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Welcome from beautiful, exotic Mississauga - Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

My name is Mark Blaise.

​I am a Super Xtreme Introvert (ISFJ). According to Myers Briggs my personality type is loyal, observant, considerate to others feelings, compassionate and kind with a strong sense of commitment towards others.

​I work well alone, thrive in solitude, feed off my thoughts and love working on creative, personal projects I'm passionate about ... like this blog.

For most of my working life I’ve been in sales and customer service.  I’ve never had any great desire to be a part of management because of all the stress, problems, headaches and stupid, bullshit, crap you have to put up with.

Whenever I commit to doing something, I jump in both feet first, give it my all, become obsessed with it and it kinda just takes over my life. With work it’s the same thing, I have always been a workaholic and everything else just falls to the wayside.

Conversely, for a good part of my personal life I have been the extreme opposite.

I have been undisciplined, have developed numerous bad habits, have few productive routines, have mostly been a real procrastinator, a real "time waster" addicted to watching countless hours of TV, surfing the net and having a continuous, never ending challenge battling clutter ...

... in other words I am human and ... a real catch! 🙂 

In some ways, I have been unhappy and unfulfilled with my life which partially stems from the aforementioned.  But over the past few years, since I've become a full-time care giver to my Mom, I’ve recognized and have addressed my deficiencies and have made a concerted effort to change my life.

I am hoping that readers of this blog don’t make the same mistakes I made and “waste” some of their life when they could be more productive and accomplish more in their lives.  

It’s never too late to change your life for the better.  I know.  I did.  Better yet, make a decision and start living your life on the right track, starting right now!

Career wise, I’ve bounced around a few industries experimenting and searching for opportunities.  But I’ve never really found something that I really enjoyed sticking with long term career wise.

Looking back on it, a big part of the problem was that I always was working for someone else.  I never really was in control of my life.  I always felt like I was selling out who I was to a company, in order to earn a living, achieve success and advance in life.

​​I have been a much happier person since I’ve taken back control of my life.

You see, I’ve never really enjoyed ...
  • ​Working for someone else.
  • Dealing with idiot bosses.
  • The lack of appreciation shown at work.                
  • ​Following nonsensical company policies.
  • ​Dealing with inflated egos.
  • Obeying stupid, ridiculous, infantile company policies.
  • Putting up with difficult, high maintenance co-workers & their twisted, psycho personalities.
  • ​Grid lock and battling rush hour traffic.
  • ​The dog eat dog world to get ahead in life.
  • And the daily rat race.

Who knows, maybe you feel the same way too?

So after putting up with all of these frustrations over most of my working life, I made the decision a few years ago to go out on my own and work for myself.  

I’m so much happier now, being in control of my life, am at peace with myself and don’t have to deal with all that time wasting stupidity and energy sucking negativity.

Being an introvert, I have always been a curious, enthusiastic, observant, self-taught student of human interaction, social relationships, human behavior and psychology in general.  

I’m far from being an expert or guru on these subjects.  I don’t know it all and I certainly don’t have all the answers.  But I’m happy to share with you what I’ve learned so far, my thoughts and experiences.

Starting this blog is the next step in my journey through life.  It is helping me to grow as a person, be more creative, build something of real social value and live a happier life.  It adds more meaning and purpose to my life.

Live Love Laugh Be Happy is a multi-niche, life blog focusing mainly on social consciousness and personal growth and development .  My goal is to raise peoples awareness, help them grow as individuals and make the world a better place.

This blog enables me to stay true to my values, allows me to give back, contribute and makes my little corner of this crazy, messed up world we live in, a better place to live.

If each one of us can be kind, inspire others, help change the world and make it a better place to live in, then why wouldn’t we want that?

Thus, it’s my goal of this blog to share good, noble, inspirational and evergreen thoughts, ideas and concepts you’ll enjoy reading about ... and want to keep coming back for more.

Being an idealist at heart I’ve always been inspired by the good works of a number of non-profits.  The ones that have inspired me the most are We Charity (formerly Free The Children), She’s The First, BlinkNow and any and all Animal Non-Profits ... That’s why I started the Pay It Forward Challenge.

