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The Best of President Donald “Douchebag” Trump’s “STOP THE COUNT!” Twitter Memes

This post has been painstakingly curated from over 45 of the best Donald "Douchebag" Trump's, "STOP THE COUNT!" memes you will find on the web.  It is the most comprehensive, all inclusive Count Von Count, "STOP THE COUNT!" post created for your reading pleasure.

Be prepared for the surprise ending to this story. 

Like for his infamous 2016 Crooked Hillary "STOP THE CUNT!", "LOCK HER UP!", US Presidential election campaign, Donald "Douchebag" Trump once again strategically planned ahead of time, just in case he would lose to Sleepy Joe Biden in 2020. 


He basically promoted it as being a totally fraudulent election, if he were to lose to "Sleepy" Joe, whom he called the worst candidate in the history of Presidential politics. 

Letters F and U

This time however, the Douchebag was afraid he would lose because of it being much easier for people to vote in heavily Democratic swing states, by having a tidal wave of mail-in ballots being sent it.

Two days post election, seeing his "Yuge" lead in several crucial swing states gradually diminish and disappear, as an overwhelming amount of mail-in votes were being counted ...

... President Douchebag, having yet another mini-meltdown on Twitter, desperately tweet shouted in all caps, "STOP THE COUNT!"

This opened the door for Sesame Street’s iconic Count von Count, a cute and cuddly Dracula-esque vampire Muppet who loves to discover exactly how many of any given thing exist, to enter the political fray.

1. Some people on Twitter were confused as to which Count the Douchebag was referring to and took the initiative to clear things up.

2. Count Von Count ended up the winner and made his first official appearance on the political stage.

Count Von Count

3. But no one had given him a heads up, so he was totally surprised that President Donald J. Douchebag would actually order him to stop counting. 

Stop the Count Vhat?!

4. The Counts loyal, lifelong supporters immediately came to his defense, questioning the Douches tweet and rallying strongly around him. 

5. Count Von Count now energized, continues to promote his lifelong, message that no matter what, "We must keep counting!" 

We Must Keep

6. So how is counting and voting closely related to one another?  Find out from the Count in this great video clip below.

7. Count Von Count reinforces his important message, that nothing else matters, to his devoted, admiring followers the world over.

All the Counts

8. The Count decides to finally come out of the closet about his constant, never ending, counting add-iction. 

The Douchebag doesn't have a chance of stopping him now, especially since he got him all riled up.

I'm Addicted

9. One of the Counts supporters says that he's just simply unstoppable.  Because it's who he is and what he does.  

There's simply no stopping an extremely stylish, colorful, flamboyant, driven and committed Count.

10. Count Von Count now takes an even stronger stand and tells Douchebag Donald that he will NEVER stop him.

You will Never

11. The raging, confrontational, shit disturbing Douche has a spastic, hissy fit of a temper tantrum.  

The Count responds by animatedly yelling at Douchebag Donald, "Silence!!  I am counting."

Their ugly, vicious, epic battle has only just begun.

Trump Count Gif

12. Then the Count really sticks it to President Douchebag saying, "Keep Counting."  

And finishes off with his trademark laugh, "Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah."

Keep counting

13. So what does the biggest grossing movie of all time, Teenage Mutant Ninja Bats with Bat Midler, juicy bug burgers and the popular eaterie Burger Count have to do with counting and voting?

Find out by checking out this simply hilarious, batty video below.

14. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.  And I can smell it from all the way over here ... because Sesame Street Twitter is suddenly all riled up.

But why?

15. Here's why.  

"Hey" the Douchebag suddenly cries out, "my wallet is missing.  Stop the wild n' crazy dance party (below) now." 

"Ok, which one of you guys stole my wallet?" 

16. Naturally, the Douche assumes that it's the Count who stole his wallet.

17. The Douchebag's MAGA right supporters start spreading poisonous, fake news conspiracy theories about the Count in the Twittersphere.

18. They unjustly make him out to be an unrestrained, free loading, blood sucking vampire that needs to be stopped at any cost.

19. The MAGA right fail to understand that it's the counting in him that makes him so powerful and unstoppable.  

He Can't be stopped

20. With a tsunami of mail-in votes still flooding in, Georgia's hand recount and Wisconsin's dual county recount, it's reached such a disastrous counting state, that professional counters are direly needed.

Vote counting expert

21. The need for Count Von Count's professional counting services arises in several closely contested swing states.  

But who will pay for his flight out there?

22.  In a cruel, ironic twist of fate, cheapo, skinflint Douchebag Donald will have to open up his wallet to pay $3 Million for the Wisconsin recounts, ah, ah, ah ... 

Editor's note:  Here is where the story gets even more interesting.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Get ready for even more psycho temper tantrums, "Train Wreck" Rudy, the finger, campaign leaks, a sneaky, devious, under handed scheme ...

