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Golden Retreiver

Why My Dog is My Mentor

I read this post a while back and reeeally enjoyed it.  I thought it would be nice to share it with others. 


Dog walking on a beach

Golden Retriever walking on a beach enjoying the feel of the soft, warm sand under his paws.  Image Credit: Carsten Tolkmit, Jan 14, 2017 via Wikimedia Commons

It was written by Marc Winn on his blog

His blog in his own words "is literally a series of snapshots from inside my mind."  

Now how cool is that, eh?

Dachshund crossing a log on a beach

Dachshund crossing a log on the beach.  "Look Ma no hands, tail up, I'm flying!"   Image Credit: Dan Bennett, Aug 30, 2009 via Wikimedia Commons.

Here it is ...

I am not ashamed to admit that my dog Henry is my mentor.  When I state that he is a genius and one of my greatest role models, people tend to look at me as though I’m a lunatic.  It gets even more disturbing when they find out that I mentor other people for a living.  How can he be ...

Hungarian Vizsla on a beach.

Hungarian Vizsla on a beach caught up in an intense moment.  Image Credit: Darrel Birkett, July 13, 2012 via Wikimedia Commons.

How can he be any good at what he does when his special advisor is his four-legged friend?  How can he help me improve my life when he looks to an illiterate canine for inspiration?

Stretched Dachshund running on a beach.

Stretched Dachshund running on a beach chasing Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner ... just because he had nothing better to do!  Credit: Dan Bennett, June 12, 2010 via Wikimedia Commons.

These are interesting and valid questions, at least on the surface.  When you look deeper into the matter you may change your mind …  Admittedly, my dog ranks very low in the traditional, wealth-related league of success and so how can he advise me about how to advise others around me?

Jack Russell, Lola going for a walk on the beach.

Jack Russell, Lola going for a walk on the beach looking cool with one ear flipped up. Image Credit:  Steve-65 via Wikimedia Commons.

My wise dog, Henry, has no income, no assets, no real achievements, no family of his own, no freedom and no responsibilities.  One could even regard him as a prisoner of the system that I have created.  On the surface, it could be regarded as a pretty poor life by any measure.

Novascotiannoutaja Karhuluodossa sitting on a beach.

Nova Scotian Noutaja Karhuluodossa sitting on a beach with the same ear thingy going on, as in the pic above ... it's all the rage in doggy world!  Image Credit:  kallerna, 2010 via Wikimedia Commons.

But do you know what?  He has life so much more sewn up than I will ever have.  He bounds on to the same beach on his daily walk, for perhaps the hundredth day in a row, and it is always like Christmas for a two year old. Every smell, sound and sight seems like a wonderful revelation.

Luni en la playa.

Luni en la playa ... perhaps having a bad hair day with the frizzies?  Image Credit:  Isawelonga, June 4, 2013 via Wikimedia Commons

He will run and run as though he has just seen Doggy Disneyland for the first time.  Every meal is the tastiest meal he has ever eaten.  Every time I open the door it is as if I have been away for ten years.  It is truly a sight to behold.

Golden Retriver sitting on a beach

Golden Retriver sitting on a beach.  How can you not fall in love with this guy?  Image Credit:  Lybitel4e-mace, June 19, 2010 via Wikimedia Commons.

Frequently I just sit back, take note and enjoy.  Like many people, there are times that I struggle with the repetitiveness of life, but even then I remain awestruck by Henry every day; he maintains his enthusiasm and enjoyment of life despite the simplicity and repetitiveness of his life.

 Rosie the Bulldog

Rosie the stylish Bulldog frolics in the surf, strutting her stuff at "Rosie's Dog Beach" in the Belmont Shore area of Long Beach, California.  Image Credit:  Justin Rudd!, May 29, 2006 via Wikimedia Commons.

