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Donald Trump Nuking

How President Donald “Douchebag” Trump’s Poisonous Ways Infected CNN Hero Maggie Doyne

​Maggie Doyne is an incredible and truly remarkable person who built a children's home, school and women's shelter in Surkheet, Nepal. She is the mother and legal guardian to 50 childern.

Maggie also started BlinkNow a non-profit organization to support her cause.  In November 2015 she won the CNN Hero of the Year Award.


Maggie’s words, beliefs, actions and her chosen life path exemplify her outstanding leadership qualities that make her such a highly respected and strong role model for others to look up to. 

If only some of our world leaders, like President Donald "Douchebag" Trump would change their despicable, disgusting, sleazy, hate mongering ways & behavior and follow Maggie's lead by practicing The Golden Rule of doing unto others, instilling more kindness, compassion, sensitivity, generosity, love and strong moral character like Maggie instills in her children, will we have better role models influencing our children around the world.    

Donald Trump Nuking

Toxic people like Douchebag Donald poison everything they come in contact with, unfortunately, including Maggie.  In fact, in late October 2016 Maggie instinctively reacted and sent a strong, unequivocal message to candidate and then President Elect Donald "Douchebag" Trump and his followers. 

She let her true feelings be known on Twitter about how she felt during his run up to the Presidency and also when it became clear on election night that Trump was going to win the 2016 US Presidency.  

I'm sure Maggie is not proud of it as seen in some of her tweets below.  But ​she is human after all, just like the rest of us and has a right to feel the way she does about how the Douche's despicable and disgusting attitude, behavior, words and actions have wronged and harmed numerous people and society in general. 

As an example, Maggie revealed an extremely private part of herself to the world by tweeting in late October 2016:

"I Am A Nasty Woman Because I don't believe in hate yet I find myself hating Donald Trump."

Snip #1

​For Maggie to not only admit but also to put it in writing and tweet it out for her 7K+ legion of followers and the world to see, that even though she doesn't believe in hate but finds herself hating ​Douchebag Donald, especially given how selfless, thoughtful, caring, compassionate and generous a person she is, is really remarkable.

But then again, it is Donald Douchebag were talking about. He doesn't exactly bring out the best in quite a number of people, unfortunately, including Maggie.    

​For him to have the power, ability and effect over another individual and infect his poisonous ways onto someone of the stature and calibre of a person, such as Maggie Doyne and the amazing things she has accomplished, is truly incredible.  

It just goes to show you how President Douchebag can infect even some of the very best, sweet, kind, compassionate, generous and good natured people with his poisonous ways by bringing out the very worst in people.  

But if that's not enough, Maggie shortly thereafter, obviously in an aggressive, fighting mood "re-tweet shouted" the Douche's long-standing nemesis, Rosie O'Donnell's infamous:


​MIDDLE FINGERS UP!!!!   Wow!  Now that's akin to swearing ... publicly and online, forever recorded in the Twittersphere.  Just unheard off previously by Maggie.  

​I'm almost sure if Maggie had a chance to take it back she probably would ... well maybe not.  But, I'm almost sure she's not very proud of it, I know I certainly wouldn't be.  Not that I know her at all but from her online presence and the character she has shown the world, this is completely contrary to who Maggie is and what she is all about. 

​It's definitely without a doubt not how she portrays herself, represents herself and espouses the values that she stands for.  

​This extremely, unnatural, aggressive behaviour where Maggie is looking for a fight has never been seen before in Maggie's online presence.  In fact, it is the complete opposite and contrary to who Maggie is and what she stands for.

On election night when it became clear that the Douchebag had won the US Presidency, Maggie obviously hurting, painfully and emotionally tweeted ... 

"Crying in fetal position."

Snip #2

and then about 35 minutes later, a side of Maggie not normally seen, revealed itself when she defiantly and angrily tweeted again ...

"If you voted for him I never want to see you or talk to you ever again. You're not my friend and you don't care about me or my kids."

Snip #3

​Now those are powerful, damning words.

In this last tweet, she was obviously frustrated, angry & unnerved and was clearly pushed a little bit over the edge by President Elect Douchebag and his unexpected, surprising and unbelievable victory that almost nobody predicted.  

​For ​Maggie to arbitrarily and unequivocally assume and conclude that anyone who voted for Donald "Douchebag" Trump did not care about her or her children was obviously a ​wrong assumption.  

It was undoubtedly not the right thing to do, basically falsely accusing people and ​definitely not the proper thing to say ... let alone to tweet it out to the whole world​ to see.

​When you think about it, it's really incredible that the Douche's nimble, fast, fat finger, viral, tweeting disease actually spread half way across the world​ to a positive, vibrant, loving, nurturing, peaceful community in Nepal and infected of all people a truly inspirational, role model Maggie Doyne.

​But then again we have to remember who Maggie is dealing with and responding to.  Over the years, Donald Douchebag, on numerous occasions through his actions, words and behaviour has repeatedly made himself out to look like he lacks character and good judgement.  He also has an uncanny knack and innate ability to get under peoples skin.

During this time period, at the end of her tweet storm, Maggie actually went a little over the edge.  

She graphically re-tweeted, not about President Obama's these United States or even Red States or Blue States but about the breaking news of the current state of the electoral map ... about how a divisive, hate filled, angry America is going up in flames on the road to hell:

Snip #4

It's really very unfortunate, disappointing and sad to see the toxic, destructive effect one intentionally, divisive, conflict loving, poisonous individual, i.e. the Douchebag can have over another selfless, kindhearted, understanding, compassionate, loving, giving individual, i.e. Maggie, well over half way across the world.

And the main reason I stress this is because of the social conscious nature of this blog and it's message of doing unto others, following The Golden Rule, being kind, doing good, being compassionate, promoting social justice, looking out for the greater good in life while making a real lasting difference in our world and making it a better place to live.

Instead of Maggie being able to devote all of her positive, selfless, loving, giving energies and focusing on her true calling of loving, supporting, nurturing, caring, mothering, educating and empowering some of Nepal's most needy children.  

She ends up finding her heart, soul and her very being ripped apart, all her energies drained and sucked out of her, succumbing and unbelievably lowering herself to Donald "Douchebag" Trumps level, while trying to stand up to him and fighting for everything that is good, right, just and decent in this world.

​But then again were all human, prone to falling into lapses and sometimes do things we normally wouldn't do that were not proud off.  

​So forget about poisonous ol' Donald "Douchebag" Trump and keep on doing more good in our world Maggie Doyne​ ... we need more good, kind hearted, loving people like you leading the way.

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​Have you ever been poisoned by negative, destructive people?

​Have you ever let them get to you?

​How did you deal with it?

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