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Trump Fingering the Pope

The Best of President Donald “Douchebag” Trump Meets the Pope Twitter Memes

President Donald "Douchebag" Trump's May 2017 visit to meet Argentinian Pope Francis at the Vatican inspired some priceless twitter memes.

There was some prior conflict between the two men which is evident by the Pope's glum expression upon meeting President Douchebag and his pathetic, grifter family. 

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Derek Sivers

How to Start a Movement, TED TALK – Derek Sivers (2010) Video

Wanna see something really frickin', wild n' crazy funny? Check out this absolutely looney, off the wall tho really funny comedy, learning video.  

It's all about leaders, followers, human behavior, the herd mentality, the fear of being left out, belonging and being part of the cool crowd.

And it all takes place in under 3 minutes ... 

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Impeaches and Cream

The Best of President Donald “Douchebag” Trump’s Twitter Memes (Part 2)

If you liked Part 1, then here's Part 2 for you ...

How would Donald "Douchebag" Trump live without Twitter?  What would the rest of us do without Twitter?  How would we be able to express ourselves without this truly great medium?  

With an expanded 280 characters now, it still is fairly quick, concise and brief.  It allows us to express and share our thoughts, feelings and opinions instantaneously with others, the world all over.

And with the political shit storm hitting the fan ...

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Meet Your Second Wife

Hilarious “Meet Your Second Wife” (2015) SNL Video

Check out this absolutely hilarious video starring Amy Poehler and Tina Fay as game show hosts on SNL's Meet Your Second Wife.

SNL doesn't get very much better than this.

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Trump DeSantis

What Does This Picture Remind You Off?

Isn't this a simply awesome picture of President Donald "Douchebag" Trump and Florida Governor Ron "I'll Get on My Knees and Blow You Anytime Donald" DeSantis expressing their mutual admiration and brotherly love for one another ...

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