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Donald Trump Going Overboard with a mask

Idiot Child, President Dufus, Dumbass, Douchebag Finally Decides to Wear a Mask

Let's Make America Stupid Again!

After 3,355,346 confirmed Corona virus cases and 137,403 Corona virus deaths in the US, President Dumbass finally thinks it's a good idea to wear a mask ...


I mean just how plain ol' stupid can you be???

Some people just have shit for brains.

Trump Shit for Brains

When God was handing out and called out "brains", Douchebag Donald heard "trains" and hopped aboard one in the opposite direction. 

Just look at the facts staring you in the face. 

Since January 20, 2020 in the US till today July 11, 2020 there have been: 

- 3,355,346 confirmed Corona Virus cases.

- 137,403 recorded deaths.

- The White House Corona Virus Task Force and leading infectious disease specialist, Dr. Anthony Fauci and Coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx below, both highly recommend wearing a mask.

Fauci Birx Wearing Masks

- The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends wearing a mask.  WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus below, stated, the "WHO advises that governments should encourage the general public to wear masks where there is widespread transmission and physical distancing is difficult, such as on public transport, in shops or in other confined or crowded environments."

WHO wearing a mask

- The US Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta recommends wearing a mask.  In fact, CDC director Robert Redfield below, said that if everyone in the U.S. wore a mask in public, the Corona virus could be "under control" within four to eight weeks.

CDC Wearing a Mask

- Numerous countries including China, South Korea, Taiwan, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Iceland, Georgia and Canada have proven that wearing a mask contributes significantly to successfully controlling the spread of the Corona virus.

- The number of new, confirmed cases across the US has been at least 40,000 per day for most of the last two weeks.

- California, Arizona, Texas and Florida reported sudden dramatic, huge surges, a combined 25,000 new confirmed Corona virus cases before the July 4th holiday long weekend.

- As of yesterday the following are the daily averages for each state:  California 10,000+ cases, Arizona 11,000+ cases, Texas 12,000+ cases and Florida 15,000+ cases. 

- The US has just reported record new daily corona virus infections, with U.S. figures surpassing 60,000 cases a day for the first time.

- Hospital critical beds, ICU beds and units are stretched thin and close to reaching full capacity while the risk of PPE will once again be in short supply.

- At least 25 states have now ordered residents to wear face masks in public. 

- GOP Governor, Greg Abbott of Texas below, in one of the most die-hard Republican states with a Live Free or Die mentality, who initially was against the required use of masks, just ordered the mandatory use of face masks.

Greg Abbott Wearing a mask

- Mississippi GOP Governor, Tate Reeves below, mandated the mandatory wearing of masks only after about 1/6th of the states non-mask wearing, GOP dominated legislature tested positive for the Corona virus.

Tate Reeves wearing a mask

- GOP Governor, Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas below, initially against the wearing of masks statewide, finally mandated the use of them. Violation of the statewide order can result in a misdemeanor offense and a fine between $100 and $500. 

ASA Hutchinson wearing a mask

Alabama's GOP Governor, Kay Ivey below, issued a statewide mask mandate as coronavirus cases continued to soar across the South, saying at a press conference: "We're pleading with the people of Alabama to wear a mask."

Kay Ivey wearing a mask

- The Corona virus can survive in the air for more than an hour and could even remain viable in tiny particles suspended in the atmosphere, further supporting the use of face masks.

Corona virus

... and Dufus, Dumbass, Douchbag Donald the self proclaimed "I'm like, really smart, a very stable genius" has finally decided that it's a good idea for him to wear a mask in public ...

After four and a half months of the spread of the virus Douchbag Donald finally comes to this realization.  I mean really, just how plain fucking stupid and dumb can anyone be? 

Well, here's how.  Donald Dumbass is not the only stupid, fucking moron around.  So is GOP Governor, Asa Hutchinson and his underling, Chief of Police, Lang Holland.  

When Hutchinson mandated his mask order, he stated he would defer to the local police and sheriff’s departments on how they’ll enforce his order requiring people to wear masks to prevent the spread of the Corona virus.

He stated, “That is a prerogative of the sheriff, it is the prerogative of the local police department, to set their enforcement priorities.”

Hutchinson continued, “But it is an option they can utilize to educate and enforce and to make sure we all stay healthy in our communities.”

Now really how fucking stuuupid can you be?  

What's the point of mandating a statewide order, protecting peoples health and safety ... but not rigorously enforce the order?  

It's not an order anymore, it's a suggestion, a recommendation, a request.

After all, you can always educate people with public service health announcements.  You don't need to enact a mandated, state wide order to educate people.

Sounds like a classic Donald "Douchebag" move and his twisted, brain dead logic.

So unsurprisingly enough, the natural result of this is that in typical southern, good ol' boy, redneck idiocy, Arkansas law enforcement will not be enforcing the order.

Chief of Police Lang Holland stated, "that the mandate was "a very large overreach" of the state's power ... the Marshall Police Department will take NO enforcement action of any kind this includes arrest or citation by anyone who is not wearing a mask while out in public." 

He continued, "It is a free country if you want to wear a mask wear one, if you do not want to wear one don't wear one."

Now really, how fucking stupid dumb can you be? 

The Corona virus is spreading out of control in the US infecting hundreds of thousands of innocent people. Tens of thousands of Americans are dying left, right and center every day. 

Corona Virus Caskets
Mass graves dug
Corona Virus mass graves

The US economy is in the toilet, literally in the crapper. Millions of people are unemployed, hundreds of thousands of businesses are shut down, bankruptcies declared, schools closed ...  

And Hutchinson defers enforcement to his Police Department ... and Holland prioritizes individuals rights over public health and safety.

Literally unbelievable.  You just can't make this stuff up even if you wanted to.

So just how fucking stuuupid can you be?

Just as fucking stupid dumb as that "I'm like, really smart ... a very stable genius" Douchebag Donald ...

Stupid Dumb Donald

Only in America.

Looks like Donald Douchebag's 2020 campaign re-election strategy is to have one Bigly, Yuge Corona Virus party all across America.

and his new re-election slogan is ... 

Lets Make America Stupid Again!

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