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The Sun's Titsee Index Rating Actresses Breasts

How The Sun Rated Actresses Breasts at the Oscars with “The Titsee Index!”

How The Sun Rated Actresses Breasts at the Oscars with "The Titsee Index!" originally appeared as part of my 2016 Women in Review. How Did they Fare?  Let Me Count the Ways ... post in mid January 2017.

It was all about sexism, disrespect, degradation and the public humiliation of women to further the Sun Newspaper's end goal of selling more newspapers using sex and a lame attempt at humor.


Several readers "complained" that my post was way too long, overwhelming and discouraging to read because of it's insane length.

They suggested that it would be easier and faster for them to read it, if it was split up into 15 individual mini posts.  Because trying to read it in it's original format, compiled together was almost impossible.

I can understand their point of view and how they feel as my post ended up being over 11,300 words long and takes a good 45 minutes to read.  But cannibalizing it just defeats the purpose of me writing a complete Women in Review. How Did they Fare?  Let Me Count the Ways ... post for 2016.

So given how a small though sizeable segment of my readers felt and to accommodate them, I decided to re-publish 15 shorter, mini versions of that post.  This way I keep everyone happy.  But if you prefer to read the original, it is also still available in it's original format here for your reading pleasure.  

This is the first mini-post I have re-published.  I will be re-publishing the remaining 14 mini-posts gradually in due time, as time permits. 

How The Sun Rated Actresses Breasts at the Oscars with "The Titsee Index"!

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bizzare at the OSCARS!                              LOWDOWN ON THOSE DRESSES!                          TAKING THE PLUNGE!

This is how the London’s The Sun newspaper chose to market and promote their March 2016 edition, self styled, nudie magazine like, full double page centerfold spread.

They were deservedly so, lambasted and dragged over the coals for rating actresses’ breasts from Sunday's Red Carpet at The Oscars.

Now you have to wonder.  Is this really any different from every week them propping up in their own words, a new pair of delectable, firm, ripe, squeezable pair of titties on page three ... for pubescent, teen like, horny, sex crazed men to get their blood rushing, express their admiration and ogle at?

Actresses’ just like actors attended the event to celebrate their professional achievements in their craft, not to have their boobs drooled over and the amount of cleavage scrutinized and rated on a so called, self-proclaimed, lame, tasteless, stock market like “Titsee Index.”

It's well known that the The Sun has a historic hard on and in their own words ... for all things titties, jugs, cans, boobs and knockers appearing on page 3 – there's absolutely no getting away from it.  Tits are just a part of their brand and they have turned them into two big bouncing, jiggling symbols of press freedom.

​Would you expect anything less from the Sun than when they took page 3 away ...​ and then brought it back the very next day.  They laughed right in peoples faces, as some got really, really angry about this – especially after their well publicized No More Page 3 campaign.

But does this really mean that in 2016 a leading edge, mass, mainstream publication should be able to get away with degrading women and blatantly reducing them down to the sum of just two parts?

Their Titsee Index was the brain child of neanderthal Showbiz correspondent, Dan Wootton.  It consisted of a full double-page centre fold spread featuring seven leading women from The Oscars Red Carpet.

In this ​version the highly volatile Titsee Index ‘plunges’ ​along with these women’s plunging necklines, until it finally reaches Charlize Theron, who despite not winning an Oscar can sleep well and rest easy because she did nab a 10/10 rating for her hooters out on the red carpet.

The Sun's Titsee Index Centerfold Spread

The Sun's Titsee Index Centerfold Spread, Brie Larson and Cate Blanchette.

Here is how Wootton and the Sun consciously chose to degrade and humiliate the women on a scale of one to ten:

  • Brie Larson who won a Best Actress Oscar scored the lowest. She only got a 4 on 10 because her mammaries were quite ashamedly covered up in blue. The reasoning is because they can’t be seen, they obviously must be inferior ...
  • Cate Blanchett who is a former Oscar-winner was adorned in light green.  She scored one notch higher with a deeply disappointing 5 on10.   Perhaps this had something to do with her age?
  • Saoirse Ronan was elegantly dressed in black.  She was nominated for her first Oscar at 13.  She was nominated again this year, receiving barely a passing grade of 6 on 10.
  • Margot Robbie outfitted “in a shimmering, sequinned Tom Ford ensemble” came out slightly ahead at a hum drum, average 7 on 10.
  • Charlotte Riley’s black laced top and who’s “cleavage stole the show” which doesn’t even really mean anything ... well she got a respectable 8 on 10.
  • Olivia Wilde all decked out in a white flowing gown, showing exceptional cleavage, was a near perfect 9 on 10 and ...
  • ... Charlize Theron was looking all swanky dressed up in hot red.  She was voted the Grand Booby prize with an outstanding, perfect score of 10 on 10 for “the Oscar for the lowest neckline”!  ​She can sleep easy now being at the top or should it be the bottom of The Titsee Index ... but only till next year's Oscars.
The Sun's Titsee Index Centerfold Spread

The Sun's Titsee Index Centerfold Spread. Margot Robbie, Charlotte Riley, Olivia Wilde and Charlize Theron.

​​Twitter was mad with fury and disgust by both sexes:

This is not okay people! RT @EverydaySexism: This is 2016.

so a titsee-index is fine, but breastfeeding is gross and should not be done in public. okay then. >:(

Absolutely disgusted by the 'Titsee Index' by Dan Wootton. Body shaming & rating actors based on their breast size is despicable. 

@SuperheroFeed @TheSun The Sun is cancer to the world, digusting paper

The Titsee Index. Christ almighty.​...

Who over at @TheSun went to college and got a degree to rate women's breasts? This is embarrassing.

"the titsee index" for real? did a twelve year old pubescent child write this?

There is a "titsee index" in the sun, rating women's necklines out of 10 at and I want to be sick. How is that normal? So creepy!

How is this still happening in 2016? Get in the real world and try reporting some real news! @TheSun​...

The Sun should be ashamed of itself for so blatantly reducing several intelligent, award winning women down to their busty selves.  I guess it’s too much to ask for them to celebrate them for their acting achievements, abilities and other good works.

But this is nothing new.  It’s the same old, same old, repeated, gross, boring, tedious, boorish, tasteless, sexist and regressive attempt to sell newspapers using sex.

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Have you ever been degraded and publicly humiliated for dressing more conservatively and not showing enough cleavage and your bust line?

Have you ever been goaded and encouraged to dress more revealingly and provocatively by disrespectful, child like, neanderthal, sex obsessed men?

Did you do anything about it?

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