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Lauren Batchelder being ridiculed by Donald Trump

How Donald “Douchebag” Trump Viciously Sicked his Attack Dogs on a Teenage Female College Student

​During the lead up to his US Presidential election campaign Donald Trump viciously and savagely ​unleashed his Twitter fury on a private citizen.  

The unbelievable part of this is that at the time, Lauren Batchelder, his victim, was just an 18 year old female, college student.


​From October 2015 till the day of the 2016 US Federal election Lauren Batchelder received numerous hateful, violent online physical threats to her person and also death threats all courtesy of loyal, faithful Donald Trump extremist, supporters.

Lauren Batchelder being ridiculed by Donald Trump

Lauren Batchelder being ridiculed by Donald Trump.                                                     Image Credit: @matth0dge Tweeet Oct 13, 2015

It all started in October 12, 2015 when 18 year old Batchelder, a college student, attended a political forum in New Hampshire and asked a question of Donald Trump about women’s rights and equal pay.  

Defending her position, she then defiantly stated with an attitude and rightly so, “So, maybe I’m wrong, maybe you can prove me wrong but I don’t think you’re a friend to women."

Trump interrupted her in mid-question, went on a rant and vigorously defended himself, citing he gave women positions of power at his construction sites, has numerous influential women impacting his life and will support and fund women’s health initiatives.  

“I love women, I respect women, I cherish women,” Trump finished off.

Donald Trump vs Lauren Batchelder

Lauren Batchelder reacting to Donald Trump. Image Credit: Mara tweet Nov 19, 2015

Batchelder requested the microphone again and aggressively fought back, “I want to get paid the same as a man and I think you understand that, so if you become president, will a woman make the same as a man? and do I get to choose what I do with my body?”, as she threw her arms up in the air in a questioning gesture.

Clearly aggravated by being challenged by a young feminist a quarter of his age,

Trump responded curtly: “You’re going to make the same if you do as good of a job and I happen to be pro-life, okay?”

At the time, little did she know that by exercising her freedom of speech and expressing her feelings and opinion, that it would ultimately lead to making her life a living hell on earth for the next year.

Donald Trump vs Lauren Batchelder

Donald Trump vs Lauren Batchelder. Image Credit: Dean Snyder tweet Dec 12, 2016

That night, after midnight, Trump’s director of social media played dirty and tweeted out screen shots of Batchelder’s social-media accounts.  

His obvious intent was to feed extremist, radical Trump supporters their juicy, raw, bloodied red meat, for them to sink their teeth into and rip her apart in shreds.

The very next day, Trump evidently not like being taken to task and challenged publicly, tweeted about her, directly accusing her of being an arrogant young woman by tweeting, “The arrogant young woman who questioned me in such a nasty fashion at NO LABELS yesterday ...”

and also, intentionally spreading lies, he falsely accused her of being a political plant from a rival candidate’s campaign.

Everyone including the media were stunned that Trump would sink so low to go after and attack a young female college student.

Donald Trump vs Lauren Batchelder

Donald Trump vs Lauren Batchelder. Image Credit: Hollis Mc Guire tweet Oct 13, 2015

His radical followers took it a step further by not only negatively rating her physical appearance online but also called her vulgar names, threatened her with violence, rape, murder ...

... not to mention publishing a photoshopped picture of her online depicting her face smothered and dripping with semen.

Batchelder emphatically stated that it wasn't Trump who worried her but that it was how his crazy, whacko, lunatic supporters behaved that left her truly frightened and scared for her safety.

"I didn't really know what anyone was going to do," Batchelder said.  

She continued, "He (Trump) was only going to tweet about it and that was it but I didn't really know what his supporters were going to do and that to me was the scariest part."

Donald Trump vs Lauren Batchelder

Donald Trump vs Lauren Batchelder. Image Credit: A Paisson Dec 12, 2016

She began to receive numerous threatening messages by phone, email and on Facebook that were often sexual in nature.  

Her contact addresses were publicly circulated on social media and her picture appeared in the news.  

Unnerved, scared and frightened for her life, it drove her to flee back home to the safety, security and support of her family.

She stated the threats against her just continued non-stop.

A few days before the election, she received the following scary, disturbing Facebook message,

"Wishing I could fucking punch you in the face. id then proceed to stomp your head on the curb and urinate in your bloodied mouth and i know where you live, so watch your fucking back punk."

— Uroosa Khan (@Uroosa)April 20, 2016

​The US mid-term elections will be coming up in November 2018 and the next US Presidential election will be coming up in November 2020.

​The general electorate will remember this.  More specifically women, college students, young adults and even high school students who will have reached voting age by then.

Hey Douchebag Donald, what do you think is going to happen at the ballot box when they vote?

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​Can you believe that any human being would go so low and be petty, vindictive, cruel and mean by doing what Donald Trump did to Lauren Batchelder?

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