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Hanging in the WH

Oh My God! It’s Hanging in the White House …

​Yes that's right, it was accidentally discovered hanging in the White House.  And you can thank Leslie Stahl, the 60 Minutes crew and Josh Billinson for it.

​During their stroll through the White House, on their way to U.S. President Donald "Douchebag" Trump's interview with Leslie Stahl on “60 Minutes”, the cameras caught a glimpse of a painting ...


​... the cameras caught a glimpse of a painting hanging on an office wall showing Douchebag Donald ​carousing with several jovial, dead Republican Presidents.

Painted with his classic red tie, wide grin and pearly whites flashing, Donny is seen having a good ol' time, laughing with several former Presidents including Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Teddy Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, Gerald Ford, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush.

Original Pic

​The painting, by American artist Andy Thomas, is called “The Republican Club.”  California congressman Darrell Issa was a big fan of Thomas's work and gave Trump a print of the piece.  Donny apparently loved it so much that he personally called Thomas to thank him.

Rumor has it that Thomas's painting was influenced by Trumps traditional White House, Saturday late night poker playing sessions seen below.  As you'll see the playa's change, they come and go. Given The Donalds affinity for dogs from the painting below, it's surprising that Omarosa doesn't have a seat at the table.    

Trump with Dogs

The “60 Minutes” Twitter account tweeted a still image from the interview that featured the painting but the tweet didn’t draw attention to it.

Instead, President Donny's painting was noticed by Josh Billinson, the editor for Independent Journal Review, who tweeted: “oh my god, it’s hanging in the white house.”

The only thing "missing" from the piece was appropriate captions capturing the moment in time but that's been addressed below ...

Captions Trump

What most people don't know until now is that the demon painting, like Trump is truly possessed.  Yes, POSSESSED!  It literally comes to life and tells a story in real time about Douchebag Donald and his poker playing, whiskey drinking buddies.  Just see below.

​Evidently, thin skinned Trump just couldn't take the above digs, ribbing, name calling, lack of respect and criticism from his fellow Republican Presidents.  He became so unhinged that he completely lost it and flew into an all out, fucking rage.  

Trump angry

​Li'l Donny was so upset and angry, his feelings hurt, they needed to calm him down from his childish temper tantrum.  Once again, like numerous times before in the White House, "Thank God there were adults in the room."

Ttump pissed

​Now Douchebag Donald was once again the center of attention with a captive audience completely focused on him.  He inexplicably and instinctively went into campaign rally mode by entertaining his fellow Prez's with his rendition of mocking a New York Times reporter with a disability.

Trump doing his impression

​Then to seal the deal and make up with his drinking buddies, he opened up his wallet ... or more likely, knowing how much of a skin flint Donny is ... opened up the TAXPAYERS wallet and ordered in KFC, which was personally hand delivered by the dead Colonel himself.

But wait a minute, remember the painting is possessed.  Who's that new Russian playa at the table, admiringly, swooning over Donny? 

Ordering in KFC

​Here's a close up below.  Maybe you can identify him now.  Well low and behold, what do you know, it's party animal Russian President, Vladimir Puta.  Ahhh, there's nothing like brotherly love.

Putin with Trump

​Not to be left out, another mysterious, younger, playa, dictator also joins the party.  His back to us, face unseen.  But who can that be?  

If you look real closely you can make out his reflection in the wine glass.  It's none other than the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman more commonly known as MBS or Mr. Bone Saw.

You know, the guy who sent his death squad to the Saudi Embassy in Istanbul to torture, murder and chop up and cut up into pieces with a Bone Saw American resident, Saudi Journalist, Washington Post columnist and dissident Jamal Khashoggi.

Saudi Prince with Trump

​Even though Mr. Bone Saw doesn't drink alcohol, he's guaranteed to have a good time at this shin dig.  Because if you look real hard, yes you need to look real hard again, like for a good 10 minutes or so ... you'll see that, that's Prince Jared under the table, on his hands and knees wearing well worn out knee pads, puckering up, giving Mr. Bone Saw the ol' Kushner sloppy smoothie.  

Free smoothies for Saudi money.  Can't get any better than that.  Sounds like the Art of the Deal to me.

​And who's that mysterious woman in the background, looking in?

Woman in background

​If you look real closely ... why it's Susan Collins.  Yes, Senator Susan Collins, the one who betrayed women by voting for now Supreme Court Justice for life, Lyin' Brett Kavanaugh. 

Hey guy's, looks like Collins is gonna crash your party.  

But wait, now who's that new guy in the pic?  

I thought this was a privileged, old, white men only party (Mr. Bone Saw doesn't count, he's got more money than God​).

Susan Collins with Trump

​And who the hell invited plaid shirt guy?  

Where is White House security when you need them?​

Plaid Shirt Guy looking in

​It's only 2 am, some more of Donny's drinking buddies show up.

Lets see how many of them you can name ... I'll give you some hints.

Looks like Prince Jared has moved on to smoothieing Papa Trump right now.  McConnell looks appalled.  Assad's turned on and really getting into it.  Puta's checkin' Netanyahu out. ​ Hitlers pissed he's not getting any.  Kim Jong Un's looking for yet another photo op. Khadafy is oblivious.

And what the fuck are those gouls doing in the painting anyways?  

Gouls with Trump

​By now it's 4 am and some stragglers have arrived, but the party is just heating up and getting started.

Pretty impressive bunch, wouldn't you say?

Dictators Image

Donny keeps some real good company.

​Still more new playa's arrive but there's no sign of Donny.  It's only 6 am and Li'l Donny evidently can't keep up and hang with the big boys.  He's gone beddy bye.  

Dictators didn't invite Trump

Unlike his arch nemesis Crooked Hillary he just can't last, he's got no stamina, no staying power.  He's lost his stiff, firm, woody hard on.

Night, night Li'l Donny ...  sweet dreams.

The Moral of the Story:

Paintings of Republicans, thugs, murderers, dictators and dogs.

​Stick with the dogs.  You simply can't go wrong.  With their happy, friendly, loving, caring nature and unconditional love, they're man's best friend.​  

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​If you had only one painting to hang up in the White House, what would it be?

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