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Mountain Climber

16 Invaluable Life Lessons​ to Help You Achieve Your Dreams and Goals

Wanting to be successful is ingrained in all of us.  It's human nature.  We are all born with the "success gene".  It's a part of each one of us's DNA.  We all have dreams and goals in life.  It's normal for everyone to want to better themselves and to achieve their dreams and goals.  It keeps us moving forward, helps us to fulfill our purpose in life and helps us to lead happier lives ...

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Biggest Life Mistakes Avoid

25 Biggest Life Mistakes to Avoid

We’re all guilty of making mistakes in life.  After all we’re only human. These are life’s lessons we all have to go through.  The way to learn and grow as a person is to make our own mistakes, learn from them and hopefully ensure we don’t repeat them again.  When we make mistakes ...

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Habit Change is Like Chess

Changing a habit is like playing a game of chess.

In chess there’s an early game, a middle game, and an endgame. The same is true for habit change.

Many people try to change their habits by skipping straight to the endgame. They dive in and commit themselves to making the change happen right away. This is what people do when they make a New Year’s Resolution. It hardly ever works.

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Wolf reading bedtime story

10 Smart Things Most Successful People Do Before Bedtime

​How do you spend your evening before bed time?  Do you watch TV?  Play video games?  On social media?  Surf the net?  Perhaps chatting it up with friends?

​Getting into the habit of an evening routine is essential to relax and unwind from a stressful, hectic day.  Make some time for yourself to ​...

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When Things Tough Difficult

How This Blog Almost Never Got Started

This blog almost never got started for several reasons. My experience of constant, nagging self-doubt and the lack of self-confidence will reveal to you how I overcame these hurdles and personal challenges that I faced.

This is my first post.  It’s about how it took me well over a year, from concept to creation to get this blog up and running.

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