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Tape Face

The Best of Tape Face (2011 – 2019) Videos

Check out viral sensation, New Zealand mime comedian Tape Face (Sam Wills) perform the best of his incredibly creative, crazy and hilarious shows.

Viewed over 10 million times.


Re-live each of Tape Face's hilarious performances & auditions on AGT 2016!  

From his first audition all the way to his final performance on AGT 2016!, guaranteed, you will not be disappointed. 

America's Got Talent 2016 Finals Results Final Tape Face Performance:

Tape Face presses the Golden Buzzer for Terry Crews on AGT: Champions Got Talent Global:

The Boy with Tape on his Face - The Comedy Prom

The Boy with Tape on his Face, live at Albert's Hall, London, as part of The BBC Proms "The Comedy Prom" hosted by Tim Minchin.

Here Tape Face has a full live Symphony Orchestra backing him up at the renowned Albert's Hall in London:

The Boy with Tape on his Face - Royal Variety 2011. Recorded 5th Dec, Lowry 

Britain's Got Talent The Champions Tape Face 4th Round Audition:

Early Tape Face Edinburgh 2011: The Boy With Tape on His Face - Three @ The Fringe - BBC Three:

The Boy With Tape On His Face - ABC2 Comedy Up Late 2014 

The best and biggest performances from the 2014 Melbourne International Comedy Festival's late night club on ABC2's Comedy Up Late:

So you want to hear Tape Face speak?

The Boy with Tape on his Face (NO TAPE!) - funny live comedy and interview / ComComedy

So you want to hear Tape Face speak again?  

Then check out this interview for the Opening Of Tape Face At House Of Tape.

America's Got Talent season 11 contestant, Tape Face, celebrates his opening at Harrah's Las Vegas tonight!:

Yes he really speaks ... and here he speaks again ...

The Boy with Tape on his Face speaks from the Edinburgh Fringe festival.

The Boy with Tape on his Face speaks from the Edinburgh Fringe festival Sam Wills, better known as the cult New Zealand mime artist who's taken the 2012 Edinburgh fringe by storm, talks about how he made the transition from struggling street artist to sell-out shows -- and reveals why he quite fancies taking on London's West End


Now doesn't this guy just kick ass?

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