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Happy Children

10 Essentials for Raising Emotionally Healthy Children

There's a lot of information available on how to raise children. Unfortunately, some parents are not as successful as others.  So what's the secret sauce?  Why are some parents more successful than others?  Raising children is not easy, especially ...

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Teenagers Smart Phones

The Secret to Teaching Teenagers How to Use their Time Wisely

Here are 86,400 reasons why time is money.  It's a great way to show teenagers why not to waste time.  

If you teach them this life lesson at a young age, it’ll be ingrained in them for a lifetime.  

Thinking about it, some adults could also learn from this …

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International Children's Day

Special Feature: International Children’s Day Around the World

Did you know that International Children's Day is celebrated in all 144 countries around the world?  Were you aware that International Children's Day has it's roots from Massachusetts?  Or that Mustafa Kemal Atatürk of the Republic of Turkey in 1929 was the first national leader to declare it a national holiday?  Were you aware of ...

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