When I analyse it in more detail I note that he lives his life on only five variables: Food, Exercise, Sleep, Love, Mischief.  Within the variables, there is not much variety and choice, at least when one compares them to what we all have available to us in the Western world.  Yet despite this simplicity and this lack of choice he is, without doubt, the happiest being I know.

Jack Russell Terrier Eddie walking on the Beach

Jack Russell Terrier Eddie walking on the Beach so prim and proper.  Image Credit:  Steve-65, July 2, 2011 via Wikimedia Commons.

To me, that is something to regard with wonder.  In a world of infinite possibilities, infinite choices and infinite opportunities, the paradox is that I have never met anyone as content as my dog.  For that, he is a complete genius to me and he will always be remembered as such.

Maremma Sheepdog on the beach

Maremma Sheepdog on the beach in his shaggy fleece coat.  Image Credit:  Casabianca06, 2005 Via Wikimedia Commons.

He serves as a constant reminder to me that a great life is right under my nose.  All I need to keep in mind is that I just need to see the world around me for what it is – like he does.

 Bruno the Norfolk Terriër at 9 weeks old on the beach.

Bruno the Norfolk Terriër at 9 weeks old on the beach.  Talk about cute as a pup!  Image Credit:  ArwindKoendan via Wikimedia Commons.

He reminds me that whatever I am chasing and wherever I am going it needs to be set in its true context.  None of it will really get me anywhere in the grand scheme of life.  None of it will make me happy by itself.

Potugese dog keeping watch on the beach.

Potugese dog keeping watch on the beach on the lovely warm sand warming his belly.  Image Credit:  Pug Girl, Jan 2, 2011 via Wikimedia Commons.

He reminds me that the simple things around me and the journey itself is what is truly important.  If I am not enjoying life as it passes then I am wasting the greatest opportunity that has been, or will ever be, given to me. On this basis he is a great mentor to me.

Portugese Dog alert on the beach.

Portugese Dog alert on the beach doing the classic doggy tongue thingy!  Image Credit:  Pug Girl, Jan 2, 2011 via Wikimedia Commons.

But do you know the most annoying and amusing thing about this huge, personal revelation?  He never even tried!  His school report card would be so much more impressive than mine ever was – “Henry achieved the perfect life without really having to get out of bed that much”.  Ouch!

Robby the Italian dog posing for the camera on the beach.

"Shy" Robby the Italian dog posing for the camera on his favorite beach.  "I could be in pictures."  Image Credit:  Lisiana Patalano, Aug 31, 2013 via Wikimedia Commons.

As someone who fundamentally believes in the principle of less is more, I am jealous, and yet in awe; that he can achieve so much with so little effort really is my idea of genius.

Rocky the English Cocker Spaniel enjoys being at the beach

Rocky the English Cocker Spaniel enjoys being at the beach with his favorite toys.  All that he's missing is a strawberry Margarita to go with his snugly fit sombrero!  Image Credit:  CrimsonC, July 10, 2006 via Wikimedia Commons.

On the surface, I feel that I am going to have to work so much harder than Henry just to get close to what he has achieved.  Despite that, I must learn from his great example.  I too must let go and just enjoy what is around me. Try even less and just take it all in.   

Jack Russell Terrier Eddi in the Sea

Jack Russell Terrier Eddie splashing about in the Sea beating the waves into the shore. Image Credit:  Steve-65, Aug 25, 2011 via Wikimedia Commons.

In that regard, I fear I will always be his student, one step behind in life’s happy journey, unable to compete with such magnificent simplicity and joy.  Every day I see him, I am given a lesson which I try not to forget.  He has mastered life in a way that few people ever will.

Royal White Peke strolling on the beach.

Royal White Peke strolling stylishly on the beach, fluffing his tail, to be seen by all his lovely doggy lady friends.  Image Credit:  Kobieboy8, Oct 9, 2011 via Wikimedia Commons.

And, for that, Henry is the wisest and most successful being that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  My life is all the more enriched by his great counsel.

