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Wolf reading bedtime story

10 Smart Things Most Successful People Do Before Bedtime

​How do you spend your evening before bed time?  Do you watch TV?  Play video games?  On social media?  Surf the net?  Perhaps chatting it up with friends?

​Getting into the habit of an evening routine is essential to relax and unwind from a stressful, hectic day.  Make some time for yourself to ​...


Wolf reading bedtime story

Make some time for yourself to feed your body and mind and rejuvenate your spirit.  It will do you a world of good and you will benefit in the long term.

Just follow these 10 tips.  Incorporate them into your evening routine and you will reap the benefits of a calmer, more peaceful life, increased productivity & creativity and a good night’s sleep.

#1. Spend Quality Time with Family and Friends

Family Time

A fun family activity like grocery shopping can bring a family closer together. ​

​Set aside and spend some quality time with your family every evening.  It allows you to enjoy a nice family supper and other activities while sharing with each other the events of the day.  

You can focus on your children, your spouse and yourself with your undivided, uninterrupted attention.

​Also, if warranted, consider spending some time with close friends to re-energize your relationships.  This will help you to relax, take it easy and slow down from all of the stresses of life.    

​#2. Go for a Nature Walk to Improve Your Health                                                 

Nature Walk

Peaceful fall nature walk, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Go for a nature walk a half hour after eating dinner.  Light exercise will help you to digest your food, keep you fit, relieve any stress, clear your mind and boost your energy levels.  

It can also help to reduce high blood pressure, ease back pain, increase muscular strength, boost your immune system, release any negativity, reduce the risk of depression and will help you to sleep better.

When you nature walk enjoying your surroundings, your mind will be clearer and it will be working less vigorously which will open you up to new ideas and thoughts.  This will help rejuvenate your spirit and help you to be more creative in your life.  

Good things come from small changes implemented in your life and you’ll reap the benefits of something as simple as a 30 minute nature walk after dinner.

​#3. Review Your Day to Track Your Goals

Guy Reviewing his day, tracking his goals

Set aside some quiet time to review your day.

Set aside some quiet time to review your day to measure and track your achievements, accomplishments, successes, victories and goals.  This will help to add meaning to your life and provide you with a real sense of fulfillment.

It will help for you to clarify what you want out of life and motivate you to take action towards achieving your goals. It also gives you an opportunity to add to your schedule for any lingering, unfinished business that needs to be taken care off.

​#4. Plan and Get Ready for Tomorrow 

Plan your Day for Tomorrow

Plan and organize the previous evening so not to rush around the next morning.

Manage your time, manage your life.  This is the perfect time to organize, plan and finalize your schedule for the next working day. The more organized you are the more effective and efficient you will be.  Organize and manage your time and your tasks to be more productive.

Use a Day Timer to schedule your top priorities. Schedule them in the most productive time of your day.  For most people this is at the start of their work day and right after lunch.  

Include work and family responsibilities.  Set aside some time for unexpected contingencies and emergencies.

​#5. Unplug and Disconnect to Unwind                                              

Unplug Disconnect

​Unplugging & disconnecting is child's play.

In our world of instant communication we are conditioned to constantly be on our smart phones, tablets, laptops and computers.  We’re texting, calling, tweeting, Facebooking etc.  

At the end of our working day we need to relax, unwind and enjoy our evenings before going to bed.  This helps us to re-energize for the next day.

When you get home try unplugging and disconnecting from all of your devices.  Shutting out the outside world allows you to devote and spend some real quality time with your family.  

It allows you to enjoy a nice family supper while sharing with each other the events of the day.  You can focus on your children, your spouse and yourself with your undivided, uninterrupted attention.

#6. Partake in Inspiration and Creative Time 

Creative Thinking

You never know what you will come up with.

When you’re mentally and physically relaxed and unwound from the hectic pace and stresses of daily life, take advantage of this ideal time of day to maximize your potential. 

