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Justin Trudeau Family Outfit Pic

Prime Minister Justin “Jughead” Trudeau’s Politically Correct Indian Fashion Faux Pas Embarrassment

Well, Canadian Prime Minister Justin "Jughead" Trudeau has certainly once again showed some really bad taste and poor judgement ... but this time on the international stage for the entire world to see.  

His pitiful, pathetic and embarrassing track record has shown that if he's not constantly sticking his over sized foot in his mouth ... 


... and getting egg ​all over his face, then he simply finds another way to out do himself and accomplish the same.

​If India had to create a "Jughead" Award based on the Archie comic strip, Justin "Jughead" Trudeau would be a shoo-in as the only continuous, repeat recipient of it from it's inception.

Justin Trudeau certainly looks, talks, acts and behaves like a Jughead, which is far from a compliment.  

​Unfortunately, Canadians have to embarrassingly put up with him as their representative to the world ... hopefully, only till fall 2018, when another round of federal elections commence.  

This time on a trade mission to India, Justin the Jughead decided in his own self-assured, self-confident, infinite wisdom that he and his entire family would dress up in traditional Indian local attire that almost no one in India wears.

Bhaavna Arora, a bestselling Indian author, ​questioned Captain Jughead for wearing 'fancy dress' and saying she found it 'fake and annoying'.​

​The problem Trudeau hadn't for seen was that even his native Indian hosts would consider his choice of clothing a choreographed display of razzle dazzle, way over-the-top, out of left field, extreme excessiveness and they basically laughed & snickered right in his face.  

Indian politician Omar Abdullah politely, respectfully, though critically had this to say to his royal highness, the Grand Poobah himself, Justin Jughead on Twitter:

Is it me or is this choreographed cuteness all just a bit much now?  Also FYI we Indians don't dress like this every day sir, not even in Bollywood.​​​​​

Justin the eager, ever bumbling Jughead, through his own doing, committed a major fashion faux pax that was rightly so criticized by his Indian hosts​, embarrassing Canadians the world over.

​Believe it or not but Publication Outlook India went to the degree of calling Trudeau’s choice of dress “too Indian even for an Indian.”  Wow! Now that says a lot.

​Now it's certainly one thing being a politician and having your critics and detractors pick on you, publicly criticize you and tear you down for everything you do.  It's a completely different story when people and other entities with no ulterior motive nor obvious personal gain do the same.

​Justin Jughead's wardrobe ensemble almost blew up Twitter,

​Even his supporters got into the fray,

​It's really unfortunate Justin Jughead and his PMO team didn't do their proper cultural homework in advance to avoid making himself look like a complete fool and a real laughing stock to the world.  

​After all, who likes to be publicly snickered at and humiliated right in their face?

​Here's what another local had to say,

Others compared him to the famous Indian magician PC Sarkar.​

​To compound the online Twitter negative publicity and embarrassment, the international mainstream media also jumped on board really quickly.  They verbally pile drived and pummelled Justin Jughead into the ground and gave him a real dressing down, so to say.  Excuse the pun.

The Washington Post unequivocally penned, “the latest gags focus on his razzle-dazzle wardrobe, upstaging even India’s flamboyant movie stars.”

Vanity Fair even weighed in mightily and to the extreme, sinking so low by comparing the “scandal” to “Donald Trump’s taste in interior decorating.”

Naturally, the trashy London tabloid, The Daily Mail had a field day, licking their lips and salivating over such low hanging fruit, with the following headline:

Justin Trudeau is ridiculed by Indians for his 'fake, tacky and annoying' wardrobe of traditional outfits - and finally dons a suit after criticism.

The Daily Mail continued, "Ministers, authors, journalists and ordinary Indians lined up to mock him on Wednesday, saying his wardrobe was 'fake and annoying'.​

Shekhar Gupta, founder of Indian newspaper ThePrint  mocked Prime Minister Jughead, accusing him of 'running a week-long “election campaign” in India in fancy dress.'​

                                                                                                       ​                                 I guess it never occurred to Justin Jughead that the clothes he wore were not everyday wear that Indians normally dress in, but were meant for grooms on their wedding day​ ... in a slick, contrived, over produced Bollywood film.

​The freakin' airport wasn't even a safe zone.  Talk about overkill.

​Like most people Justin has common sense and a brain. So why doesn't he use them?  How stupid, idiotic, brain dead and foolish could Justin Jughead really be?

​Justin's second half, ever the wannabe fashionista, Sophie Gregoire decided to get into it also.  She looks so proud of herself in their family photo together (see feature image).  

One cannot deny from her beaming face that she is truly excited, thrilled and feels so beautiful in her extravagant and excessive regal outfit, meant for a beautiful Indian Raj's wife ... on halloween.  

It's really unfortunate though that she looks more like the high and mighty Queen of Sheeba rather than an average, everyday, tastefully dressed Indian woman in traditional dress.

