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Bizzie Wilson - Women for Trump

Women for Trump (sketch) – Bizzie Wilson (2016) Video

So, what do women supporters of Douchebag Donald really think?  

Will the Douchebag's misogyny affect their vote? 

Here is one of Bizzie Wilson's finest comedy sketches that you'll find on her YouTube channel.


She does a really amazing job representing 3 subsets of President Douchebag women supporters.  Her accents and costumes/props are dead on.

From the nice, polite, proper and genteel housewife to the uneducated, low income, chain smoking, working class poor to ignorant Trailer Park white trash.  

Bizzie covers the entire spectrum and provides a stellar Academy Award performance.  She doesn't miss a beat.  

Just give it a whirl and find out for yourself.


So did you enjoy Bizzie's performance?

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