Give yourself some personal space away from everyone else, including your family and let your mind loose for about 20 minutes to come up with some brilliant ideas and thoughts.

Your mind will be more open and less restrained at this time of day. Get inspired and be creative with any special ideas or personal projects that you may have.  This is the ideal time to brainstorm and come up with creative new ideas and solutions in your life.

#7. Visualize Your Future for Positive Outcomes and Success

Visualize Success

Visualize yourself doing great things in life.

Spend some time and practice visualization techniques to envision your future.  Envision a positive successful outcome unfolding for tomorrows projects that your working on and also for medium to long term goals in your future. 

Close your eyes and picture yourself in a positive, successful outcome.  This will help embed it in your subconscious mind.

So spend some time every evening visualizing yourself as being successful in all of your short term projects over the next few days.  

It will help motivate you for a successful outcome because you’ve not only seen it repeatedly in your mind’s eye but also because your subconscious mind will help make it come true.

#8. Read to Relax and Reduce Stress

Read to Feed your brain

Read to relax and reduce stress

Reading for an hour is a relaxing yet constructive activity that will help you escape to another world.  It’s exercise for your mind which will help to calm your nerves, reduce your stress and improve your memory. 

It’s the ideal activity for quiet down time and to create an air of peace and tranquility.  Reading will help you wind down before going to sleep.

So expand your intellect and knowledge by opening a book.  There are a lot of topics to choose from.  From politics to current events to art and science and everything in between.  

Vary your library to expand the breadth of your knowledge and open up new worlds of discovery. Reading will help make you a better conversationalist in social situations allowing you to contribute more to any discussions.

#9. Write Down Your Thoughts and Feelings in a Journal

Write your thoughts in a Journal

Journaling will put you more in touch with yourself.

Writing your thoughts, feeling and emotions down on paper really brings them to life.  Everything that is bottled up inside of you is now released, help clearing your mind and cleansing your spirit.  It will now all mean so much more to you and become more tangible.

Journaling provides you with insight from your successes and failures and helps you learn from it.  It will help your analytical, thinking and reasoning skills and will also help to put things in better perspective.  A journal can help aid you in reaching your goals.

#10. Meditate to Relieve Stress and Ease Your Mind.


Meditate daily to relieve stress and to ease your mind,

Meditating for 15 minutes will help calm your nerves, ease your mind, relax your body and relieve any stress built up from a hectic day.  It will help remove and relieve any negativity from your work day.  

You will have a clear mind, be at peace with yourself and it can also help you to sleep better.

When meditating, focus on the sensation of your breathing as your chest expands and your lungs fill with air.  As you breathe out, imagine that you’re expelling all the events and thoughts of your day along with the air.

This will help clear your mind and purify your body.  

Pay attention to the rhythm of your breathing. Concentrate on the physical sensations of your breathing and the sound that your breath makes.

*Bonus #11. Practice Self-Hypnosis and Use Subliminal Recordings to Re-Program Your Subconscious Mind

Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

Re-program your subconscious mind.

Eliminate negative thoughts, negative self-talk and dispel self-limiting beliefs by re-programming your subconscious mind. 

Self-hypnosis and subliminal audio recordings used while sleeping are the easiest, quickest and most effective ways to reprogram your subconscious mind.

Your conscious mind is left dormant in the background while your subconscious mind which learns through repetition gains more control and is brought to the forefront so it can fully absorb this new information. 

Self-hypnosis and sleep brings you in a deep trance like state, relaxed with your subconscious mind focused and highly receptive to suggestions.

If you incorporate these 11 tips into your bedtime routine, you will quickly realize the benefits from them in no time at all.  You will be more positive and optimistic, feel better mentally and physically, sleep better, be more productive and significantly improve the quality of your life.

Feature image credit:  Gaspirtz via Wikimedia Commons, Woelfische Gutenachtgeschichte.jpg.  Late 1990s and early 2000s.

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