... Billion and Billions and Billions of fake ballots, the Douchebag's priceless taped admission and Zero Fucks given, AH, AH, AH ...

Hold on to your seat as the plot thickens.  There are a lot more twists and turns, a vicious knock out blow and a surprise ending to this election campaign for the ages.

23.  This just made the Count the Douchebag's newest enemy.

He's in very select company with the likes of Crooked Hillary, Sanctimonious James Comey, Lyin' Andrew McCabe, Wacky Omarosa, Crazy Nancy Pelosi, Low IQ Maxine Waters and Pocahontas. 

Trump's newest Enemy

24. Now the Count will have to watch his back at all times because you never know when the Desperate Douchebag will be lurking around the corner ready to pounce. 

Trump Knife Attack

25. But the Counts unwavering resolve is still intact and he is undeterred in his fight to keep on counting.

26. So the Count decides to take the fight to Douchebag Donald and comes up with an aggressive plan of attack, code named "STOP THE TRUMP!" 

Stop the Trump

27. Like Rocky, Count Von Count emerges victorious by bringing Douchebag Donald down with one swift blow to the kisser.

The Douchebag never even saw it coming.

Count Punches Trump

28. Emerging as a true hero, the Count just can't help himself and begins counting again, letting everyone know that he still is number 1, er, er ... 

... or, hmmm, is he just giving the Douchebag the finger below?

29. The lesson learnt here is that no matter how bad it gets, to not count him out (excuse the pun) and to also never bet against the Count.

30. The Count reminds everyone that he takes his job seriously and that it will be a fair election count.

Every Vote Counts

31. And that nobody but nobody can stop the count!

32. Hearing this, the lil' whiny, girly, cry baby with his panties all tied up in a knot, repeatedly jumps up and down, arms flailing, throwing yet another trademark Donald "Douchebag" Trump temper tantrum. 

How will i steal

33. The Count lets the American people know that there's always enough time to count every vote in an honest election. 

34. As the vote count overwhelmingly favors Sleepy Joe, guess what the Douchebag angrily, screams out once again? 

Cartoon Trump

35. The Count does such a good job of counting, that within no time at all he goes from 3 to well over 72 million votes for the victor, Sleepy Joe Biden. 

36. Get with the program Donny.  You're losing it.  Make up your mind you crazy, out of control Douchebag.  

Should we count or should we stop counting?  Which one is it?

By the way, nice hair cut ...

Not You Count Again

37. The secret to the Counts counting success is that he just doesn't stop counting.

38. And before you knew it, the Count was counting Billions and Billions and Billions of ballots.  The majority of them for Sleepy Joe.

Now only, everyone knew the real reason why Douchebag Donald wanted to "STOP THE COUNT!" ... or did they? 

Count Billions

39. But that's odd.  700 Billion ballots, that's more votes than people.  Something really smells fishy here.

It was later leaked out that the Douchebag and his trusty sidekick, Rudy "Train Wreck" Giuliani had concocted a sneaky, devious, under-handed scheme where they had their swing state MAGA supporters mail-in Billions and Billions and Billions of fake ballots.

Trump Supporters

40. The only problem was that these poorly educated MAGA people, who the Douchebag claims he loves, couldn't read worth shit. They selected Sleepy Joe's name on the ballot instead of the Douchebag's name.


41. Only when it was too late, the Douche realized what had happened and how he had shot himself in the foot. He had had enough and just couldn't take it anymore. 

Once again, he blamed his own undoing on the Count.   

Snapped and Flipped out

42. In the end, once everything is said and done, like his entire life, Donald "Douchebag" Trump is nothing more than a total, fucking, useless, good for nothing, pathetic, piece of shit LOSER.

Trump is a Loser

43. Did I ever tell you that Douchebag Donald is a LOSER?


44. And if you had asked the Douche by just how many votes he thought he'd lose by, just listen to his incredible response in this priceless Vice News video below.

*** Make sure to view the 2 minute video in it's entirety, because it only gets better as it progresses to the very end.

So how many votes did you lose by President Douchebag?

45. This just goes to show you that you can't "STOP THE COUNT!", no matter how hard you try.  

Because it's gonna happen, one way or another, whether you like it or not.  

46. You see, as with anything else in the Douchebag's MAGA world, it always starts with simple, innocent stuff like "STOP THE COUNT" but in all likelihood will end up with, "LOCK HIM UP!" 

47.  But does the Count really care?  I think not.

He's having so much fun counting that he started counting all over again by beginning at ZERO ... 

... yes, ZERO!, as in ZERO FUCKS GIVEN, Ah Ah Ah ...

Zero Fucks Given

                                The end ~


Will you ever stop counting?  I hope not.

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