​But this criticism wasn't just limited from the locals.  

​At home, average everyday Canadians not only expressed their disapproval with Jughead's fancy, exotic ensemble.   They also, rightly so questioned if it was taxpayer funded. The last thing Canadians need is more Liberal government excessive waste of our hard earned tax dollars. this time going down the proverbial Indian drain.

As the Trudeau's are only halfway through their trip, the world waits with bated breath for their next round of outfit changes.

​Ever the secretive politician who holds his cards close to his chest, Justin Jughead has kept Canadians and the world in suspense and guessing.  

​Everyone wants to know which will be the next victimized country on Trudeau's itinerary.  But most ​importantly they're curious about which cutting edge, fashionista outfits he will be promoting in his personalized, Trudeau branded, tax-payer funded, Ultra-Marathon International World Tour Fashion Show.

Given Jughead's never ending, repeated performance in India with a new outfit for each event.  Ever concerned, helpful and thoughtful average, everyday Canadians stepped up to the plate.

​They made a valiant effort in answering the forementioned question and came up with some truly creative suggestions for dimwit, knuckle head Justin Jughead's future foreign excursions.

​And here's David Jacobs suggestion for France:

​Given his obvious search for the perfect outfit and ​having two competing outfits to choose from for his next Scottish visit, Justin Jughead will probably experience incredible self-damaging internal conflict, scarring his delicate psyche​.

​It would come as no surprise if he was emotionally torn apart while trying to decide which of the following two ensemble options he should choose from for his next visit to Scotland.

​And here's the other one by Nick Hutton for Scotland (unfortunately, Twitter later deleted it because it was too humiliating for Trudeau):

​Here's a nice Green Leprachaun outfit complete with beard for when Justin Jughead hops on over to the Emerald Isle...

​Below is a simple, understated, traditional, conservative outfit that Justin Jughead can fashion off and wear for when he visits Arab and Islamic nations. 

​And how could we leave out his next state visit to Israel?

Justin Trudeau's Outfit for Israel

​Here's an unauthorized sneak preview of the super sexy, "tight", body clinging outfit that the ever goofy, giddy-up Cowboy Justin Jughead "Hot Pants" Trudeau will be sporting on his next stateside visit. ​

I'm sure our gun-toting, pistol packin', shotgun slinging, semi-automatic assault rifle carrying, NRA and Second Amendment loving neighbors down south will appreciate his sex appeal behind it.

​And lets not forget Justin Jughead's extremely, puffy white "meaty", 2016 Japanese outfit.  It came complete with his ever so sexy, ​protruding, erect, pencil eraser hard, nipple boners and shamelessly exposed belly button orifice.  

If Justin Jugheads negotiation strategy was diplomacy by distraction, it certainly worked because of the high visibility contrast of his over-sized, black thong and stylish man bun he fashioned over talks with Japan.

​Lets also not forget South Africa ...

​And here's what he wears when the circus comes to town ... or is that his everyday outfit?

​Who knows, maybe even other world leaders may be bold enough or even stupid enough and decide to follow in Justin Jughead's famous footsteps and emulate his ever so keen, spot on fashion instincts.

​Rumor has it that Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi will be specially, custom outfitted for his Canada-India exchange visit decked out in hot Mountie Red ...  

... with a live furry, fashion accessory in tow and real snowflakes gently falling all around him where ever he goes.

​And here's a netizen who managed to somehow capture the very secretive and elusive Russian President, Vladimir Putin.  He's seen​ giving an affirmative, approving nod, ​a standing ovation and his overwhelming thumbs up to Justin Jughead.

​Included is his Good Housekeeping seal of approval to Jughead's ​fashioning his Cossack outfit for his upcoming Russia trip, on a catwalk runaway at the last G20 summit.

We all owe a great thanks to Twitter which enables you to tell us exactly what's on your mind regarding Justin Jughead's extravagent and excessive Indian outfits.  And you did just that with unrestrained, unbridled enthusiasm:

Whadd a bloody idyiot!                                                                               Now here's a proper outfit for this touched individual.

Or like Russian Intelligence has suggested below, perhaps Justin Jughead should just go clean shaven, purely au natural and 100% Canadian by wrapping himself up in our beloved Maple Leaf.

Perhaps, he should even defer to his French roots.  As a final topping he should seriously consider drenching himself in some Quebecois cabane a sucre, sugary, gooey, maple syrup.  Then offer himself up as a sweet, risque gift to other nations. 

​He's sure to be uhm, uhm remembered and will undoubtedly leave his uhm, uhm ... indelible, trademark, stamp on the world where ever he goes ...

​Justin Jughead's handlers judgement were even questioned for his dazzling, over the top wardrobe.  It even created a minor international furor, pitting Sikh against Sikh in the International Worldwide Sikh community as seen in Toronto Sun columnist, Tarek Fatah's tweet below.

