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Trump May

What’s Wrong with this Picture?

What's wrong with this picture?  There's something wrong with it.  I know it, I just can't put my finger on it ...

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Trump Orangutan

The Time When Donald “Douchebag” Trump Had to Prove he Was Not the Son of an Orangutan (A True Story)

Would you believe that there was once a time when Donald "Douchebag" Trump actually went to court to prove that he was not the son of an Orangutan?

Believe it or not it's true.  But given all of the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, I believe that he really is the son of an orangutan.

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Golden Retreiver

Why My Dog is My Mentor

I read this post a while back and reeeally enjoyed it.  I thought it would be nice to share it with others. 

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Dalai Lama Gods Secret Award Winning Recipe Love Kindness Generosity Compassion Respect

God’s Secret Award Winning Recipe! (Video)

You Are What You Eat …                                                                                      the Best Recipe in the World !

The name of this site is Live Love Laugh Be Happy.  And the key to being happy is to be kind.  You see everyone wants to be happy but not everyone in this world is kind or practices kindness on a regular basis in their daily lives.  A good example of this ...  

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Image of God

An Impatient Letter from God (Video)

In 1989 writer Bo Lozoff wrote this article originally titled “An Impatient Letter from God”, for the Human Kindness Foundation newsletter at Christmas-time.  It was then subsequently included in his 1990 book Just Another Spiritual Book.

Since then, his piece has been widely circulated under the title "An Open Letter from God" but almost always un-credited.  It can be found on several websites, often edited and more often than not listed as, “author unknown”.  Due to it's ...

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