily basis.  Thus, inflicting even more unhappiness on ourselves and in our lives. 

Luminita is the Founder and Blogger-in-Chief of Purpose Fairy.  She has a new book out, 15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy​ which is available online at Amazon.

For more on Luminita please review her About page and her incredibly powerful personal story, captured on video, where Luminita gave a speech at Mindvalley’s Awesomeness Fest.  

She shared her personal story of overcoming trauma and abuse at an early age and how she turned those wounds into inner strength and growth.

Please, feel free to check out Luminita's post here:                   15 Powerful Things Happy People Do Differently

10.  36 Ways to Generate Insane Levels of Website Traffic

Seo image
Matthew Woodward Pic
Matthew Woodward Logo
How to start am online business
Matthew Woodward pic
How to make gazillions

By:  Matthew Woodward                                                                                           Blog:                                                                Category:  Website Traffic Generation Tutorials                                         Published:  Updated Dec 15, 2017    

When I first discovered Mathew Woodward's blog I was really impressed with not only the insane amounts of FREE helpful content but also with the colorful look, feel and design of his site.

Matthew takes the time to create incredibly detailed and "graphic" content in the form of case studies and tutorials.  He explains this in a clear step by step manner so even the tech challenged, newbie like me can understand.

I got on Matthew's radar by linking out to him and informing him by email about it.  I did this with about 10 A-list bloggers and about 7 B/C-list bloggers.  

What impressed me the most with Matthew is that he was the only blogger, A-list, B-list, C-list or even Z-list that actually took the time to link back to me, informed me about it by email and also included a free productivity tool to boot.  

Not that I was expecting for him or any other blogger to do that.  I learnt something from Matthew.

Why did Matthew do that?  After all, lets be honest, because I've just started out, I am a blogging nobody right now.  Relatively speaking, I have little to no traffic, readership, shares, subscribers, comments or back links.  

I presently run a brand new, fresh, young but DEAD BLOG ... but that will change with time.  How does that benefit Matthew by linking out to me, a real blogging nobody right now?  

Well, it will benefit him with time.  Because I will always remember what Matthew did for me, no matter how small, when I was just starting out blogging.  

And now I will go the extra mile to promote Matthew every chance I get.  And I believe he knows this.  Thanks for the lesson Matthew.

Now, in my humble, novice opinion, that's smart blogging! 

Not that I won't promote other bloggers, especially given my Bloggers Promoting Bloggers, Free Blog Luv feature that I just started only recently.  It can be found at the end of all of my posts since then, including this one with the amazing Amit Amin. 

But for Matthew I'll always give it that little extra effort and will always remember what he did for me when I was just starting out.

Anyway, check out Matthew's post 36 Ways To Generate Insane Levels of Website Traffic.  You'll be glad you did.  It's a definitive, epic and super looong post.  It's got tons of practical, valuable information in it.  

To be completely honest with you, I still haven't had the time to fully go through it all yet in detail.  There is just way too much in there.  

The best part of all of this is that Matthew's got tons of other valuable blogging information on his site, all for FREE that any newbie blogger or even a more experienced blogger can benefit from. 

Mathew Woodward started his career online when he was just 13 years old writing games reviews.  His eventual interest in competitive gaming led to him creating his first community based website.

Matthew worked on corporate online marketing campaigns for several years before starting his own business.  He is a multiple award winning business & internet marketing blogger.

Since about 2012 Matthew's blog has won numerous awards in various fields including Internet Marketing, Public Relations, SEO, Business and Digital Technology. 

Please check out Matthew's FREE SEO downloadable resources at the very bottom of his Hire Me page.  

Matthew also provides a service, designing customized SEO strategies for businesses and bloggers alike.  Award Winning SEO that Delivers Results.

Please, feel free to check out Matthew's post here:                      36 Ways to Generate Insane Levels of Website Traffic 

I would like to thank all of the bloggers in this roundup for writing some really amazing content on their blogs which enabled me to create this Top 10 "Best of the Web" Evergreen Roundup Post. Thank You!

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As much as I'd like to keep you here and make this your GoTo blog, when you are finished here, please check out Amit Amin's highly entertaining blog post, Ditch Porn - It's Playboy on (Dopamine Draining) Steroids on

Amit Amin Portrait Pic

Amit writes on his home page, "Five years ago, I was unhappy. Positive psychology, the ‘science’ of happiness, offered hope that traditional psychology did not.  So I started this blog. I would research a topic and write up my findings, hoping to help both myself and others.  But three years ago, I stopped.  Not because no one was reading what I wrote.  Fifteen to thirty thousand people visit each month.  I stopped because I had realized that in the ways that matters, positive psychology was just like traditional psychology – it was a scientific mess.  So read what I’ve written with skepticism.  I’ve considered taking the site down.  In the end, I’m leaving this site up for two reasons.  One, I’ve put hundreds of hours into this site.  Taking it down would be like erasing a piece of my history.  Two, there are things that I meant to write that I never did.  Perhaps one day I’ll have to courage and clarity to share them."

You'll be glad you did ...

Hey Amit,



Wishing You All The Best!

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