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Back Dorm Boys

That Way – Back Dorm Boys AKA Chinese Backstreet Boys (2005) Music Video

Check out one of the most intense, best ever, amateur and most hilarious Lip Sync Boy Band videos ever made.

Their facial expressions are priceless.  Talking about feelin' and getting into it.  These guys are really in the groove.

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Obama Girl

I Got a Crush On Obama – Amber Lee Ettinger (2007) Music Video

This is a "soft porn" romantic, music video with a really infectious R & B groove.  Check out the simply gorgeous and sexy Amber Lee.  You won't be disappointed. 

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Bruno Mars Uptown Funk

Uptown Funk featuring Bruno Mars (2014) Music Video

Can you feel the funk?  Check out this funky video ...

This is the epitome of COOL.  

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Trump Clinton Debate

President Donald “Douchebag” Trump vs “Crooked” Hillary Clinton. Third 2016 US Presidential Debate – SNL Video

Check out this really awesome and incredibly hilarious skit of Donald "Douchebag" Trump (Alec Baldwin) and "Crooked" Hillary Clinton (Kate McKinnon) face off in the third 2016 US Presidential debate, moderated by Chris Wallace (Tom Hanks).

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Emma Stone Lip Sync Battle

Lip Sync Battle, The Tonight Show – Jimmy Fallon vs Emma Stone (2014) Music Video

Check out one of the best Lip Sync Battles ever from Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show.   Emma Stone's intensity and performance of DJ Khalid's, "All I do is Win" is truly incredible, inspiring and mesmerizing.

Boy, does Emma ever get into it.  She doesn't hold back and gives it her all and then some.  She's really feelin' it and in the zone on this one. 

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