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Trump Pussy

President Donald “Douchebag” Trump’s Infamous Bible Photo Shoot in Pictures

Here is what really took place that day when President Donald "Douchebag" Trump had Washington DC law enforcement clear Lafayette Square for his infamous Bible photo shoot.

Here's the real story in pictures ...


On June 1, 2020, amid the George Floyd protests in Washington, D.C., law enforcement officers forcefully cleared peaceful protesters from Lafayette Square ...

... creating a path for President Donald Trump and senior administration officials to walk from the White House to St. John's Episcopal Church.

Trump held up a Bible and posed for a photo op in front of the church, which had been damaged by a fire during protests the night before.

Trump Bible

Three days prior, hundreds of protesters gathered outside the White House in the evening.  The Secret Service placed the White House on lockdown and moved the Douchebag and his family of Douches, for an hour to an underground White House bunker.  

The specific security measure was kept secret until reported by The New York Times on May 31.  Media coverage reportedly enraged Trump, who felt it gave the impression he was hiding during the protests. 

On social media, critics derided Trump as a 'coward' with the moniker "Bunker Boy".   Trump said he was in the bunker "for a tiny, little short period of time ... much more for an inspection" rather than because of any imminent danger.

This accounting of events was later contradicted by Attorney General William Barr, who said the May 29 protests "were so bad that the Secret Service insisted that the Douchebag and his family go down to the bunker."

Trump's displeasure over the coverage reportedly led to his decision to stage a photo op at St. John's Church.

But little do most people know, the crazed Douchebag suffering from advanced dementia had several different ideas for the photo shoot. 

He got his daughter and Special Advisor Ivanka "Wanker" Trump to stuff her purse with different props to be used in the photo shoot. 

Here are some of the photographs they took:

1.  Here's the Douche letting all of America know who's in charge and how he's going to dominate & govern.

Trump Facist

2.  Here's Donald Douchebag revealing his struggle and fight for implementing his political ideology upon the future direction of America.

Trump Mein Kampf

3.  In this one Douchebag Donald continues his scathing attack on CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, MSNBC, Rude Jim Acosta, Psycho Joe Scarborough, Ditzy Low I.Q Dumb as a Rock Crazy Mika and the Do Nothing Democrats.     

Trump Fake News

4.  Here the Douchebag shows off his mentor and role model who projects, strength, power and the ability to dominate totally.  

Trump Vlady Puty

5.  Here's President Douchebag trying to cover all of his bases so he can get re-elected again by promoting injecting disinfectant to rid America of the pesky Corona Virus. 

Trump Disinfectant

6.  Here Ivanka Wanker whipped out his favorite prop for no reason at all, a Bigly, Yuge Purple "Barney" Dildo.  

Trump Dildo

7.  God wasn't too pleased with the Douchebag's blasphemy and sent him a stern message on the church display message board in the background.

Trump God Msg

8.  God's message to the Douchebag, continued ...

Trump God Msg 2

9.  God's had enough, is really fed up now and tells the Douche who he thinks he really is.

Trump Sphincter

10.  But God is still really pissed at the Douchebag and rains down a super charged electrical lightening storm on the pathetic lil' piece of shit.

Trump Lightening

11.  God's wrath is so unforgiving that the Bible spontaneously explodes into flames right in the Douchebag's hands.    

Trump Fire Bible

12.  The shameless Douchebag unperturbed by God's drastic intervention continues to hold on to the flaming Bible, while the devil in him shines through his blazing eyes.

Trump Devil Bible

13.  God trying to show some mercy on his Douchebag creation, gives the Douche a pop up, picture Bible that he can handle "reading".

Trump Baby Bible

14.  The Douche, his attention span severely limited, like Homer Simpson can only think about food and eating.

Trump Burger

15.  But then again, as always, the Douche has Pussy on the brain and can hardly wait for some "Executive Time" to color some vaginas.

Trump Pussy

16.  But in the end food won out.  The big, fat blob of lard can only think about eating those greasy burgers and fries ... oh, and don't forget the Colonel's famous, greasy KFC.

Trump KFC


Were you aware of this untold story of what really happened at the Bible photo shoot that day?

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