“Marc Winn”

Saint Bernard taking a walk at Coronado beach, California

Saint Bernard majestically taking a walk at Coronado beach, California after hanging Ten riding the waves.  Image Credit:  Jamie Lantzy, June 3, 2006 via Wikimedia Commons.

Initially published on April 2, 2012.  Republished with permission from Marc Wynn at

Seul sur le sable les yeux dans l'eau

Seul sur le sable les yeux dans l'eau ... jumping from rock to rock trying not to get wet.  Image Credit:  Tshahla, Nov 13, 2010 via Wikimedia Commons.

Marc's blog is self-promoted as a "World Changing Blog" by being a companion of possibility.  In his own words, "It is all about transferring a world changing mindset from one person to another. It is designed to help fuel your mind to bigger and better things.  It is designed to support you in your quest to be the change you want in the world.

Weimaraner beach trot

Weimaraner doing the beach trot, slushing around in the mud, all proud of himself.  Image Credit:  Christopher Sibley, Dec 13, 2003 via Wikimedia Commons.

His posts "are designed to create mind shift and to develop a new kind of mentality.  They are designed to challenge you into playing a bigger game. They are designed to get you to ignore the conventional rules of society and look to build your life the way you truly want it to be."

 A Sri Lanka wild dog nursing her pups.

A Sri Lanka wild Mama dog nursing her famished pups.  Image Credit:  Stephan Gillmeier, Oct 2004 via Wikimedia Commons.

Marc writes, "There is a gap between what is actually possible and what the world thinks possible.  There is a gap between what you are feeling on the inside and what is possible on the outside."   His blog, The View Inside Me is here to help you bridge that gap.

West Lulworth, a dog enjoys the beach

Dog standing tall, proud and confident guarding his turf on the beach In West Lulworth, Wareham UK.  Image Credit:  Chris Downer, Nov 22, 2009 via Wikimedia Commons.

Marc continues, "You are the one that will make the change happen in the world.  You are the one that will find the very best version of yourself.  The View Inside Me is all about helping you discover the person that you could be."


Running dog at the beach

Dog running on the beach, chasing a fast running, scared for his life Postman, who called in sick, playing hookie from work ... to go the beach!  Image Credit:  JurgenNL, Aug 11, 2013 via Wikimedia Commons.

I added images to Marc's post of dogs going for daily walks on their respective beaches.

Monaten standing on guard on the beach.

Monaten standing on guard on a gorgeous beach with his hot pink frisbee by his paws. Image Credit:  Rüdiger, Sept 25, 2010 via Wikimedia Commons.

Feel free to visit Marc's blog,

Springer Spaniel Barcelona beach

Springer Spaniel on Barcelona beach drying off under the hot Spanish sun.  Image Credit:  Nick Fraser, Dec 2005 via Wikimedia Commons.

Gizmo the Jack Russell with boundless energy

Gizmo the Jack Russell Terrier with boundless energy bounding on the beach ... like an aimless bounder.  Image Credit:  Widge292, April 22, 2010 via Wikimedia Commons.

Dachshund leaping from a log on the beach.

Dachshund leaping from a log on the beach chasing voluptuous, bikini clad babes! Image Credit:  Dan Bennett, Aug 30, 2009 via Wikimedia Commons.

Dog on Beach at Saddell Bay.

Dog patrolling it's turf on the Beach in Saddell Bay in the UK.  Image Credit:  Steve Partridge, Jan 17, 2008 via Wikimedia Commons.

Schlappi laying on a beach.

Schlappi laying on a beach keeping a low profile while checkin' out the skimpy  bikinis!  Image Credit: Benutzer:  YourEyesOnly, Aug 10, 2006 via Wikimedia Commons.

Running Dachshund at the beach

Airborne Dachshund at the beach running faster than Wile E. Coyote and Beep Beep Road Runner combined so he doesn't miss his ride home!  Image Credit:  Dan Bennett June 12, 2010 via Wikimedia Commons.

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