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Screaming for help

HEEELP!!! Please Help Me. I Need Your Help. Yes You. YOOOU! I Desperately Need Your Help!



Hi, I desperately need your help, please. 

I will probably have to shut down this blog soon because of a sudden, sharp drop in traffic from Google.

I love my blog & hope you really like it too.  I just need some more traffic.  

The best way to keep my blog up and running is by word of mouth, recommendations & sharing it on social media.

Please, please, please could you help me out?  

Most people are kind, good and want to be helpful.

Are you one of them?  

Please spread the word & share my blog with EVERYONE you know to help me kickstart & generate some traffic, so I won't have to shut it down.

It would be really nice of you if you could help me out & help save my blog.

Your kindness is greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much !

I'm forever grateful to you.

About the Author Mark Blaise

Mark Blaise is an idealistic, socially conscious content creator on a mission to raise people’s awareness while promoting social justice for all. He enjoys writing inspiring and thought provoking posts on social issues, The Golden Rule, personal growth and other amazingly helpful "stuff". His goal is to inspire you to grow and to be a better person by spreading more kindness, showing more compassion, doing unto others, giving back, contributing and helping make the world a better place, while living a truly happy, more fulfilling and inspired life.

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