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Dalai Lama Gods Secret Award Winning Recipe Love Kindness Generosity Compassion Respect

God’s Secret Award Winning Recipe! (Video)

You Are What You Eat …                                                                                      the Best Recipe in the World !

The name of this site is Live Love Laugh Be Happy.  And the key to being happy is to be kind.  You see everyone wants to be happy but not everyone in this world is kind or practices kindness on a regular basis in their daily lives.  A good example of this ...  


A good example of this is the extreme Right Wing movement gathering momentum around the world.  It’s all around us ... the US, Hungary, Belgium, Germany, France, Austria etc. 

Everything good or bad starts at the top and it trickles down.  You can see this effect first hand with Donald "Douchebag" Drumph and his sleazebag minions like Gingrich, Bannon, Guliani, Christie, most of the entire GOP, Greed Over People party and their redneck rank and file supporters.

So why support and promote bad over good?   Evil over kindness?   We look up to and expect our leaders to be good, positive role models for our children and to promote good in our world.  If they aren’t willing to make the effort to do it then each and every one of us has a responsibility to show them how to do it.

When you follow The Golden Rule, do unto others, show kindness, consideration, thoughtfulness, compassion, generosity and respect you will in turn be a much happier person.  The world will be a much better place.

Remember your mother telling you when you were a youngster that “You are what you eat”.   How she would tell you to stay away from junk food. Why you should eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

Well, that basically is true when you really think about it.  It’s important to eat healthy and put the right nutrients and vitamins in your body.

This same concept also applies to your mind, actions and especially your heart.  How you think, what you do and who you are deep inside, will effect everything you do in life and how you live in this world.

Your values, conscience and how you choose to practice living life​​​ will determine the life you lead, how you will be perceived and remembered by others and the legacy you will leave.

Check out the neat video below.  It will warm your heart and make you feel good all over:​

To help you get started, here’s one of the best recipe’s ever for living a good life.

God’s Secret Award Winning Recipe!

Serves:  Everyone that crosses your path

Recipe by:  God

Rating:  Sinfully Delicious ... and just plain Heavenly!


​4 stalks Sharing

​2 ounces Thoughtfulness

​1 sprig Forgiveness

​6 cups Positive Attitude

​3 cups Faith

​6 tablespoons Tolerance

​1/2 cup Empathy

​1 lb Generosity

​2 pints Joy

​1 sprig Patience

4 bunches Sensitivity

​3 measuring spoons Laughter

Sprinkle of Understanding

​3 teaspoons Compassion

​1 handfull Honesty

​5 pinches Optimism

​4 cups Hope

​3 quarts Acceptance

​1 lb Consideration

​1/2 cup Friendship

​1 quart Gratitude

​1/2 lb Peace

3 quarts Selflessness

​1 cup Truth

​​​​2 half cups Happiness

Dash of Respect


Preparation time:  Depends on you

Cooking time:  Your Lifetime

Ready in:   Whenever you want it

Heat up some Tolerance in a well seasoned, cast iron skillet over medium heat and flavor it with some Unders​​tanding and a dash of Respect.

Add some Peace, Acceptance and Forgiveness and sauté it till these layers of fragrant flavors wafte through your kitchen.

Combine some Selflessness, Empathy, Compassion and Sensitivity and stir fry it in a blazing hot wok.  Grill some Consideration, Thoughtfulness, Sharing​​​​ and Generosity and add them to your delicious stir fry mixture.

To make your special sauce, blend together some Positive Attitude, Optimism, Faith, Hope, Truth and Honesty.  Don’t forget to season it well with some Gratitude and Friendship & also spice it up with lots of Laughter and Joy.

Coat your main dish well and envelop it liberally in your lip smacking sauce.  some Happiness and lightly simmer on low heat for 20 minutes more.

Don’t forget to Smile​​​ over it for all the delicious flavors to infuse well together.

When done remove from your stove top and garnish it with some Patience​​​, sprinkle it with some Understanding and serve it with lots of Love.

Before eating, make sure to thank God by saying grace when sitting down and sharing this universal meal with your family.

When enjoying this meal remember to always live a good life that you’ll want others to remember you by.

This meal is so amazingly delicious that it desperately needs to be shared in every corner of the world and found on every dining room table tonight for supper, in everyone’s home.

If you believe and feel this is a worthwhile recipe to share with others, please do me and all of humanity a favor.  Take the time and share this post with at least 3 people that you know, if not more.

Let’s share God’s Secret Award Winning Recipe to bring light into the world where there is darkness and to help make this world a better place to live for us all.

Thank you.

Check out the incredibly inspiring video below. It will inspire you to do good in the world by Paying it Forward:

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Inspired to Pay it Forward ?  Then check out our Pay it Forward Fundraising Challenge.

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Question:  ​

Do you practice The Golden Rule of doing unto others? 

Do you make practicing kindness, showing compassion and being generous to others a part of your daily life?  

Do you live a good life that you'll want others to remember you by?  

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