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Write for Us!

I'm really sorry everyone.  I am unable to accept any guest posts due to circumstances beyond my control.  

I will be unreachable for the forseeable future and only periodically be stopping by my blog.  Life has unfortunately taken me in a different direction and until further notice all guest posts are put on hold.

When I do get back to accepting guest posts, the guidelines below will provide you with a good feel for the caliber and quality of guest posts that I'm looking to accept for my blog.

Here are the guidelines below:  

Yes, write for Us!

Do you have a blog?

Want another audience?​

Or are you an aspiring wannabe blogger?

And just enjoy writing?​

Know any amazing women that deserve celebrating?

Feel strongly about an issue?

​Wanna share your thoughts?

​Wanna express your feelings?​

Into personal growth and development?

Wanna share an inspirational story?​

Or are you a romantic?

... and would like to share some valuable love and relationship advice?

Or maybe you're more into family and parenting?

Oh, no time for that due to work and your career ... that's ok.

Then, I bet you know a lot about money and getting ahead in life ...

... or perhaps you're more into travelling and enjoying a great lifestyle?

​... and play with a bunch of techie toys ...

... or maybe you just wanna share your knowledge, wisdom and life experience ...

... or even something really funny and entertaining from your life or on the net that is appropriate and consistent with the theme of this blog ...​

Well, whatever the case, there are a lot of topics that you can write about to tell your story on​

If you're interested in being published on, just follow these guidelines:

1.  Communicate clearly in advance with us so your post won't be arbitrarily rejected or in need of being re-written, thus, not wasting both of our time.

2.  Create a simply awesome, outstanding, high quality post because nothing less will be accepted.

3.  Make sure to sproof read, spel chek 'nd used cowwect grammer (ha,ha,ha).

4.  Time, effort and work needs to be put into your post or it'll show.  So please do not embarass yourself by being unprofessional and submitting a "dogs breakfast".  If you need an explanation, see here.

5.  Minimum length of 1,500 to 2,000 words or more.  But even a short, simply awesome and outstanding 1,100 post will be accepted but it better be reeeally good or ... just don't bother submitting it.

6. ​ Original writing only.  No plagirism please.  Copyright respected.

​7. Any references or resource links contained in the post must be from an authoritative, well known and respected site or blog, like Wikipedia, University website, government website or non-profit website or blog.

​8. We reserve the right to add contextual and other related links of related articles from our blog in the content of your guest post.

9. ​Submit the links of 3 - 4 possible appropriate, relevant images (not the images themselves) for the post, along with your article.

10. Noting your preferences, we will decide which images will be used for the article.​

​11. Ensure that the submitted images are free to use and modify.  Creative Commons License for free attribution and distribution is highly recommended.

12.  Pre-published posts elsewhere will seriously be considered as our goal is to share the best of the best ... but since most blogs only accept 100% original material not published anywhere else, conditions may apply, on a case by case basis.​

13. Input and feed back will be provided if required to improve your post.​

14. Shameless self-promotion and promotion of a product, service, a third party site or affiliate links is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

15. Break down your content in short easy to read paragraphs​ and use design friendly formatting.

16.  Submit 2 - 5 headline alternatives to your main headline as we do A/B testing and the winning, permanent headline will be chosen by our readers click throughs.​

17.  Upon concluding your post, include a Call to Action and come up with 1 -  5 questions to encourage readers to comment.​

18.  Submit your author bio/promo piece, Gravatar email address and Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and Google+ social media links. ​

19. You may Include a link in your authors, maximum 60 word bio pointing to the home page of your blog.  You may also link to two of your posts on your blog, both of which will appear after your guest post.

20.  Reply to all comments received in a timely manner for 12 days after your post is published.

21.  Promote your post on your social networks.​

22.  Were here to support, encourage and promote bloggers as much as possible, but within reason.  All we ask is to not push and stretch the guidelines to try to get away with as much as you can.  Respect for us and our time will be enthusiastically reciprocated. Please have the decency not to waste your or our time.

23.  By submitting your post to, if it is published, it is understood that you are agreeing to ​provide us with exclusive copyright and ownership of the post, which may be re-published in the form of an ebook or book in the future while giving you full credit for your writing and providing all of your social media links at the end of the post. 

​24. The post may not be published elsewhere on any other site, nor syndicated.  

25.  However, since you put time, effort and your energies into writing a simply awesome, outstanding and high quality post, we will not deny you to publish it on your own blog.  You may publish the post on your own blog  30 days after it has been published here, with a canonical link to your guest post on, indicating that it was first published here.

26. Your guest post will be actively promoted on our social networks and in our newsletter(s).​

27.  The categories were presently most open to receiving guest posts include Family & Parenting, Work & Career, Travel & Lifestyle and ​Technology & Gadgets.  Articles fitting into one of these categories will have a greater chance of being accepted now.  But they still have to be simply awesome, outstanding, high quality posts.

28. Obviously, it goes without saying that all submissions will not be accepted.  Were only looking for the best of the best and will have to unfortunately forget the rest ...

29. If your submission is accepted we will get back to you ASAP.  If you haven't heard back from us within 2 weeks, its safe to assume we have passed on it.  Due to time restraints we unfortunately cannot provide feedback on unsuccessful articles submitted.​

30. You are more than welcome to submit your post to mark(at)LiveLoveLaughBeHappy(dot)com

Happy blogging!​