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Back in the game again with a raging hard on

It’s Time to Get Back in the Game Again … “Cazzo Duro” style … with a Raging Hard-on!

If you are like most people who believe in the greater good and espouse a philosophy of “Do unto others” you were probably stunned, shocked, horrified and in utter disbelief that the impossible and unthinkable has happened ...  


... Donald "Douchebag" Drumph won the US election.

But that’s ok because almost no one predicted it and it just happened.  It’s ok to have feelings of sadness, dismay, hopelessness, overwhelm, despair, anger and discouragement.  

Because it’s just normal.

It’s perfectly normal sometimes to just feel like crap.  Possibly even lonely and all alone, feeling like grieving and just not wanting to get out of bed in the morning.

So take this time to self indulge, cry in your beer and feel bad for yourself ... and everyone else.  But there comes a point in time when we have to stop this discouraging and defeatist way of thinking.  

We need to bounce back and start living once again.

The best way to channel all this negative energy into a more constructive, positive outcome is to gather and harness the power of your anger and rage.  Let it light that spark inside of you.  Light the fire in your belly.  

Let this motivate you to take action.


Women's March NYC Jan 21, 2017.  Image Credit: Rhododendrites via Wikimedia Commons.

Get mad and fire yourself up for a long and worthwhile fight.  We have to rise again, up from the ashes and fight the fight.  We have to fight once again for what’s just and right.  


Women's March Washington DC Jan 21, 2017.  I'm with her and her and her.  Image Credit: Mary Madigan via Wikimedia Commons

We have to fight for basic common decency, our values and respect.


Women's March, Washington DC,  Jan 21, 2017.  Protesters hold up signs ahead of the Women's March on Washington in downtown Washington, D.C.  Image Credit: VOA via Wikimedia Commons.

We need to have hope and start looking forward to what we are going to do improve our lot in a Donald Drumph New World Order. The best thing that each and every one of us can do is to work together to effect positive change.

Good must defeat Evil!

Luke Skywalker vs Darth Vader, Epic Lightsabre Duel, Good vs Evil.

Luke Skywalker vs Darth Vader, Epic Lightsabre Duel, Good vs Evil. via Twitter

Unlike the mean ol’ hateful, nasty, schoolyard bully Donald "Douchebag" Drumph, we need to start fighting back with peace, love, joy, kindness, compassion, consideration, thoughtfulness, honesty, truth, justice, tolerance, selflessness, respect, empathy, generosity and understanding.

Remember, there is always power in numbers.  We need to galvanize, come together and move forward.  We cannot afford to sit back and do nothing.


Women's March on Washington Jan 21, 2017 20:12.  Another perspective.  Image Credit:  Mobilus In Mobili via Wikimedia Commons.

Our situation is best summed up in the words of the British statesman, Edmund Burke, who many years ago said,

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men do nothing.”

We have to stand up for Muslims, Mexicans, blacks, immigrants, refugees, women, young girls, gays, LGBTQ, the disabled, the media, veterans, Trumps business contractors that got screwed by him, humiliated beauty queens. 

And anyone and everyone that Donald "Douchebag" Drumph has attacked and taken advantage off and will continue to probably attack directly and indirectly in the future through his atrociously disgusting behavior and policies.

If we don’t stand up for one another then we could be next on his hit list. Yes, it could even be YOU reading this. Just remember what happened with Hitler and Nazi Germany.

It’s all of our responsibility to do something.  We need to take action. We need to push back and hard.  We need to come together and work together. We need to mobilize. We need to organize and unleash the powerful, disruptive forces of the masses.


Women's March on Washington, DC, Jan 21, 2017.  Demonstrators during the Women's March on Washington.  Image Credit:  Rosa Pineda via Wikimedia Commons.

We need to become energized, be ready to organize, be ready to act and be ready to fight.  This is just another setback.  Evil has overcome good.  It’s Darth Vader vs Luke Skywalker all over again.  We can’t let the bad guys win. We must overcome this hurdle.  We still have hope, light and love on our side.  That is all we need to make things right again.

