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I’m Mark Blaise, the editor and content developer of this site.

Welcome to Live Love Laugh Be Happy, a home for anyone looking to add more inspiration, meaning, purpose, social value and personal growth to their lives.

This is a non-traditional, social consciousness, personal development life blog.  You will find quite a few surprises, some really serious powerful stuff, some really neat cool stuff and even some CRAZINESS here, in a good way of course, that no other personal development blog covers.  

My goal is to be helpful and have some fun at the same time, while being true to myself and keeping the BOTH of us entertained.  I consider this to be a "PG-13 rated blog" as some material covering social issues and the accompanying language may not be suitable for children.  If I offend you in any way with the subject matter covered, I'm sorry.  

So if you want to live a life by design, on your own terms and if you want more out of life, you've come to the right place.  Here you will find inspirational, life-changing ideas and success & happiness tips that will help you to be simply great at life.  

So hop aboard the Live Love Laugh Be Happy party train and lets see where this journey takes us ...

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