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  • Living by your values, acquiring inner peace, taking back control of your life and making it better.
  • Eliminating the fear from your life which holds you back from accomplishing great things, achieving your full potential and living your dreams.
  • Expanding your thinking, awareness and actions for the greater good in life
  • Inspiring you to be the best you can be by raising your consciousness and growing as a human being.
  • Leading by being a good role model, doing and taking action.
  • Living a more meaningful, purposeful and inspired life.
  • Practicing acts of kindness and beauty to brighten people’s lives.
  • Living a life worth living, taking a strong stand and making a real, lasting difference in our world.
  • Doing unto others, experience harmonious living and promoting social justice for all.
  • Helping each one of us change our little corner of the world to make it a better place.
  • Living gently and in harmony with our planet earth and with God’s creatures within.
  • Empowering everyone ... especially women and youth to do great things with their lives and help make our world a better place to live.
  • Supporting & celebrating women because I truly believe they will ultimately be the ones who will end up saving our world.
  • Having your spirits lifted, being more inspired, unleashing your creativity, creating and building something meaningful, purposeful and lasting … thus, experiencing more joy and happiness in your life.
  • Personal growth and development concepts for self-improvement and betterment.

Now, I know this is a tall order to fill but if I don’t try, I’ll never find out … so, as you can see, this is meant to be more than just another generic, run of the mill, second rate, gazillionth personal growth and development blog clogging up the web.

Just explore and discover some of the enclosed articles to find out what makes this blog really  different … and special, at least to me.


Below are the values and guiding principles of Live Love Laugh Be Happy blog posts:

  • To serve the greater good.
  • To learn from and share with others.
  • To help others and fellow bloggers alike.
  • To promote opinions based on decency, respect, common sense, basic values and good judgement.
  • To never intentionally harm or hurt others.
  • To spread good values, empower people and provide knowledge.
  • To be responsible and lead by example.
  • To provide honest reviews of products
  • To fundraise for non-profits.
  • To provide as complete information as possible.
  • To not intentionally cheat, lie to or mislead anyone.
  • To own up to mistakes and to take immediate, corrective action when necessary.

My Commitment to You / What To Expect

The articles in this blog are for you the reader.  My goal is to make this your “Go to Blog”.  I sincerely hope you get true value from it.  ​I’m sure this site will evolve over time.  Come join me in my journey to see where this takes us.

​All my posts are edited ... but not to perfection.  Please excuse my run on sentences.  I prefer to spend more time on providing high quality content, concepts and ideas to inspire and motivate you, to make you really think and increase your social awareness than to spend endless hours on correcting and perfecting my writing and grammar.

At times I can get in a snarky, sarcastic, funky mood and really take great pleasure in "whacking people over the head with a 2 x 4" (figuratively speaking, of course), which sometimes comes through in my writing and curation, like here and here.  

You'll discover different tones to my posts depending on how I feel about the subject matter.  Other times I can go overboard and overdo it a bit ... point being, I'm just being me and true to myself.  I'm not here to intentionally offend anyone. is a socially conscious site dedicated to improving the world around us.  Any products purchased from this site and its affiliate links, will not only help support this site but at the end of each year, we give back a portion of our revenues to the Pay It Forward Challenge. 

All of our efforts support our mission to raise peoples consciousness, their social awareness and to share happiness, inspiration and wellness through everything we do.

​Finally, if you enjoy my posts and get real lasting value from this blog, I would greatly appreciate it if you would share it on your social networks.  Please spread the word, help it to grow, flourish and bring happiness and social awareness into other people’s lives also.

​I appreciate your help and support in making this blog successful and letting others know about it.


​The Celebrating Women category of this blog is the most meaningful and special to me. The reason being is that my mother was denied a secondary education by her father.  She only completed Grade 8.  She wanted to be a teacher.

​Her father, my grandfather pulled her out of school when she was only 13 years old.  She stayed home and helped her mother with taking care of the home and family.

​Like so many of the 60 million girls without a secondary education around the world today, she did household chores like cooking, cleaning and keeping house.

​Then when she grew older, my grandfather married my Mom off so her husband would support and take care of her.  To please my father and because she was busy raising a family and later on in life working, my mother never got the opportunity to complete her high school and post secondary education.  

Instead of fulfilling her potential by pursuing a teaching career and earning a respectable salary with the accompanying benefits and pension, my mother worked various warehouse pricing/ticketing jobs.  To this day she regrets it.

​This is the reason the Celebrating Women category is the most dear and special to me. Because of my Mom being denied a secondary education, a higher education and the accompanying opportunities in life, I am a strong supporter of girl's education around the world and especially in low-income countries.

​The Celebrating Women category celebrates the power of strong, dedicated and devoted women.  It acknowledges their accomplishments and contributions to society.  It shows that women can achieve literally anything & how they are changing the world and making it a better place to live.


This site is dedicated to my incredibly thoughtful, considerate and loving parents who sacrificed and have always supported me and been there for me.  I want them to be proud that their names are associated with a site that spreads good in our world.

​Love you always Mom and Dad ...

Getting Started

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Remember to Live Love Laugh and Be Happy!

I wish you every success in your journey through life.

Mark Blaise