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Obama Biden he lost twice

Trump Lost, LOL! … The Douchebag’s a Loser, LMAO! … He Crashed and Burned, ROTFLMAO!

I've been wanting to write this Roll On The Floor Laugh My Fucking Ass Off (ROTFLMFAO) post for a while now but have been way too busy with personal, family stuff. So, here it is finally for your reading pleasure.

It's basically about a Shameless, Unconscionable, Greedy, Selfish, Lying, Totally Fucking Vengeful, Psychopath, Nut Job of a Loser, Conspiracy Spreading, Con Artist, Insurrectionist, Snake Oil Salesman, Former Ex-President Donald "Douchebag" Trump in Pictures ...

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Jake Angeli

Crooked Hillary Was Right! – “Basket of Deplorables” alright … in pictures.

Speaking at a fundraiser in New York City in September 2016, Crooked Hillary Clinton said,

“You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables.  Right?”  

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President Donald “Douchebag” Trump’s Secret Hidden Talent

​Were you aware that Donald "Douchebag" Trump has a secret hidden talent?  Can you guess what it is?  Yes, Nose Flag Pulling!  Well thanks to "HappyToast's" genius, dedication and creativity with Photoshop, now we all know.​

Check out a "Hillaryous" collection of truly incredible, awesome images ​in this post, accompanied by some of the Douchebag's most brazen quotes.

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Kim Jong Un

The Best of President Donald “Douchebag” Trump’s Twitter Memes (Part 1)

How would Donald "Douchebag" Trump live without Twitter?  What would the rest of us do without Twitter?  How would we be able to express ourselves without this truly great medium?  

With an expanded 280 characters now, it still is fairly quick, concise and brief.  It allows us to express and share our thoughts, feelings and opinions instantaneously with others, the world all over.

And with the political shit storm hitting the fan ...

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Trump - Kim

Donald “Douchebag” Trump’s Secret White House Love Affair in Pictures

Did you know that Donald "Douchebag" Trump has been having a secret, illicit, love affair since moving into the White House?

You didn't?  Would you like to know with who?  Well, you'll be surprised and amazed who he's shagging.  Here's the proof in pictures ...

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