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Emma Stone Lip Sync Battle

Lip Sync Battle, The Tonight Show – Jimmy Fallon vs Emma Stone (2014) Music Video

Check out one of the best Lip Sync Battles ever from Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show.   Emma Stone's intensity and performance of DJ Khalid's, "All I do is Win" is truly incredible, inspiring and mesmerizing.

Boy, does Emma ever get into it.  She doesn't hold back and gives it her all and then some.  She's really feelin' it and in the zone on this one. 


This is one of the best Jimmy Fallon, Lip Sync video's ever recorded on The Tonight Show.  

He battles it out big time with Emma Stone, no second rate, wannabe Lip Syncer herself ... and in the end, surprisingly, despite his really good performance of Styx's Mr. Roberto, he loses big time to Stone.  

Emma stone really kills it, showing up Fallon and putting him in his place.  

But Fallon was no slouch either that night and came up with some really great performances, as usual ... but unfortunately for him on this night, Stone was waaay better and kicks Fallon's white, bony li'l ass out of the theatre.  

No matter how many times I watch this video, it always puts a smile on my face, like when I watched it the very first time.

Emma Stone is my hero!


Wasn't Emma Stone's performance simply incredible?

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