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20 Common Sense Tips For Becoming an Amazing Kisser

How to romantically kiss is not something that is taught to us.  We experiment and go it alone, stumble some and hopefully we’re smart enough to ask the opposite sex with more experience, look it up and/or research it so we can become better at it.  Relationship and "kissing experts" ...


Realtionship and "kissing experts” like William Cane author of The Art of Kissing and Sheril Kirshenbaum author of The Science of Kissing: What Our Lips Are Telling Us have done extensive research and have come up with suggestions and recommendations to help both men and women to improve their kissability.  These are just two of a number of books that have been written on relationships and specifically about kissing. 

Kissing is a sign of love, affection and relationship satisfaction.  The more you’re in a truly committed, loving and mutually satisfying and fulfilling relationship the more frequently you will kiss.

The Ecstasy Kiss

The Ecstasy Kiss

Just like when you find out if a woman is interested in you or not by moving into their personal space, a woman will also let you know if they want to be kissed.

You’ll see if they are receptive to you in a variety of ways, like when you hold hands, when you brush up against them ever so slightly, when you put your arm around their shoulder or on the soft of their back.

They’ll let you know by how they smile at you, their eye contact, if they move in closer to you, by their laughing, teasing & playfulness and how they respond to you. 

20 Common Sense Tips

Relationship and kissing experts have done research and have come up with 20 suggestions and recommendations to help both men and women to improve their kissability factor.

Fashionably Kissing Hats

Fashionably Kissing Hats

The Best Way for a Woman to be a Better Kisser is to See What Guys Like and Give Them More of it ...

... so Here are Some Tips for Women:

1. Ensure facial and bodily attractiveness.  (Remember, men are visual animals!)

2. Initiate and take charge of kissing and make out sessions.  (He wants you to be the boss!)

3. Be more aggressive with your kissing.  (Take the lead and let him follow!)

4. Really get into it, be passionate and don’t hold back anything.  (It's ok to stick your tongue all the way down his throat!  It really is!)

5. Open your mouth more and use your tongue and lips more.  (It helps to be a multi-tasker!)

6. Wetter though not sloppy kisses are preferred.  (The more saliva the better!)

7. Engage in French kissing with lots of tongue.  (You may even want to surprise him and tickle his tonsils with your tongue!)

Rock Hudson kissing Julie Andrews (1968)

Rock Hudson kissing Julie Andrews (1968)

The Best Way for a Man to Become a Better Kisser is to See What Women Prefer and Give Them More of it ...  

... so Here are Some Tips for Men:

8. Look good, dress well, be well groomed and smell nice.  (Make your Mom proud of you!)  

9. Pick the appropriate time, place and ambience. (So making out in the front row of church 9 am Sunday morning is NOT a good idea, no matter how hot you are for her!)

10. Have good hygiene, fresh breath and take care of your teeth.  (Dog breath is not appreciated, even though she may be a dog lover!)  

11. Taste good.  Use mouthwash and carry breath mints.  (You never know when you could be recruited for a Juicy Fruit/Double Mint gum commercial!)

12. Ease up with the French kissing.  Too much tongue is not appreciated.  (You don't want her to sue you for whiplash!)

13. Keep in synch with her breathing.  (Mixed synchronized kissing may be the next new Olympic sporting event!)

14. Mirror her kissing style.  Match her tempo.  (You think it'll feel like your kissing yourself?! ... euewe, yuck! ...)   

15. Be more tender, gentle and less aggressive.  (Neanderthal caveman kissing is a no no!)

16. Vary and change it up a bit.  Don’t be too repetitive and machine-like.  Sometimes lead, other times follow.  Surprise her with something new every so often.  (Like the winning pitcher in the World Series!)

17. Suck on her lips gently.  First one then the other.  (No, not like a Hoover vacuum!) 

18. Kiss not only on the lips and mouth but also the nape of the neck, ears and earlobes. (Just don't accidentally swallow or choke on her earrings!)

19. Be creative, loving and romantic with your smooching.  (And try not to hurt your brain trying to remember to do all of this at the same time!)  

20. Focus on the art of kissing instead of it leading to sex.  (Keep it in your pants buddy!)

Kissing couple "c'mere sweetie"

Kissing couple "c'mere sweetie".   Image Credit:  David Wise from "Spatial Mongrel" via Wikimedia Commons.

The Take Away:

​Notice that men need more tips then women.  Ha,ha,ha ...

Get to know what your partner likes, dislikes, wants and give them more of what they want. 

Keep in mind that kissing is more important and valued more by women than men. Men are less picky about kissing because they see it as a mere step towards sex.

Remember, as with almost anything in life, you have to give in order to receive.

So, if men were smart they would think about their own needs less and concentrate on the needs of their partners first.  They would meet them more than half way and give women more of what they want because kissing is obviously more important to them.

This will help ensure men get more of what they want.

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