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Back in the game again with a raging hard on

It’s Time to Get Back in the Game Again … “Cazzo Duro” style … with a Raging Hard-on!

If you are like most people who believe in the greater good and espouse a philosophy of “Do unto others” you were probably stunned, shocked, horrified and in utter disbelief that the impossible and unthinkable has happened ...  

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Women in Review 2016, How did they fare? , Sexism, discrimination, sexual harassment, women, misogyny

2016 Women in Review. How did they Fare? Let me Count the Ways …

Remember your Mom telling you to watch out for strangers and bad men? Well, they come in all shapes and sizes.  Some even wolves in sheep's clothing.  Others arrogant, insincere, superficial, thoughtless and brain dead.  Then there's the hateful, disrespectful, vulgar, sexist, disgusting ones. And lets not forget the violent, psycho, looney, misogynist thugs ...  So how did women fare in 2016?

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When Things Tough Difficult

How This Blog Almost Never Got Started

This blog almost never got started for several reasons. My experience of constant, nagging self-doubt and the lack of self-confidence will reveal to you how I overcame these hurdles and personal challenges that I faced.

This is my first post.  It’s about how it took me well over a year, from concept to creation to get this blog up and running.

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