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Wear a Fucking Mask

I Don’t Have to Wear a Mask Because it’s My Constitutional Right Not to Wear a Mask!

Are you one of those selfish, inconsiderate, self-centered, pickup driving, flag waving, gun toting, rally attending, conspiracy spreading, low class, red-neck, maskless, social conservative, Trumpian LOSER ASSHOLE'S like the Douchebag himself who lost Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona ... and even Georgia?  

Yes, even good ol' reliable, deep red Georgia! ...

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Donald Trump Going Overboard with a mask

Idiot Child, President Dufus, Dumbass, Douchebag Finally Decides to Wear a Mask

Let's Make America Stupid Again!

After 3,355,346 confirmed Corona virus cases and 137,403 Corona virus deaths in the US, President Dumbass finally thinks it's a good idea to wear a mask ...

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Woman Sleeping, 7 Proven Ways to Sleep Better Tonight

7 Proven Ways to Sleep Better Tonight

Sleeping well directly effects your health, energy and your quality of life.  Not getting enough quality sleep can negatively effect your energy levels, productivity, emotions and even your weight.  A good many of us unfortunately do not get a good nights rest, struggling to get the deep, quality sleep we so desperately need.  Like many others out there, I've had ...

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