Luke Skywalker vs Darth Vader

Luke Skywalker vs Darth Vader. Image Credit: via Twitter

So become a proud activist.  Make a decision to be a real Changemaker for what’s really important in life.  There’s nothing more powerful than the power of each and every one of us and the power of the people.

So pick something that you truly care about, that’s meaningful and important to you. Pick something you feel very strongly about.  And are principled about.  Start to chip away at all the darkness, evil and wrath that Darth Vader Trump and his selfish, evil, soulless minions will be bringing down on you.


Women's March on Washington - Pennsylvania Avenue,  Jan 21, 2017.  This is just a subset of the huge number of participants showing what democracy and The Women's March looked like in America.  Image Credit: Mobilus In Mobili via Wikimedia Commons.

Then spread the word and tell all of your friends on social media. Use Twitter, Facebook and the like.  We need to bring more people into our fold, into our movement.  We need to stand together strong and fight back.

We need to take action together.  Don’t be afraid.  Don’t be scared. Stand tall, be bold, be strong, be proud, be loud, be passionate.  Take no prisoners and wear your heart on your sleeve.

At the same time, we also need to stand united and watch out for one another.  We need to watch each other's backs and protect one another.  We can’t do it all by ourselves but we can do it together.

Our success primarily depends on how effectively we fight back through our legislatures using the law to our advantage.  It also depends on our effective use of public policy, the media and reaching out to educate the angry, disenfranchised, close minded, ignorant and uninformed masses that follow Evil Donald Darth Vader Drumph.


Trump-Womens March, Washington DC, Jan 21, 2017.  Image Credit: Mark Dixon via Wikimedia Commons.

We need to muster up all of our resources to push back against a really powerful, intense, extremist and advancing Conservative agenda that’s gathering more momentum day by day with Drumph's horrific and dangerous appointments.

Our safety will depend on our organizational ability to build and form strong coalitions which promote a kinder, compassionate, generous, gentler world, respect for one another, the greater good and our shared humanity.

So be in Drumphs face and get on his radar every chance you get. Keep reminding him that you are still there.  That you matter.  That you count. And that you won’t stand for his hateful, racist, poisonous, extremist, ultra-conservative bullshit nonsense.

For those of you who didn’t know, “Cazzo Duro” in Italian basically means With a Raging Hard-on, so ...

It’s Time to Get Back in the Game Again ... “Cazzo Duro” style ... With a Raging Hard-on!

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Lets make sure this never happens again.  Not to us, not to our mothers, not to our sisters, not to our wives and especially not to our young daughters. They are watching us.  They are our future.


Women's March (VOA), Jan 21, 2017.   View of the Women's March on Washington from the roof of the Voice of America building in Washington, D.C.   Image Credit: Brian Allen via Wikimedia Commons.

Yes, by all means use the same tools that Donald "Douchebag" Drumph used to inflict stress, worry and misery on you and me.  Use Twitter and Facebook.  Tell all of your friends and bring them along.  

Start your own Tribe.  Build your own Community.  Or ... join an existing, growing Community, like this one.

And start working together because it’s going to be a long, uphill battle to right the wrongs that Drumph will be inflicting upon us over the next four years.

And lastly, stop and take a minute to really think about what Hillary Clinton said that day in her concession speech,

"Our campaign was never about one person or even one election, it was about the country we love and about building an America that's hopeful, inclusive and big-hearted.  We have seen that our nation is more deeply divided than we thought.  But I still believe in America and I always will.  And if you do, then we must accept this result and then look to the future."

Now keep in mind that there’s more than just America at stake here. Douchbag Donald's foreign policy and long reach all across the globe will be felt in every corner of the world.

It will provide fuel for all the other right wing extremist movements gathering steam around the world.  The world is not a safe place anymore. If you really think about it, literally, no one is safe anymore.

It is each and every one of us's responsibility and duty to help save the world from a wretched, sick, twisted, truly evil, hateful, thin skinned, arrogant, egotistical, despicable, disgusting, sinister, vile, self-serving, pig headed, unscrupulous, infantile, bully, sociopath raving lunatic of a mad man in The White House that spews nothing but hate and poison in our world.

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What will you do to take a stand and fight evil Donald "Douchebag" Drumph?​

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