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President Donald “Douchebag” Trump’s Secret Hidden Talent

​Were you aware that Donald "Douchebag" Trump has a secret hidden talent?  Can you guess what it is?  Yes, Nose Flag Pulling!  Well thanks to "HappyToast's" genius, dedication and creativity with Photoshop, now we all know.​

Check out a "Hillaryous" collection of truly incredible, awesome images ​in this post, accompanied by some of the Douchebag's most brazen quotes.

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Trump 1998

President Donald “Douchebag” Trump Finally Apologizes to Women (Video)

​​President Donald "Douchebag" Trump apologizing to women?  When I first heard this, I was almost sure it was Fake News.  But ​believe it or not, Douchebag Donald has finally seen the light of day, come to his senses​ and has begun to change his disgusting and despicable ways. 

He has finally, officially apologized to women.  The Douchebag didn't do this all by himself though.  He had some help along the way ...​

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Morons for Trump

You Trumpsters Better Pray…

​This posting was discovered on Facebook on July 17th, 2018.  It was written by Solied Doves Rosendale, @soileddovesrosendale.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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Hanging in the WH

Oh My God! It’s Hanging in the White House …

​Yes that's right, it was accidentally discovered hanging in the White House.  And you can thank Leslie Stahl, the 60 Minutes crew and Josh Billinson for it.

​During their stroll through the White House, on their way to U.S. President Donald "Douchebag" Trump's interview with Leslie Stahl on “60 Minutes”, the cameras caught a glimpse of a painting ...

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Kim Jong Un

The Best of President Donald “Douchebag” Trump’s Twitter Responses … by You!

How would Donald "Douchebag" Trump ​live without Twitter?  What would the rest of us do without Twitter?  How would we be able to express ourselves without this truly great medium?  

With an expanded 280 characters now, it still is fairly quick, concise and brief.  It allows us to express and share our thoughts, feelings and opinions instantaneously with others, the world all over.

And with the political shit storm hitting the fan ...

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