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Girl Punching Guy

21 Essential Qualities You Need in a Partner Before You Commit to Them

​Some relationships last and others are doomed to failure. ​ Breakups, separations and divorces are common place these days.  This can take a severe emotional toll on you and be heart breaking, leaving your life literally upside down.  And when there are children involved it makes it more complicated and even worse.

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How Facebook and Cambridge Analytica Won Donald Trump the US Presidency

​This is a story about how manipulative, opportunistic, corrupt people using unvetted information -- and disinformation -- combined with the power of digital technology ​delivered the ultimate death blow to American democracy.​​

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March For Our Lives

Incredibly Powerful Moments from March For Our Lives

​The #NeverAgain movement started in Parkland, Florida, after a tragic, mass school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School left 17 people dead.   

Students from all around the country banded together and have joined the survivors, including Emma González, Jaclyn Corin, Sam Fuentes, Sarah Chadwick, Sari Kaufman, Delaney Tarr, Casey Sherman, Alex Wind, Ryan Dietsch, Cameron Kasky, David Hogg and Adam Buchwald to advocate for better gun control in America.

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Lauren Batchelder being ridiculed by Donald Trump

How Donald Trump Viciously Sicked his Attack Dogs on a Teenage Female College Student

​During the lead up to his US Presidential election campaign Donald Trump viciously and savagely ​unleashed his Twitter fury on a private citizen.  

The unbelievable part of this is that at the time, Lauren Batchelder, his victim, was just an 18 year old female, college student.

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Habit Change is Like Chess

Changing a habit is like playing a game of chess.

In chess there’s an early game, a middle game, and an endgame. The same is true for habit change.

Many people try to change their habits by skipping straight to the endgame. They dive in and commit themselves to making the change happen right away. This is what people do when they make a New Year’s Resolution. It hardly ever works.

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