#CostumeBallTrudeau ... now that's down right witty and creative if you ask me.

​And you really have to wonder what was going through not only Justin Jughead's head but also that of his Minister of Science, Minister of Sport and Persons with Disabilities, Kooky Kirsty Duncan.

On a whim, they evidently both thought that it was a good idea and decided to dress up for a photo op, together, in a traditional Indian wedding outfit, complete with accessories, like bride and groom, in front of a Hindu Temple.  

​Justin Jughead and Kooky Kirsty the pioneering trailblazers that they are, unwittingly just created a completely new way to desecrate a sacred, Hindu temple. 

With a serious expression on Justin's face, like a groom heading to the dreaded gallows, relinquishing his freedom on his wedding day, it's almost like Justin had meticulously planned on taking the ever so accommodating Kirsty as his second wife.  

What's really surprising is that he didn't pick the incredibly romantic Taj Mahal as the backdrop to express his undying love for her.

Kooky Kirsty certainly looks like a happy, glowing ever obliging bride on her wedding day.  Wonder how The Queen of Sheeba, Sophie Gregoire feels about that?  Some people would say three's a crowd.  Yet still, other Liberals can't get enough of threesomes.  

Once again, it'll likely be a case of Justin Jughead over promising and under delivering, thus, letting down and disappointing his, his ... ahem for the lack of a better word, harem.

​But to be fair to the Jughead, he is not the only Canadian Prime Minister guilty of committing simply hilarious, laugh till you drop with belly aching laughter, embarrassing fashion faux pas's.

​​Arrogant, controlling, Conservative, Liver Lips ex-Prime Minister Stephen Harper fashioned a few signature outfits himself during his tenure as the nations leader.  

From Chinese silk garbs to Indigious Native Indian head dress's to 10 Gallon cowboy hats. 

Once, the ever private PM even showed off how "bad" he really was by donning some really loud, shiny, gaudy, risque Bling and topped it off with a gold crown on his head (cut off in the pic below due to the degree of embarrassment faced by Harper).

​And then, not to be outdone, lets not forget the extremely pathetic, disappointing though tough, scrappy "little guy" from Shawinagan.  

​Jean Chretien, a real sorry excuse ​of a Canadian Prime Minister and the time he looked so authoritative, powerful and respected donning an olive green, military flak jacket ​with a UN Peace Keepers helmet on ... ​backwards (lol), for a promo photo shoot.

​You can tell I'm not biased and don't discriminate. Liberal, Conservative, NDP it's all the same to me.  

​Public stupidity, arrogance, shamelessness and the flagrant disregard and waste of tax payers dollars by elitist, selfish, self-serving, greedy politicians with totally, ridiculous pensions, all across the board, ​belong to no one specific political label.  ​

​No scummy, slimy​, corrupt, bottom feeding politician is safe here.  

​Given Justin Jughead's penchant for prohibitively expensive, custom, hand made, exotic outfits for his foreign excursions, it's not surprising that in the past, he has also fashioned some exciting, new, trendsetting outfits on his home turf of Parliament Hill, 24 Sussex Drive, Ottawa and lets not forget the rest of Canada.

​And here's Jesse Reynolds "really feeling this outfit" for the Gay Pride Parade in Ottawa ...

​And Justin Jughead as Clark Kent-Superman???


The only problem is ...

​... the only problem is, like the ol' Jack Kennedy quote goes,

"Justin Jughead I flew with Superman.  I knew Superman. Superman was a friend of mine.  Justin Jughead, you're no Superman." ​

​From the two tweets below referring to Justin Jughead's asinine Superman photo-op, it's obviously evident that others feel the same way, though in a more vocal and some what crude manner:

​But you know what, the last laugh may very well rest with the ​ever cunning,​ calculating, opportunistic, manipulative Right Dishonorable Prime Minister, Justin "Jughead" Trudeau himself.  

​You see, there's another Federal election coming up right around the corner in the fall of 2018.

Could this be a part of Justin Jughead's Grand Master Plan and Strategy to pander to the significant Sikh population residing primarily in the Greater Toronto and Greater Vancouver areas in order to help guarantee getting their all important ethnic votes? 

After all, with Jagmeet Singh's new position as party leader of the Federal NDP which is guaranteed to siphon off and suck up like a trusty Hoover some healthy, Liberal leftist votes.  

​The ever opportunistic and evidently, completely shameless Justin Jughead seen blatantly sucking up to Sikhs back home in Canada is probably ensuring that he covers his bases.  

Or am I giving Justin Jughead and his political operatives a bit too much strategic long-term political vision & credit?

Because without a valid reason for his International Indian Fashion Show Tour, is Justin Jughead really as shallow and pathetic as he makes himself out to be?

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What ​are your thoughts on Justin "Jughead" Trudeau's choice of outfits for his Indian trade mission?

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