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Women Power Changing World

Why Men Should Be Barefoot, Pregnant and in the Kitchen … and Why Women Should Rule the World

Discover why men are grossly inferior to women in most ways.  Find out why their roles should be reversed with women.  Learn why men should be nothing more than baby machines and taking care of the home by doing the cooking, cleaning, laundry and menial household chores.  Learn why women deserve to rule the world ... Learn ...    

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Women Networking

23 of the Best Networking Tips to Fast Track Your Career

Networking is an essential component and should play a key part in your outreach strategy and for advancing your career.  In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace it should be a part of your daily activity and you should treat it like a full-time job. 

Networking is both an art and a science.  It is not ...

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Dalai Lama Gods Secret Award Winning Recipe Love Kindness Generosity Compassion Respect

God’s Secret Award Winning Recipe! (Video)

You Are What You Eat …                                                                                      the Best Recipe in the World !

The name of this site is Live Love Laugh Be Happy.  And the key to being happy is to be kind.  You see everyone wants to be happy but not everyone in this world is kind or practices kindness on a regular basis in their daily lives.  A good example of this ...  

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Woman Sleeping, 7 Proven Ways to Sleep Better Tonight

7 Proven Ways to Sleep Better Tonight

Sleeping well directly effects your health, energy and your quality of life.  Not getting enough quality sleep can negatively effect your energy levels, productivity, emotions and even your weight.  A good many of us unfortunately do not get a good nights rest, struggling to get the deep, quality sleep we so desperately need.  Like many others out there, I've had ...

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Top 12 Leadership Tips to Advance Your Career

There is always competition in the work place.  Most people are looking to better themselves, earn more money and advance their career. They are looking for the next opportunity that will help them climb up the corporate ladder in their company and industry.  But how do you ...

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