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Defeated Trump

Can You Guess Which Caption Most Accurately Describes this Photo?

Can you guess which caption most accurately describes this photo of an unkempt, disheveled, discouraged and a thoroughly defeated President Donald "Douchebag" Trump?

It's not as easy as you think as there are several good ones to choose from.  Go on, give it your best shot.


Defeated Trump

So why is Douchebag Donald not a very happy camper in this photo?

It's almost like life's not worth living any more.

This is not gonna be as easy as you think ... you have several captions to choose from and only one of them is correct.

Can you guess which one it is?

OK, here goes ... here are you choices. 

See which one best describes the photo.

1.  President Donald "Douchebag" Trump catches Ivanka secretly cheating on him in a tawdry foursome with Melania Melanoma, Hopeless Hope Hicks and Smelly Anne Conway in the Oral Orifice Oval Office. 

Definitely a contender ...

Defeated Trump

2.  The Douchebag received an anonymous letter informing him that the Gazillionaire Jeff Bezos's Washington Post has unearthed and is going to publish his tax returns for the past 40 years.

A distinct possibility ...

Defeated Trump

3.  The Douche finds out that Ivanka has been having an ongoing secret, clandestine, hot and heavy, steamy, tawdry, torrid, on again, off again love affair with his arch nemesis Crooked Hillary "Lock her up" Clinton since early 2016. 

This certainly would perturb President Douchebag ... 

Defeated Trump

4.  Jared tells Donny Douchebag that he won't be giving him anymore freebie, Kushner Kosher "smoothies" unless the Douche pucker ups and reciprocates.

Definitely a finalist ...

Defeated Trump

5.  The Douchebag is recovering from the shock and pain of Melania using a ribbed, leather strap on, on him while doing it humpty, hump, hind grinding doggie style.  

Well, I'll be damned, who would have thought it ... Kinky Melania.

Defeated Trump

6.  President Douchebag is furious, extremely frustrated, let down, discouraged and very disappointed with the disastrous turnout of his base for his 2020 election kick off rally in beautiful, exotic, cosmopolitan Tulsa.  

Naw, it can't possibly be this one, it seems too normal.

Defeated Trump

7.  L'il Douchebag Donny periodically has re-occurring, traumatizing, flashbacks of Stormy Daniels picking out and laughing at the smallest, girthless, mushroom head representing his sagging, purple, shriveled up, microscopic cock penis ... indicating his lack of manhood on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

I can see him being seriously messed up about this ...

Defeated Trump

8.  When the Douche's Executive Time was spoiled when Fox's Halfwit Tucker Carlson criticized, rebuffed and didn't play Kissy Poo with him anymore, one day.

A distinct possibility but not a strong probability ...  

Defeated Trump

9.  The tragic, ever lasting, psychological effects on President Douchebag, the night after he finished reading looking at the pictures (there were no pictures) in Omarosa's tell all, critical review of him, of her insiders account in her book Unhinged.

Oh yeah, whatever happened to good ol' Omarosa ...

Defeated Trump

10.  The aftermath of Douchebag Donald trying to reconcile Rudy Ghouliani's crazy, imbecilic running off at the mouth during live interviews on cable news resulting in the The Douche possibly looking at some serious jail time.  

 I can see him being concerned about this ... 

Defeated Trump

11.  Douchbag Donny waking up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night having nightmares of Nancy Pelosi showing him up by sarcastically clapping sideways in his face and then ripping up a copy of his speech on live, national TV.   

Definitely a top 3 ...  

Defeated Trump

12.  A real arrogant, half wit, dumbass, obtuse, sleezy, idiot child, lying Douchebag who has nothing better to do in life than spread hate, fear, rumors, divisiveness and conspiracy theories while enriching himself by lining his pockets with other people's money experiences a re-election campaign that's going down the toilet. 

Yeah, this sounds right ...

Defeated Trump

So which caption best represents the photo?  

Well, any one of them would work really ... it's up to you to decide.

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